Box Office Predictions For Simran

Kangana Ranaut has been in the news a lot recently. Her controversies, with a certain superstar in general (Hritikh Roshan) have been spilt all over for everyone to see.

But, to create controversies and to deliver a box office success, are two different things. Apples and oranges. This is where Simran will falter!

Box Office Predictions For Simran

As with most recent films, the director is the problem. Hansal Mehta has directed seven films since the year 2000, and each and every one of them has been a box office Flop or Disaster! His highest grosser in his 17-year journey as a director has been Citylights, which grossed a measly 6.62 crore nett!

Some of his films, such as Aligarh and Citylights, actually had some positive public word of mouth, which can be seen with the fact that the films showed decent/good trending. However, the openings were so disastrous that just a good trend was not enough for the films to go anywhere. The same case will happen with Simran.

My Box Office Predictions for Simran:

  • Opening Day: 1.50 crore nett
  • Opening Weekend: 6 crore nett
  • Lifetime: 14 crore nett
  • Overall Verdict: Flop

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu who is a box office enthusiast and have an internship in a tax firm in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter Bobby Sidhu.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Bollywood Arena. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected] 

49 comments on “Box Office Predictions For Simran”

  1. @boby sidhu- Big fan of u sir, u speak plain truth without mincing words and acting too diplomatic unlike Taran Adarsh

      1. Crappy prediction. Movie reviews are out and it seems a nice movie. It will be a hit. Mark my words.

        1. No chance of "Hit" verdict with its disastrous opening and mixed-to-negative WOM. Sorry!

    1. She thinks that speaking against so many actors she has gained popularity! She thinks she's gone so big now that movies just ride on her name, she's started calling herself a big Superstar!

      If anyone made an effect as a women that's Vidya Balan!

      Kangna Ranaut thinks she doesn't need anyone, she doesn't want to work with any big superstar! Well see how much this movie collects, I'm for 100% not watching this movie!

      She's just a stupid girl, she could've worked her way up being humble! But NO cause she's mentally ill!


  2. Last and the only time when i agreed with bobby siddhu was for poster boyzz.. coz that time i felt he was right.... But this time again i will have to say i dont agree with you coz simran will be running on the power of Queen and Tanu weds Manu returns and the trailer looks pretty much convincing for it to be a good movie
    Plus as you said that the directors movie have good word of mouth..... but they fail only because there was no star power. And after the controversy i think more people will come t see the movie who support her
    i think the opening collection should be in the range of 2.5-3.5cr and the life time will be in the range of 20-22cr in the worst case scenario

  3. @bollyarena iam feeling very irritated with this guy now.. Till now every movie he gave review from Mubarakan - Simran he has said bad about all of them and gave them peanuts as box office collections. I as a reader feel that a person should give an over all analysis about the movie, its pluses and minus rather than just giving only negative points and declaring that the movie is a flop

    1. Mr bobby had given Tubelight 250cr+ and half girlfriend 100cr+. TEPK average movie. Many of the films are not working these days ,so this guy is just following the same formula. There is no logic in this article also, like the director's previous movie didn't work. The earlier movies didn't had any star power to get an opening. So please do some homework and give good reasoning.

      1. It's only through my "homework" that I have predicted the accurate flop status for Simran.

        1. but your figures are wrong...and we all are here in bollyarena just for figures... homework not done well i suppose

        2. I know for sure this movie will take the queen route, it may not collect 100cr but it sure as hell wont flop! you're not the only one who can predict.
          How much money did you get to type up shit? 'Home work' my Ass!!!

      1. @sameer... Go and jump in the well mannn.... from ystrday he is telling bollyarena is fake... bollyarena shuld block such ppl... if you have money go and contribute10cr to that flop movie then it will become 70cr you FOOL

    2. Agree with you bro,he is declaring every movie flop before release.he predicted mubarakan will do 25cr lifetime but it did 58cr.issse achha toh hum prediction karte hain

    3. Almost every movie after Baahubali 2 has flopped....so, What exactly am I predicting wrong?

  4. Pathetic article.. This film looks very promising.. Plus Kangana is there.. gonna be a hit

  5. Sure it will cross 25cr in worst case
    This is not Salman who gives disaster that too on eid ??

  6. Simran movie kal Friday ko release hogi aur tab pata chalega ki director ne kaisi movie banayi h lekin is bande ne to pahle hi director ki bhakhiyan udhed di aur negativities faila di. Isse to lagta h ki this guy does not given prediction fairly and creates negativities for all actors except his favourite actor.

    1. I agree with you... bollyarena has so many readers.. after reading this guyzz article ppl think he has already seen the movie and thats why giving negative reviews... iske wajah se aadhe log movie delhne nahi jate

    2. The fact that you think I only favor my "favorite actor" is illogical enough to not continue this discussion.

  7. Love bollyarena but the only thing for which I hate this site is this guy's articles. Almost all his predictions till now have failed still every wednesday this guy is present with yet another prediction. This is so irritating.

