BREAKING: Cinema Owners decide not to screen movies starring Pakistani actors

In the wake of Uri terror attacks, Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India have decided that they will not screen any films featuring Pakistani artists. The boycott will be applicable to all films that have Pakistani actors, musicians and technicians.

On Friday, the association held their third meeting to decide the fate of the films with Paki artists which are already completed. After a long session, Nitin Dattar, the president of Cinema Owners & Exhibitors Association, announced that they will not be releasing Indian films that feature Pakistani actors.

"It was decided, keeping in mind the patriotic feelings, and the national interest of our country, we the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India, request all our member exhibitors to refrain from screening movies which have involvement of any Pakistani artist, technician, director, music director etc”

“We the Cinema Owners and Association of India, are also in the process of requesting other associations connected with the film industry to support the sentiments in the best interest of our nation.”

Some of the upcoming movies featuring Pakistani actors are Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Dear Zindagi and Raees which have Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar and Mahira Khan.

31 comments on “BREAKING: Cinema Owners decide not to screen movies starring Pakistani actors”

    1. Shivaay was already leading both screen allocations 3500 and excitement level with master class Cinematography barring an excellent international trailer. Agreed Adhm has SRk followers Ranbir then majority of Akshay fans. Srk followers because of Kjo Akshay followers because of how they hate Ajay Devgn not seen a single Akshay fan supporting Shivaay even though Most Ajay fans were well behind Rustam. So its Ajay,Salman, Aamir Hrithik,60% of Young generation followers,neutral audiences and Youths in general especially those accustomed to Hollywood flicks like Mission impossible, transporter,fast and furious ,taken etc. These are the people who would still have supported Shivaay with or without uri controversy. So adhm supporters have nothing to loose unlike RAEES which everyone would have loved to see the film even fans of SalMir like us. Hope Raees releases next year. Ranbir is already a Floppy and Flop relationship cheater

  1. ha ha ha hi hi hi ho ho ho paki supporters n their movies are UTTER FLOP even before RELEASE :P

  2. I sometimes really don’t get what we are achieving by banning these movie. These movies have contribution of more than 100 -1000 of our own people. Just because an actor from terrorist country has a role in it, why to sabotage our own peoples contribution.
    What salman said was quite correct. Its the government who has provided working Visas. Why have they not stopped it. Why the trade export and import are still going on with pakistan. Why most favourable nation has still not been removed for pakistan. This really shows that Bollywood is the soft target for the politicians to be in the limelight in the name of pseudo patriotism. If we are really that patriotic , we should be clean with our taxes, join NGO , do charity. Raise the internal concerns which our country is facing from unemployment,corruption, cleanliness, judicial pending cases, crime, tax evasion, honour killing, rising population. Patriotism should not be only limited to external threats or during our cricket matches.

  3. wrong news. Association does not represent the major multiplexes or single screens across India -- only a few theaters around Mumbai. Please correct you article!

    1. Do u really think that Shivaay will cross 275 crore even srk film didn't cross 250 crore then how can Ajay film cross 275 crore ajay has not bigger stardom than srk .

  4. Good decision by Cinema Owners and Exhibitors to ban Pakistani actor , director , singer involved films . " Saath hai to kuch hai warna nothing " . ADHM & Raees should release but from now don't give chance to them .
    @ bollyarena what will impact on Tiger Zinda Hai because director is none another than Pakistani . Then who will direct it .

    1. @Tata Birla, bro who told you that Ali Abbas Zafar is Pakistani, before comment at-least check the fact on Google.....He is Indian...

      1. Sorry I have confused with name Ali Jafer , Ali Jafer is also similar name with paki artist . @ salman fan I am really sorry maaf kar de yaar mujhe .

  5. Why we all cast Pakistani actor India suffering from talented artist?? Srk is also Pakistani he will banned that sure.

  6. Baba ji ka ghanta!
    Shivaay not more than 125!
    ADHM will release and also Raees...
    MNS BJP these nalle will do nanga naach after release and will fussssssss in 2-3 days... bz they are nalle do not have other work to do... just come and protest movies and face police ka danda on their asss and will get lost

  7. Banning Pak artists!!
    Looks like they have all the proof that Pakistan has done it.
    If true, why not bring it out on media.
    It's all politics.
    Hammering own economy.

  8. While our Nationalist government has no problem to allow visas and work permits for Pakistani artists then WTH those ‘pseudo Nationalists’ are to ban movies starring Pakistani artists???

  9. Thousands of people are involved in a film. But due to the presence of one or two Pakistani artists you are going to take away those thousands of Indians ROJI-ROTI.
    #Waah Re Tumhari Deshbhakti!

      1. Abey CH... Our govt is giving visas to those Pakistani artists. Ye Modi govt khate India ke hai gaate Pakistan ke...iss govt ko Pakistan jab bhej raha hai?

    1. So do go and watch a movie when these movies release but not these movies but some other hindi movie getting released on the same day... Then, still thousands of indians will get roji roti but they will be some other thousands and not those thousands who were associated with Pakistani actors...

      1. @ruchir

        Can you ans who gives those Pakistani artists visas and work permits?

        BTW, gonna watch Shivaay on theatre 1st day 1st show. Have posted those comments bcz a few days back kamBHAKTs pseudo Nationalists were blabbering on Bhai.

  10. Comment:all true indian will boycott adhm and raees.but some idiots like salman fan,tiger will support them.dhikaar hai unpar

    1. Salman Fans are always with Ajay Sir. hum Ranbir aur SRK ki movies na pehle dekhte the aur na hi kabhi dekhenge.
      chal ab hawa aan de... tere se kisi ne certificate nahi maanga true indian hone ka aur na hi teri itni aukat hai ye decide karne ki ke kon true indian hai aur kon nahi...
      we all are indians and we are proud of it... apna ye bhaashan apne paas hi rakh...
      Jai Hind... Vande Mataram...

    2. Priya darling..... Yupp, we should boycott ADHM & Raees. And also we should send the government to Pakistan for giving visas & work permits to Pakistani artists.

  11. First things first , people should boycott Chinese materials , even products manufactured from China, since China is funding Pakistan, they are investing for 50 billion $ CPEC. But looks like our own public in India seems to be more illogical and will screw up Indian movies where 99% indians have worked on it. It's bizarre when this pseudo nationalism comes out during external threats and cricket matches. While internally majority of the system is corrupted and people are mostly concerned with their own pockets. It's easy for people to say let exhibitora and producers incur losses, but will those people have the guts to bear the same if it happens will their product or impact their business.

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