Captain America Civil War Box Office Collection Update in India

Captain America Civil War Box Office Collection in India

The Hollywood superhero action film Captain America Civil War has released today. In India, the movie has been in English and dubbed Hindi version. There is a strong buzz among audience across the country. Also, the film has also received excellent reviews from Indian critics.

Here is the box office opening report for the morning shows.

Box Office Opening Report:

Captain America Civil War was released in around over 1000 screens. The film opened to a flying start at the Indian box office. It recorded 45% occupancy on the morning shows which is excellent. It is the fourth best start of 2016 after Batman Vs Superman, The Jungle Book and Fan in terms of occupancy. In metros, the start is huge espeically in 3D format as the competition from Bollywood films was negligible.

Captain America: Civil War also carries tremendous goodwill of the Avengers Franchise in India. The presence of Spiderman in the film, who is the most loved Superhero in India, will lend it added benefit in terms of box office collections. It looks like that we have another potential blockbuster from Hollywood after The Jungle Book.

Captain America Civil War 1st Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per the early trends, Captain America Civil War 1st day collection is heading for a 9-10 crore+ opening day. It can vary depending upon the performance of evening and night shows.

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9 comments on “Captain America Civil War Box Office Collection Update in India”

  1. It will get 2 Open weeks in Multiplexes as X-Men:Apocalypse will arrive on 20th May.

    I think Civil War will collect more than Age Of Ultron due to Much better WOM.

      1. X-Men releasing in India on 20th May & 27th in USA & Canada.......


        pls confirm that.........

  2. Another 150 cr on the way.In near future Hollywood will beat Bollywood in India itself.

    1. it is Fox Star Studios not 20th Century Fox who will release Apocalypse in India on 20th May...........Though FSS is a Part Distributing Indian company of USA's 20thCF.


      Pls confirm This......

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