Dangal beats PK on day 1 despite boycott by China's biggest multiplex chain

Aamir Khan starrer Dangal was released in China. However, if reports are to be believed then China’s biggest multiplex chain Wanda Cinemas is not screening Dangal in most of its theatres.

Fei Xiaochou, a China-based film writer, posted on his social media, “Is Dangal suffering a boycott by Wanda?” Wanda, a leader in IMAX screens as well, accounted for close to one-sixth of the total Box Office collection with a staggering $950 million in 2015.

The report published in India Today claims that ‘Dangal’ is shown in only 37 screens, which is about 1 percent of the total screens. In the city of Beijing, only 3 shows of the film are being screened in Wanda theatres. The scenario will get worse from tomorrow as ‘Dangal’ will have no shows there.

Aamir Khan’s China fans, which is huge in number, are fuming with anger over this alleged boycott and have expressed their displeasure on Wanda’s official website. Fans have accused them of being biased towards Bollywood flicks and have called this boycott a result of their ‘rivalry’ with Huayi, a marketing company.

“There are no screenings in Taian [Shandong] because of Wanda. How can Wanda develop with such a small mindset?” wrote a Weibo user. Weibo is a China-based site that functions like Twitter.

Another user, Jing Fen Xiao Ao Jiao, asked, “I am so confused why Dangal is not being shown in every cinema and why there are so few schedules. What matters is that cinemas in my city does not show this film, neither does Wanda. Aamir Khan’s films are very good and very meaningful, why do cinemas not show them?”

Despite the boycott by Wanda, Dangal has still beaten PK on day 1 in China. Reportedly the film has collected 7.7 crore at the Chinese box office as of 4 PM, surpassing PK's first day of 5.7 crore.

Via India Today

19 comments on “Dangal beats PK on day 1 despite boycott by China's biggest multiplex chain”

  1. See that they r boycotting our films and we r making film on them like fusslight
    And Wanda sud be ashamed of their act

    1. Aamir Khan has started to go through bad time now first Bahubali 2 and now this boycott! India should boycott china products and show them what happens when you boycott a Indian and that on top a Khan movie! #Boycottchinaproducts!

    1. Bhai isme Indians Ka loss hai...dangal jaise movie Jo China mein chalti and if most people will saw this then they will know that Indian also makes good films...

  2. This is Bullshit
    Boycotting a film just Because of
    Their Rivalry?
    These Jerks dont know
    How much hard work Actors do for a movie?
    How Much Money Producers Invest Into a Movie.
    Even if it beats pk
    This is not Acceptable at all.
    I was expecting $25M+.

  3. Dekho chinease kya kh rhe h....Dangal k bare me...

    One user wrote, “I saw # “Wrestling” at midnight last night. This movie is definitely good and worth watching. Aamir Khan’s greatness lays in seeing India’s problems, and not just talks, but takes action to do revolutionary. Every movie has a significant impact and this individual has a huge impact on society and government. There is no such filmmaker in China.

    ”Another user wrote, “My blood was boiling, andit was a shocking movie. I don’t remember how many times had I cried. Praise. Best movie “Wrestling” in the first half of the year.

    “Ran to see Dangal and I really got a lot of things to say. Although not yet used to Indian films dubbed in Chinese, each time the two girls started wrestling and participating in various game, I was really excited. Everything could be changed in two minutes, 120 seconds,” wrote one user.

    “Never wrote a review for any movie before. It was so touching. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Hope you guys watch it. Believe me, you will love it,” said another user.

  4. Dangal k support me....wha k famous acter k words??

    Deng Chao (a famous film star with 57 million fans on Weibo) came out in support of Aamir and the movie, “Friend comes from afar, ask you to warmly welcome him. Please repost and support.”

  5. hahaha...

    south movie ko chod de....

    to no 1 . .....bollywood movie to Aamir khan ki hi hogi na...

  6. Jb india choti soch rakhta ha pak actors ko ban kiya pak players ko ban kiya ipl ma phr khud ki film boycott par kyu gusa a raha ha. Janab as you sow so shall you reed.

  7. Hahaha your actually right @sachin boycotting pak movies and actors then it's all good because they never said anything against their country, but when china does the same to India then it's wrong! But I still think involving actors and entertainment with politics is wrong! What's Aamir Khan done to them, he done all the promotions there and then attended their award nights as well!

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