BREAKING: Dangal overtakes Bahubali 2 to become Highest Worldwide Grosser

Aamir Khan's Dangal has finally overtaken Baahubali 2 worldwide gross after its China release. The film is now the highest Indian worldwide grosser of all time.

Dangal has also crossed 1500 crores mark today while BB2 did it yesterday. But Dangal has taken a lead today and will continue to do so in coming days. China gross has also surpassed the first phase collection from all over the world. It clearly shows the potential of the Chinese market.


  • 1st Phase: 736.16
  • Taiwan: 25.78*
  • China: 753.08
  • Total: 1515.02 Cr

Looking at the trend Dangal will finish in the range of 1800 cr and has chances to touch 2000 cr mark after release in other territories. On the other hand, Bahubali 2 will finish at 1550-1600 cr after the first phase. And then it will be BB2's China release (later in July) which will decide the winner of the battle for all time number one film.

DayCollection (m)INR (cr)
Day 1$2.2714.67
Day 2$4.6930.30
Day 3$5.5535.86
1st Weekend$12.5180.83
Day 4$5.7837.23
Day 5$3.5222.58
Day 6$3.8824.89
Day 7$3.9025.02
1st Week$29.59190.55
Day 8$6.1239.27
Day 9$13.6687.66
Day 10$12.5380.24
2nd Weekend$32.31207.17
Day 11$4.9531.73
Day 12$4.9231.54
Day 13$4.2026.92
Day 14$3.7324.08
Day 15$6.0238.80
Day 16$16.35106.03
Day 17$11.7175.94
3rd Weekend$34.82224.44
Day 18$3.4222.06
Day 19$3.1220.12
Day 20$2.7617.80
Day 21$2.5116.19
Day 22$1.8812.13
Day 23$2.8418.32
Day 24$6.5142.27
Day 25$8.0552.05
Day 26$6.3440.92
Day 27$1.7611.33
Day 28$4.6029.61
Day 29$1.7211.06
Day 30$3.9625.50
Day 31$3.5322.71
Day 32$1.408.98
Day 33$1.258.03
Day 34$1.177.53
Day 35$1.107.07
Day 36$1.086.94
Day 37$2.1213.65
Day 38$1.9312.45
Day 39$0.724.63
Day 40$0.704.50
Day 41$0.654.19
Day 42$0.644.13
Day 43$0.523.35
Day 44$1.348.63
Day 45$1.278.18
Day 46$0.523.35
Day 47$0.513.28
Day 48$0.513.28
Day 49$0.513.28
Day 50$0.150.96
Day 51$0.352.25
Day 52$0.392.51
Day 53$0.231.48
Day 54$0.271.74
Day 55$0.291.87
Day 56$0.231.48
Day 57$0.171.09
Day 58$0.251.61
Day 59$0.322.06
Day 60$0.150.96
Day 61$0.150.96
Total$191.15 million 1224.25 cr

88 comments on “BREAKING: Dangal overtakes Bahubali 2 to become Highest Worldwide Grosser”

  1. कर दिखाने का मौका जब भी किस्मत देती है, गिन के तैयारी के दिन तुझ को मोहलत देती है

    1. wow congratulations aamir sir
      dangal is very good movie film good hai toh kmai toh kregi hi

      1. This isn't nothing if Aamir Khan can touch 60-70%of the Hearts in China, he'll be able to make 300-400million easy! But what the actors also need to understand is that these movies need to be dubbed in English too so that a big actor like Aamir Khan or the other Khans can do 300-400 million worldwide!

        Because that then means they can have budgets for their movies at about 100million so they can make huge movies on Hollywood budgets and even start collaborating

  2. Badhai ho..guys plzz don't compare dangal and bahubali 2....both makes indian cinema proud..so guys enjoy it..!!??

  3. ?????????

    Congrats all haters, Dangal team, Aamir fans n Megastar Aamir

    Ya hooooooo

    1. Are parshya tune kya mega star mega star lgayi hai
      Mega star is chrinjeevi
      Super star is Rajni kanth sir
      Stylish star is Allu arjun
      Power star is pawn kalyan
      mr perfection is Aamir khan sir
      khiladi kumar is Akshy kumar sir
      young tiger is Junior N.T.R.
      Fake star is Salman khan
      aamir sir is not mega star , Mega star is chrinjeevi

        1. You got that wrong son!

          Megastars : Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth

          Superstars : The Khans

          Stars: Allu Arjun and so forth

          Actors: Rest

    1. Complete wrestlers family ko India pe kick kiya to China chalgay .ready to get kicked even there.

  4. So huge drop today

    At this stage 925+ Possible

    1000+ cr So hard

    Because Hollywood Big release after The fate of the Furious on 26 May

    Dangal have just 3 days

    Then huge drop Local trends Expected

    May be 950+ Not 1000 + cr

    Bahubali 2 can break this record when it release in July Confirm By Trends

    So race On July in China?????

