Comments made by Salman Khan and Karan Johar are saddening: Ajay Devgn

The controversy regarding Pakistani artists working in India continues to grow with each passing day. After Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Nana Patekar and Akshay Kumar, it is Ajay Devgn who is in the spotlight.

Earlier today Ajay Devgn supported the ban on Pakistani actors stating that he will not work with any artist from across the border. Just now Ajay has given another bold and controversial statement that he will not promote his films in Pakistan and even saying the comments made by Salman and Karan Johar are saddening.

The actor was giving an interview to CNN News18. He said,

"I don't think industry people should be scared, the nation comes first. Terror is something which has no religion, U.S took a stand after 9/11 and stood by it. Maybe actors are scared of losing global fans but it's all about what you feel.

He also said that taking a stand on Pakistani artists ban is not political. When asked about the comments from Salman and Karan who opposed the ban, he said that Bollywood is a very very tiny issue when the whole nation is concerned and the comments by his colleges are saddening.

"You are an Indian first, it doesn't matter to me if my film doesn't release in Pakistan. I am not going to promote my films in Pakistan. I won't be sharing screen-space with any Pakistani actors. Pak artistes are earning here but they are standing by their Nation. Here you keep talking to people and there terrorists are coming and killing you. In situations like these you have to standby your nation. Their is a difference between politics & patriotism."

8 comments on “Comments made by Salman Khan and Karan Johar are saddening: Ajay Devgn”

  1. This man is bold and daring. No matter what his country comes first. Not clear where he mentioned their names maybe Karan indirectly but no matter what I as Salman fan still loves him and know his friendship wit Bhaijaan is indivisable. You need proof?
    When he appears on Big Boss next week we will know for now,I still stand by him.
    #Salman Fan forever!! #

  2. He is targeting karan because of the clash with his movie...it is clear but why he is targeting his best buddy salman...
    It is only due to publicity for his movie....shame on you ajay...
    Both karan and salman are right....

  3. What rubbish is this yr why every one wants ban on pak artists! Yr they are artists not terrirst thy have nothing to do with terrisaiom if you want ban artists just because they belong to other country/industry then first ban deepika priyanka irfan khan etc, because they are also not from Hollywood if we want ban other country,s artists then who gives us right to go any where else do what pak artists are doing here?

  4. From what I have seen on videos Salman said
    1. Artists are not terrorists
    2. Govt of India gives visas to these artists.
    From the above how one can assume Salman is not supporting banning PAK artisits. It is the duty of Govt of India not to issue visas to the PAK artists. Every Govt does a background check and gives OK or not OK status.

  5. @Raj,where did he say he is sad with Salman comment. What media said and his quote does not match at all. You are those losers who want to create rift between 2 best friends don't forget Salman will never think what you are thinking. About johar no disagree he is speaking for himself asked by the interviewer simple,go and look at Ajay comment when Indian army retaliated. Am a Salman fan too I am surprise you as an Indian.

  6. Ajay recent media press confrence hi said salman & i 25yrs frndship because distance & not interfear persnol life,so way you nagetive comment salman? Shame on you ajay only for shivaay
    I telling you any some indians wrong then compleate indians are ban in overseas Then?
    Now tell right/wrong
    Peach be upon him....

  7. I agree with u ajay sir.....
    Nation comes first...i love my india...
    Bhaad mein jaye pakistan n pakistani artist...pakistan ko pakistan mein ghuske marna chahiye.....tab inko samaj mein ayega...jawan hein to desh hein hum hein....hamein pahle deshki jawanonki sochni chahiye.. ..

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