Can PRDP cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan collection?

Q.  What is Singh is Bliing budget and verdict? (Emran)

Ans. This question has been by a lot of users. Singh Is Bling has recovered its investment and is a hit. You can check the verdict of all movies here.


Q. Will Hrithik Roshan star in Dhoom 4 or not? (Sagar )

Ans. Hrithik Roshan will do an action film with YRF. Either it will be Dhoom 4 or Thug.


Q. What are Saif Ali Khan's upcoming movies? (Tahshir)

Ans. Saif Ali Khan's next movie is Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon also starring Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut. Other than this there are many speculations but not confirmed.


Q. There are talks about Race 3 going on floors next year. Don't you think that Race 3 can make more than 200cr in domestic box office as it is from a hit franchise? (Tanzeem)

Ans. A lot will depend upon the cast and content. Like Murder 3 was tanked at the box office. The hit franchise can only bring initials and after that the film has to rely on the content. Welcome Back and Singh Is Bling could not even cross 100 crore. So 200 is still out of reach unless it features any mega star.


Q. What was the verdict of Jai Ho?  (Avinash khetre)

Ans. It was semi hit.


Q. What do you think of Bajirao Mastani Promotional strategy? (Mukesh choudhry)

Ans. Its poor. They have released a teaser, posters and two songs but yet the buzz is missing. The track record of Eros is not so good when it comes to marketing. On the other hand, Dilwale is carrying terrific pres release buzz and hype.


Q. Do you think Dilwale can be well promoted in just 1 Month? Because Trailer will release on November 11th & it will release on 18 december.

Ans. So far they are doing very well. The makers have continuously released pictures and videos from the sets which have ensured that film will remain in news. In the past many films have released their trailer in the span of one month and have been huge successful. And with the marketing giants of Red Chillies, anything is possible.


Q. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, Ram Leela according to you which is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Grandest Film?

Ans. Devdas in terms of production values.


Q. Can AIRLIFT cross 100 crore? (Mandy)

Ans. Looking at the genre and Akshay's recent track record, it seems tough


Q. What is Dilwale movie total budget? (Virat Rathore)

Ans. Over 120 crore.


Q. Who would break Rajesh Khanna's 15 consecutive hits record in future? (Imran HT)

Ans. Our bet will be on SRK as he only needs 4 hits to break this record.


Q. Why singh is Bliing failed to perform at box office while Singh is Kinng was blockbuster in both domestic and overseas circuit. What happened between 2008-2015 that his movies are not getting so much appreciation that he enjoys in 2007-2008? (Abhishek)

Ans. Now ticket prices have increased and a ordianry man cannot afford to watch all his films in theatre. Thus audience get divided. He still enjoys the third biggest fan following. He just needs to slow down and chose his films wisely.


Q. My question is about actress Deepika Padukone. Is her movie Finding Fanny declared flop at the box office? (Sameer)

Ans. Finding Fanny was flop as the film has no support from satellite and music rights.


Q. Can PRDP cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan collection? How will you compare both films? (Naaz)

Ans. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a more commercial masala film with chartbuster songs, dance and some action sequences (in trailer). While Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is a riskier film with having only advantage of family audience. Though it will have solid initials due to a big holiday but the film can debacle if it does not live up to the expectations. On the other hand if the content is liked, then only sky is the limit. The film can then set new benchmarks which will be impossible to break for some time.


Q. How many Bollywood sequel movies will be made in coming years? (Vikas Chainani)

Ans. The list will be updated soon.


Q. As every website is saying that they are doubtful about whether PRDP will appeal to youth or not but now trailer and songs are released. So can u clarify your take on it? How much family audiences matters for a film success compare to youth? (Prashant Yadav)

Ans. The situation has improved a bit in the favour of PRDP after the release of songs. But still the real test will be on 12 November. Family audiences can prove to be more effective in a film's success as it means that film has been universally accepted.


Q. Can Mohenjo Daro cross 100 crore club? (Brinta Karmakar)

Ans. The question about 200 crore club should be asked.


Q. Can Housefull 3 become Akshay's highest opener crossing 20 cr on day 1? (shashank)

Ans. Yes. Anything under 20 crore will be a disappointment.


Q. By what calculations do you update the list of top 10 actor every month? (Tahshir)

Ans. The list is updating by taking the collection of last three films of each actor.


Q. Who is the highest paid actress Deepika or Kangana? (Kshitiej)

Ans. Currently Deepika is the highest paid actress. Though Kangana has recently demanded the highest amount for a film. If she gets that, then she will take the spot of Deepika.


Q. The status of some movies like Ghajini, Dabangg and Ek Tha Tiger has been changed from ATBB status to blockbuster. Are Dhoom 3 and Bajrangi Bhaijaan universally accepted ATBB's like DDLJ and HAHK or it can be degraded in future. (Mohammad)

Ans. Many factors like distributor share, adjusted nett gross etc are responsible for that. But Dhoom 3 and Bajrangi Bhaijaan will remain ATBB as the distributor share is too high here.


Q. Is Tiger shroff the next Superstar of Bollywood? He has huge fan following in masses, unlike other young actors he is very famous for his mind blowing stunts extraordinary dance and superhit action. (Charlie)

Ans. He has only done one film and he has to prove a lot yet. He has to improve his acting skills for sure. Fortunately he knows his strengths and weaknesses and has chosen his films wisely.


Q.  Does the PRDP has clash with other movies in south. (Umer)

Ans. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will be clashing with a Tamil film Thoongavanam starring Kamal Haasan. It also has a semi clash with the much-anticipated Ajith's Vedalam which releases on 5 November.


Q. Why BOI always show low collections as compared to other websites.
And what is their method of collection? (suresh sharma)

Ans. They take the samples from some theaters and apply it to the whole circuits. The other websites show producer figures which sometimes are exaggerated.


Q. Many Salman Khan fans are disappointed with PRDP songs and promos as they are boring. The fans like the kind of films Salman does now i. e Dabangg n other action comedies. Do u think PRDP will be a hit like Bajrangi Bhaijann cause it looks difficult? (Akash Kapoor)

Ans. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was not an action film yet it went on to become the highest grossing film of Salman Khan. So if the content is solid, anything can happen.

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    20 comments on “Can PRDP cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan collection?”

    1. bm crap film............after release trailer, and two song..........all got negative responce...........they did not creat buzzz that should have............biggest mistake of slb is they doing clash.............get life slb.....better to postponed or preponed cozz bm cost is 200 cr including promotional and all that cost............

    2. dilwale 500 cr with clash.................and 600 cr in solo in india only...........

    3. bm 40 cr with clash and 65 cr with solo..................crap film bm............floppp in both cases

    4. prop is 200 se250 tak .tamasha 120 se 150 tak.dilwale 220 se 250 tak and bm 60 to 80 cror life time buzniss

    5. my question is , director abbas-mustan 2 movies, humraaz and aitraaz declared semi hit verdict at the box office but why most of the website mentioned average above average verdict ? pls give the correct box office verdict of humraaz and aitraaz ?

    6. my question is to bollyarena team , director abbas-mustan 2 movies, humraaz and aitraaz declared semi hit verdict at the box office but why most of the website mentioned average above average verdict ? pls give the correct box office verdict of humraaz and aitraaz ?

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