    1. Sorry friend it can't neon impossible you need a solid foundation to do this and bb1 went unnoticed in china unless the re release part 1 on a big scale and then release part 2 a year later then it should do well but you really need to watch part 1 to understand part 2

    2. @Buddhbhushan

      which drop bro...
      look at d collection,still above 3 m$ on weekdays ,this weekend again it will rise like a storm.

      so just wait n watch....sure shot 1000cr this weekend....

      1. Bhava look I Expected much more because ed Weekend huge than 2ed weekend????

        2ed weekend Monday 4.95 MN???
        3ed weekend Monday 3.50 MN

        This means huge drop bhava

        I also expect dangal become 1st movie to do 2000+ cr Worldwide????????

        Weekend not huge possible because ??

        Biggest Release in china this Friday so screan becoming drop


        1. @Bhuddhbhushan

          Lats see...

          My mind says it will agaian do 180cr weekend !!!!!

          it will definitely beat POC.

        2. Even big movies are going to release but Dangal would maintain its pace easily. Dangal producers has extended licence for next month. Dangal dangal everywhere

  5. Great news dangal may cross 15million coming weekend because chineese people do not like pirates of Caribbean franchise and pirates franchise never crossed 100million in china

    1. Just business pai he kuch ni hota acting acting to wo ek he hai his ka nam king khan hai

      1. baki sab jagah aage hoti to bahubali , chuha-bali bn jata?

        or without china...oversease me 2500 screens me release hui or 280 crore bnaye bahubli ne....

        or Dangal ne 1000screens me....oversease me 200 crore bne...vo bhi bina "pakistsn" release k.. ......

        or india me b .....2500 south screens jyada thi....


        Or main baat....ticket price b bhot jyada kr rakhi thi...

        ydi dangal ki avrage ticket price 300 mane to...bb2 ki 500 hogi...

        ese me vh Dangal se jyada...100 crore or bna le....to kondi bdi baat ho gyi

    1. After few days
      China tour k baad india hi aana hai .....aur india aake jab dekhoge.....1000cr and 375cr ....ohho....

      Humko july tak bol raha......toh tu india me kab tak chupega....bcoz isko todna toh namumkin hai.....chalo target thod chota de dete hindi version ko hi beat kr dena pehle...jo 500+ hoga hi.....

      1. You r forgetting Demonetization. Dangal in India would have earned double without it.

        If BuhuBilli was released that time, it wud b a flop and we were not be talking about any BuhuBilli ??

        1. @Lavish

          Demonetization ko dear zindagi film pe asar nahi hua 130-140cr ww kama gayi jo demonetization k 17 din baad release hua tha.....toh uske bhi 1 month baad wali movie pe ghanta hona tha......ye bekar ki baato se dangal k collection ko na chupao.....Christmas and new year and winters holiday....bhai kitta holiday liya......
          Yaha non holiday and ipl time daily 1 match and saturday, sunday 2 ....matches ....bhai dangal ab release hoti toh comment box toh dur bollyarena ki site bhi na khulti ye likhne ko ......????

  6. This weekend sure shot 1000cr in china alone!!

    And after that racing towards 2000cr ww ??

    Aamir u beauty.

    U did it man ??.

    1. Still bahubali not released in china.

      Dont cry baby. Ur work is complete..Now sit and watch if you have some $hit in a$$.

      Also dangal real story of haranvi hindu family. Islamic pissers can make only copy of this beauty land.

      Have a camel sip watching bahubali when released in china... katweeeeeee are katwoooooonnnnnnn

  7. July me bb2release hoga,, August me honkong me dangal hogaa ,,no chance to do well there for bb2,,if it does then gd for it, gd for mega adventure thug, huh,,, dangal will lead by 400cr,, after 2nd weekends of pirates there will be a dangal between dangal and pirates, tension nahi lenekaa!! Apon ka aamir se full faith gain re mamuuu

  8. LOL!!!!!!
    CE was ATG for 4 Months
    BB2 Was ATG for 4 Weeks. ??
    AAMIR KHAN is Born to Rule
    KING of this ERA !!!

