Butterfly Remix Song Video - Jab Harry Met Sejal

Adding a fresh and zesty twist to the original song, DJ Shilpi Sharma brings to us the Official Remix of Butterfly! With super vibrant beats and a hot Punjabi tadka, this track is a definite crowd pleaser.

Jab Harry Met Sejal releases on the 4th of August, 2017

9 comments on “Butterfly Remix Song Video - Jab Harry Met Sejal”

  1. Watched all the videos of SRK in Varansi !!
    Damn the crowd was Amazing so many people!!Fans r going crazy !!!

  2. This movie seems to create magic on box office plus movie will be great like jab we met.

    srkhad not given solid movie after chakde and my name is Khan. his all movies in last 7 years were good or above avg --- offocurse not bad . he made silly mistakes in last 7-8 years or else he would have still rules no.1 position.

    Raa one - Good movie (Fault - leaving 1st 20 mins and last 20 mins - due to which movie didn't to that we'll - as 1st 20 mins and last 20 mins r most imp part).

    Chennai express - Excellent movie - but here depika shined more then srk...so didn't help him much to score but made his presence .

    Don 2 : Good movie (poor music , srk repeating same acting of Don 1 )

    Dilwale : above avg movie (faults - should have taken Aishwarya instead old kajol, actress repeating in main roll at 48-50 an that somebody fat like kajol made in down - actors thoo 60's tak challenge. and predictable end , made film down also last 30-40 mins was like just formality which really brought movie down or else would have done 190-200 cr.

    Raees : Good movie but not the best which expect from srk. (Faults - actress . should have not taken such pakoo actress , 2nd prob. marketing -- should have not shown so many trailers ke puri film me maza baki na rahe , 3Rd srk didn't get well when shown young before becoming don- dint match up , 4th no comedy tadka - made film slightly less entertaining , 5th laila song - done by sunny ., common can she dance ? should have taken some good actress , sunny looked good in trailer but in whole song she made it fuss ...

    Fan : avg movie (faults - no actress , no music, srk in actors role looked old he dint pay attn on his looks of actor , they should have not made such film with high budget , they have not gone abroad and made film in Delhi, bombday so this was Indian truly film look. thoda comedy tadka kam thaaa..)

    Dear zindagi : Good movie (fault srk role was small still they showed all major scenes on trailer - itna dikhayengee thoo bachegaa kyaa)

    Happy new year : above avg but entertaining movie :
    (faults - srk looked old - didn't focus on his acting , he is super star - should had some of his single scenes which would have made difference )

    srk-katrina-yash chopra movie - avg movie (not a good music , 2nd katrina was wrong choice - she dint leave up to the roll , commercial comedy aspect was missing )

    hope srk finds above article and try to make out his mistakes ...he is coming close to success and making small mistakes .

    advice - don't show half film in trailers, don't pla safe by not trying to act like ddlj , mai hu naa,.darr ,devdas , chakde , swadesg , yess boss , bazigar - I feel he is afraid...be fearless and act ..koi baat nahi if u overact in a single movie but khoolke acting karoo or else from no. 3 u can soon come 5 or 6.

    all the best - we the love u still and for me u r still the best after salmon. but personally I want u want to come back as what miracle u can create on screen nobody else from today's generation can do.

    don't be director actor ....create your magic with fullon performance ....

    from a Fan...

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