Critics can give my film minus 100 stars, I don't care: Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one if the most successful actor at the box office. However most of his films have received poor reviews from critics. During an interaction with a daily, the actor shared how he feels about critics and their ratings.

“I genuinely, honestly don’t care. I believe that they’ve no right to take anybody’s hard work down. The fans will decide that, in any case. The box-office will prove it one way or the other. What have you done to earn the right to rip a film apart? On Day 1 of the release, you write some rubbish crap. It destroys films and a lot of hard work that went behind making it. With me, of course, it doesn’t make any difference. And I think they know it all too well. My films are critic-proof. I am telling them now: go give my film minus 100 stars, why just zero. My fans will anyway watch my film and that’s my reward,” Salman Khan told The Huffington Post.

Salman also opened up about his infamous role in the hit and run incident. “For 20 years. 20 years is a long time, man. It’s a lot of years. It takes a toll on you and your family. The financial toll on our family because of the cases has been huge. When I was a nobody I had nothing. When I become somebody, I got the magistrate court. When I become slightly bigger, I got the High Court, then. And now when I am in this position, I have the Supreme Court,” said the actor.

Salman also rubbished ideas that he was acquitted due to his star status. “It’s not true. It’s all nautanki (mischief). Even now there are 5 out of job people who’ll show up on television to debate my case. Some for, some against. It’s ridiculous. None of them would have happened if I wasn’t a star. None of it.”

Salman Khan’s Tubelight is releasing on June 23.

48 comments on “Critics can give my film minus 100 stars, I don't care: Salman Khan”

    1. If u r supporting him then u r criminal too
      Ur bhai is always do remake movie no creation
      And his attitude on my foot

        1. @ramz
          theatre me takiya leke jana... udhar sona jab tak dangal break nahi karta.
          aab tumhare jaise fan ki jarurat hai bhau ko.

          jai sallumiya..

      1. @arpita how do you know this man is a criminal? Did god tell you? Or was you there at the accident? Oh wait the
        Media told you lol did you know the media also tells you that 9/11 was done a by a few Arabs that took the twin towers! DONT BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING THE MEDIA SAYS!

    2. @bollyarena ???es pr ek artical ho jaye...

      Aamir among 100 most reputable persons on Earth.This is brand Aamir.???????????????

        1. Hhhhh well said @Tiger
          All Bhai's haters specially for u
          Aam aadmi ek sota hua sher ungli mat kar nahi to...!!!!!!beeeeep
          Bss smjh jao

  1. i am not a fan of salman but one thing you have to accept he is more an honest person as compare to other stars...mean whatever he feel he just speak... he is a brave person.

  2. sallu ka arrogance dikh raha hai...
    abey Aamir ke filmo ko acche rating kaise milti hai tere filmo ko kyun nahi..

    critic ko dosh de raha hai...unka kam hai logonke paise bachana...
    agar movie acchi hai to wo jarur bolenge acchi hai..par tu copy paste karta rahega to tuze kaun rating dega...

    only arrogance arrogance dokhai deta hai .....isse lag raha hai meri filme flop nahi hogi kuch bhi karlo
    to ek baat bata 2000-2009 me tu kaha tha ...tab to tu critic ko kuch nahi bolta tha..

    sallu the local star local hi rahega...
    sabko laga fusslight badi acchi hogi kuch naya dekhne ko milega..

    sallu+kabir combo...arey inhone to copy paste kar diya...
    jago audience jago..apne paise bacho..

    1. If critics know everything then why are they not making movies, they should be able to give HAHK and DDLJ or even Sholay every year! Critics don't know shit they just judge a movie according to their own taste, you are also a critic of Salman Khan movies I certainly won't believe what you say, Salman Khan has proved that he is more than capable of giving classic movies so I'm definitely watching!

      I will also watch TEPK, JHMS, TIGER ZINDA HAI and THUGS OF HINDUSTAN because if we Salman and Shah Rukh Khan fans stop watching Aamir Khan movies then tumhara Dangal Dangal Kaise karega kabhi soch hai!

  3. Parshya,, Salmania trolled Aamir,, at the time of Dangal nlw its your turn but but remember,, after tubelight please stop this... Ok i won't tell you to stop.. Till Tubelight, troll but after that be a genuine guys... You tok saw after Dangal, Salman fans stopped all this... So its my request to you please after tubelight leave this.. You are Aamir fans and it doesn't suit on his fans

    1. @MyKey

      Definitely bro i will stop after Fusslight...
      sallu fans ko bhi pata chale Aamir fans kya chiz hai..

      sallu fans hava me udd rahe the Dangal aur sultan ke release ke time
      isiliye mai abhi in logonko chodne wala nahi..

      jab tak fusslight fail nahi hoti Dangal ka record todne me tab tak mera mission jari rahega.
      tit for tat.

      agar unhone Aamir ke khilaf baad me kuch bola to Tiger ko bandar bana denge..

  4. Arrogant reply. I admit it can be frustrating to read bad reviews when you put effort in your film but there's no need to be so self sufficient.

  5. Breaking news.....

    Congrats Akshay fans


    TEPK------------->18,215,517 views IN 6 DAYS
    FUSSLIGHT----->18,207,327 views IN 23 DAYS

    1. Congrats. Tu berojgaar sirf din raat yehi pata kar ke baith. Aur kaam tu kar hi nahi sakte, zindagi bhar yehi count karke ghar pe baith.