  9. Bhai aamir khan is megastar.!!!
    Par iska mtlb yeh nhi ki bahubali k barre me negative bolege..iss movie ne non holiday pe aake wo bhii ipl hone k saath bhii 478cr hindi me kar liya h aur 500 cr hone wala h aisa collection kabhi nhi hone wala h non holiday pe..!!

    1. @befikre

      bhai vo winter vacation tha....

      or ye summer vacation (pure holiday , no exam pressure ,and 2nd part , high ticket )

  10. Wow what an achievement by dangal.sure BB2 will release in China & can overtake dangal world wide collection but I think it will be tough task for Bahubali 2 to even cross 100 crore there.Reason is simple first part didn't work there how can sequel will work as there will be no curiosity to know why did kattapa killed Bahubali.
    If suppose BB2 earn 100 crore it will be also a success in China for Indian movie as doing dangal business will be highly impossible.But haters & some sites will say BB2 has done 14 times more than first part & dangal only did 9 times more than Pk,so BB2 is a huge success.
    Seeing second Saturday business of dangal in china I thought it can do 1000 crores in China,but now looking at third Saturday even 1500 crore is possible.Dangal business only challenges Aamir to do more great & universally content film.

  11. Dangal is scheduled to release in JAPAN,HONGKONG,KOREA this Year.
    2000-2100Cr Confirmed.
    'AAMIR and RECORDS are Made for EACH-OTHER.'

    1. @ashoka the disaster ....

      bhai kya milega ?? 1000crore ka one-forth milega....mtlb 250crore

      or crodo logo ka pyar????

  12. Bahubali 2's China collection will depend upon the number of Chinese people who already watched Bahubali 1.

  13. This is unimaginable
    Congrats to dangal team and all dangal lovers.
    Now all haters are in comma

  14. How does Dangal become number 1??

    1) by reducing the collections of Baahubali2
    2) by adding ticketing fee close to 11 million (70 crores) even when China box office asked not to include ticketing fee.

    China Box Office @ChinaBoxOffice

    Replying to @TehAshish
    Use without fees. Grosses for movies released before 2017 are all counted without ticketing fees.

    1. @mahipal

      bhai...ese hi gross collection khte h...

      or bina ticket price k b dangal bahubli ko dho dene wali h....

      or yha world wide gross collection ki baat ho rhi h....fir kyo tivket price nhi jodenge...

      vese dangal ki ticket price se Bahubli ki ticket price 5 times jyada h

      reducing bahubali collection???????

      bhai jalne ki b had hoti h....

      or BB1 ...with ticket price 7 crore???

  15. funny how people are fighting over bb2 and dangal collections...... like they even give a damn about them..

  16. Dangal will cross bb2 surely. But one thing I can't understand on every sites as well as taran adarsh twitter or ramesh bala twitter account it is showing bb2 collection 1538cr

    How dangal crossed bb2 with 1515 cr..????

  17. What was the Avatar record? Can you some body let me know ? Is there any chance of Dangal to break that record also?? So far I know 2000 cr box office collection is not a joke as I think already it has broken many of Hollywood film's worldwide collection. By the way it's producers are still in financial crisis & here who are debating with Bahubali & Dangal I would like to request you all to help Dangal producer to get rid of from this crisis. One thing we should know overseas collection can never changed the verdict of a film whether it's Hollywood or Bollywood. Dangal itself an ATBB but comparison with Bahubali... You guys are insane.

    1. 1,79,92,00,00,000 this is Avatar record # world wide

      Hope you can count in alphabet ???
      Tube light # marigold dekh tu

  18. Any khan in Bollywood can't beat bahubali -2 in Indian collection .in next 4to 5 years. Sirf 400cr ki industry Bollywood. In India. If it has to break movie should create trend like DDLJ, HHHK, Sholay. All these movies dubbed versions also went 175 days. Choti Chinese star ko not even 1 hit in south.

      1. Interesting to hear!!! Can someone tell me who coined "Madarasi" or "Bihari"? Are these words not racist? Please define racism. I am a south Indian but spent a long time in Delhi and interacted with people from all the states.

