Claims that Aamir Khan used steroids are nonsense: Dangal wrestling coach

Wrestler and Arjuna awardee Kripa Shankar Patel Bishnoi, who was training Aamir Khan in wrestling for the last one-and-a-half years for Dangal, has slammed critics for suggesting that the actor used steroids to get fit in minimum time for his role as a wrestler.

In an exclusive chat with Indian Express, Bishnoi said, “Steroids are banned medicines. The World Anti-Doping Agency and National Anti-Doping Agency catch and punish those players who use steroids. Steroids destroy your body. Aamir Khan’s training program had nothing to do with steroids. It was all about the right diet. Aamir built his entire fitness regime on the calories one needs to lose extra body fat. One’s fitness level depends on one’s training and diet.”

“People talk a lot of other nonsense as well. Some say Aamir is a deshdrohi and he should go to Pakistan. There are all types of people in India. In every lane, you will come across someone crazy. When one jumps into a well, there are many who are ready to jump too. People like saying dialogues and no one likes to work. So people who say Aamir used steroids are those who don’t want to work. Every man can make a body like Aamir Khan. To say he used steroids is absolute nonsense. These people like fooling others. If I say something false, people may find it entertaining. But the truth is you imbibe good things. All other things said about him are wrong. I have not seen Aamir taking steroids. He used to drink juice in front of me. Aamir is not someone who applies shortcuts in his life.”

Aamir’s other body trainer Rahul Bhatt also clarified that steroids were never used by the actor. “My open challenge to all those sceptics is that I will make the best steroids available in the world to them if they can achieve half of what this man has achieved. And if they do that, I will train them for free. I am that confident. Aamir never used steroids. In Aamir’s case, the same results that we got and can be achieved by a common man naturally within the span of time that Aamir achieved it. But one has to remember, Aamir has had the luxury of two trainers, two chefs, two masseurs and eight body guards. So that cushions it. A normal man may not have all these at his disposal.”

Via Indian Express

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