      1. @Mahadev
        you tube me jake dekhne ke liye kitna time lagta hai?
        2 min..

        excuses dena band kardo....bhai ki film pitnewali hai..

  6. Bhai agar aap deshbhakt ho to bycoat tubelight bcoz this movie has song sung by pak singer jo india se kmate hain fir india ko hi gali dete hain doston uri aatack ke baad ye decide hua tha ki pak artist indian film main kaam nahi krenge to phir ye aatif aslam aur rahat fateh ali khan iss film main gana kyon ga rahe hai aur ye jo salman itna akad rha hai isski image media ne hi bnai hai warna bichh main isska career over ho gya tha

    1. Iska matlab Mukesh Kumar tu ek bhi bollywood movie Nahi dekh payega sab main thoda bahut contribution rehta hai Pakistani artist ka

        1. Tujhe jo samjna hai wo samaj par Aaj dono Desh main sirf nafrat hi nafrat felai jaa Rahi hai media bhi isme equally hi partner hai.main koi Pakistan ka supporter Nahi hu but family har ek insaan ki hoti hai ek ko maaroge to Kai dusre apne aap Mar jaate hai maana tune ek simple baat ki thi par ye nafrat hi aage Jake crime karvate hai

          1. Kk tu kya sochta hai ye pak ke log latton ke devta hain batton se nahi mannewale aur tu badi insaaniyat ki baat ker rha hai teri family maon koi army main hota to ptta chahlta kaise pak terrorist ko support karke army aur civilian ko pareshan kar rha hum hindustani humesha pyar se rehna chahte hain aur kabhi kisi per aatack nahi karte per tum aur tumhare salman ki trah namard nahi hain ki use jwan na de sake agar iss desh ki mitty se thoda bhi pyar hao to bycoat karo un filmon ka jissme pak artist ho india main artist ki kami hai kya

            1. brother my uncle was in Indian army he is retired now but jaise hum log sochte hai pakistani terrorism ko support karte hai waise wo log bhi ye sochte hai ki India terrorism ko support Kar rahe hai.ye sab political parties ka kaam hai bhadkane ka waha par bhi blast hote hai army school main golibari huyi thi kitne maare gaye India main bhi hota hai ye sab naksalvadi na Jaane kitne logo ko maar rahe hai to wo sab Pakistani hai? Nahi na terrorist ka koi dharm ya majhab Nahi hota. Problem dono Desh main hai terrorism ka par politician apne matlab K liye solve Nahi Kar rahe hai. India main ek se ek behtarin artist hai ye baat sahi hai par shayad unki bhi kuch majburi hogi jo Hume Nahi pata kyunki Aaj kal har movie main koi na koi role to Pakistani ya overseas actor ka rehta hi hai.

  7. Some @honest man was calling Rani no.1 heroine and barking about Chalte chalte opening
    TO @honest man
    Witth same Rani your Bhai gave 47lakhs opening in same decade(kahi pyaar na hojae)!! Kuch to Saram kar!!
    With MAdhuri he gave 9lakhs opening-HAHK whereas SRK gave 31lakhs opening with Suchitra(KHKN)

    With solo your Bhai gave 54 lakhs opening(Veergati) whereas SRK gave 62 lakhs in clash(Ram Jane)

    With Kajol your Bhai gave 80 lakhs opening whereas SRK gave 92lakhs opening with Manisha Koirala(Dil se) in 1998

    Your Bhai gave 31 lakhs lifetime(Yeh Majhdar) when SRK gave 62 lakhs on day-1 with Pooja Bhatt(Chaahat)

    In opening FRom 1992-2009 for “Solo” movies(excluding Darr, Jeet, Karan Arjun etc)
    Salman was ahead in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2005-4years out of 17 yrs).
    That was his aukaat!

      1. :D.. well said..
        Parshyaaa.. the SRK turned aamir fan to counter salmanism... but alas.. uska fuss light ho raha hai :D

  8. Amir khan akshay toilet kumar ki fim ko review matter karta par salman ki film ko nahi.good review k bina akshay bekar amir faraar hojata hai box-office se

    1. Aaxha joke mara hai h3 negative review phir bhi nonhoiday me 109 Cr hit Akshay is a brand aur ammir akshay movie aacha Barbara hai to review aacha hi milega na tera salman to copy paste pe jee raha hai

  9. Parsiya is anti indian...chinese r supporting terorism in india..creating hurdle in declaring azar mashood n jaise mohammad a terrorist organization by UN.. creating hurdle for india in entering nuclear supplier group..n he is praising chinese people for watching dangal..even if china attacks india parsya will still praise china n its people for watching some amir khan movie..holy crap...amir is bigger than india for him...such an addicted fan..even amir will not like him for his china china china slogan all the time..we are indians n it only matters for me whether a film is hit in india or not..

  10. @hr dilse content ki to tu bat hi mat kar tera hr kya ukhad liya kaabil har gayi thi content ke bad bhi or akki ne kaise haraya tha yad hai na pani bhi nhi manga tha mj ne to bat karne se pehle Aukat me reh nhi to aisa lathedunga ki bara bajadi jaegi Aukat me rehna

  11. So this time it's confirm the movie is not good. His last 5/6 years movies have got positive review but still he is so much arrogant. He was being humble but now seems he has become arrogant same as shahrukh used to be 10/12 years back. They can't digest Aamir movies getting more appreciation irrespective of box office collection.

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