  19. #parshya and amir fans tum log ka haal us bachhe jaisa h jo Ek baar 12th ke exam m 30 percent paaya ho and fir dobara dusre school se 12th ka exam deke 65 percent paaye to chillanne lge ki mera to 12th m (30+65) =95 percent hai and Mai us bachhe se achha Hu jo phli baar m hi 90 percent paaya ho...

    1. Lol, what an idiotic logic. Agar dusra bacche ne 90% paya hain to usko q dubara dusre school me dakhil hona parta hain? Uske parents kya mentally disorder hain?

  20. Ha ha sare South Indian fans shock me aagaye Hain, are burbak tumhara BB2 Hindi market chorke Kiya Hain ek Chota sa bacche.

      1. @bahubali

        are bhai hum log to khali 20 din pagal khane me the par abhi tumhari sari jindagi pagal khane me gujarne wali hai


        1. Pagloo zindagi ki na hi kaho toh tumari sehat k liye acha ......india ka record hi tod lena jo 10 kya 1000 amir leke aa jaye naa toote......toh tu jaha admit tha waha ka DR tujko kabhi chhutti na dega 20 din nahi poora life raho waha.....bcoz tera bahar rehna samaj k liye khatarnak sabit ho sakta......

  21. Mumbai collection dangal:105cr record
    Bahubal2: 172cr still not out.
    Delhi first film crossed 100 cr
    Tamil even breaks rajini kanth record robot.all time share .even in Karnataka without Kannada version created highest collections of all time hit.
    Dangal only collected best collection in China in Chinese version.

  22. # legend I think ur sense is low.. Read comment calmly u will know everything. I was talking about first student who got 30% marks from one school nd same student got 65%percent next year from other and he cries that his total in 12th is now 95% and he is more talented than that guy who got 90% in very first attempt. Understand Mr # legend

    1. If he has practiced only one third as much as the other student (budget), the second test writes in a foreign school and in a foreign language, realistic and grounded remains instead of shouting aloud: then he has performed the greater achievement. That's the truth.
      Congratulations, Dangal team. High Worth. Dangal is deep in my heart.

    2. If he has practiced only one third as much as the other student (budget), the second test writes in a foreign school and in a foreign language, realistic and grounded remains instead of shouting aloud: then he has performed the greater achievement. That's the truth.
      Congratulations, Dangal team. Dangal is deep in my heart. Thank you for this wonderful heart-warming film.

  23. #avin2713 Tumhare wo 90% wala bacha pir se dusri school me exm dene wala he......pata he result kya hoga????


    isse charm ane wali bat kya he.

    1. Arey kahi tu bhi wahi toh jo kisi ke 370cr final bolne .....haaan bhai bilkul sahi well said bhai.... jaise sabdo ka upyog krta tha........tu pehle paper k lie bhi bola hoga 50 se jyada na layea.......

      Prediction word na samjh aa raha toh kyu itta dimag lda rahe....aur bhi kam h duniya me bhai.....yaa bache ne 90% le aaya toh usse teri buddhi bhrast ho rakhi.......

  24. There is No point in comparison of Dangal and BB2. Bahubali 2 is much better film than Dangal

  25. BOI seems to be not even interested in reporting out China numbers. Shows how credible market it is?

  26. Bahubali2 - Dam hai tere mai 'HGOTY' dene wale ko haraya hai tune.
    Dangal - Are dil chhota na kar, 'ATG' dene wale se haara hai tu.

    HGoty - Highest grosser of the year.
    ATG - All Time grosser.

  27. India mein to tod diya dangal ka record.kon bewakuf ab bhi yeh sochta hain ki bahubaali dangal ka record nhi tod paygi . dangal make 388 crore and bahubaali make 481 crore now it still running. yaar amir khan fake star hain.dangal mein ladkiyo ne acchi acting kar thi .isliye kama liya .amir khan ki acting to zero hain.aur haan guys agar salman ya shahrukh khan apni movie Christmas per release karte to unki movie bhi itna hi kamati. kyuki Christmas per koi bhi movie release nhi karta.amir Khan ki planning hoti hain .usme 3 to festival hote hain. himmat hain to amir khan apni movie clash karke dikhaye srk or salman ki tarah tab hum manange.

  28. Why you guys wasting your important time to predicting on both movies.

    You not even get single penny of there collection.

    Go do some hard work & earn some good quality of life to you & your family.

    Each second is countable, don't waste today still 2:10 hours left do something meaningful today before go to bed.

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