    1. Approximately 90% of films after Baahubali 2 have flopped, and I have predicted the same. So, What exactly am I predicting "wrong"?

  8. And an advice for you bollyarena, if this guy's articles or any other article don't reflect your views then you should not publish them.

  9. Movie looks promising and kangana got a huge followers in India and abroad. So every chances of being a hit. Will cross 30cr. Life time.

    And this prediction guy got 30%accuracy in his job so far and how he will trash a movie before hits the theater on the basis of a director's previous box office call.

    Did he predict Bahubali 2 will blow the ass of Bollywood bigwigs? So as the fate of Hindi medium and toilet.
    Or the flops of tube light.

    I can predict about this asshole that he will bring shame to Bollywood arena.

    1. Approximately 90% of films after Baahubali 2 have flopped, and I have predicted the same. So, What exactly am I predicting “wrong”? Oh, and your use of swearing really goes to show how classy you are in handling matters!


  10. The film should be a flop so that people will not use negative publicity as film promotional strategy. She might have suffered in life (if what ever she claims is correct), but how long she will keep repeating the same that too exactly before the film release ? In case of Aditya Pancholi, she says he abused her though he has daughter elder to her.. but who asked this lady to have affair with a person who is of her father's age in the first place ? Did he kidnap and forced her to have affair ?

    Even in case of Hrithik why did she have affair again with a married man ? If he himself asked for affair, does she not use her brain (as she claims she is very talented) that a man who is legally / ethically / morally committed to a woman trying to cheat her by having affair with another woman. How can he be trusted ? If he is wrong, this lady is also equally wrong in that.. Now she uses feminism etc.. then where was that feminism when she also cheated another woman (as per her own 3 times) by having affair with married men ?

    She is giving lectures saying people should be file police complain if any one abuses them.. that is correct, but, along with that she also should give advise that, never cheat another woman by having affair with their husbands.

    Having affairs and using them for career may be common in film industry, but, in her case they royally back-fired , so, she is playing victim card.

    Even Shahrukh khan did not have any sugar daddies and came on his own. He might have suffered like this lady, did we ever see him crying before each film about his struggling days ? He always give inspirational speeches.. If someone is son / daughter of some of famous director or actor and they try to help them in career what is wronjg in that ?

    She claims, she had to sleep on the pavement. But that is because she left her family and came to Mumbai alone. Those people whom she is crying on, did listen to their dads, so, got good launching. What any father can do if his son / daughter escape by fighting with him ?

    1. ? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      I agree to every thing you have said @Shocking! You senses and mind is open!

      This women is a piece of shit, I liked her earlier movies and her acting, men easily get attracted towards women, if she's stripping herself down who's to be blamed!

      AIB gets anyone who can get them views which is their job, but she didn't need to do that song, it's not cause she have vagina re, it's she's a piece of shit re! Deepika padukone one of the top 10 highest paid celebrities in India didn't say cause I have vagina re!

      I don't see why people are supporting her, let's see if their own daughters turn out like this, would they support them then would they like it?!

      1. exactly.. Media is so biased, they never ask uncomfortable questions to this lady and act as if not asking touch questions is a proof that they are supportive of woman cause. But the reality is they are very happy that they need not search for news for few days and can fil their gossip columns with these old stale news.

        The vagina re song is a new low.. Does feminism mean having freedom to shout about their private body parts ???? It is a big shame.

  11. Who r u bobby sindhu ...u ever come India to watch movie. U r always speak negative about Bollywood movie...pls stop posting these biased article......

    1. The name is Bobby Sidhu, it's clearly written in the article. I'm not aware of any "Sindhu". I actually have been in India multiple times, and why should I lie and speak positive when I can be honest and speak the truth?

  12. @bollyarena, u guys should not publish such crap article. @bobby sandhu doesn't even know what he is writing. He just gives his opinion not a prediction (that should be meaningfull after the research). As a reader I am disappointed.

    1. The name is Bobby Sidhu, it’s clearly written in the article. I’m not aware of any “Sandhu”. I don't know what you're reading, but what I write can be clearly labelled a "prediction".

  13. See bobby siddhu u are proved wrong again... simran made and opening day collection 2.77cr..
    Please bollyarena stop publishing articles from such persons

    1. It's Bobby Sidhu, not Siddhu. Oh, and check BOI's figure....opening day collection was 2.5 crores. My prediction of 1.5 crore or actual collection 2.5 crore, doesn't matter....nothing can save this film from Flop status, so not sure how exactly I have proven "wrong" again!

      1. @bobby sidhu tumhare naam mein ek "d" kya add kar diya tumhari itni jal gayi aur tum jo predictions mein se 10-20cr crores gaayab kar dete ho usse humaari kitni jali hogi

        BTW simran made 6.53 in 2 days which is 0.53cr more than your weekend prediction with a day still left to score.

        CHEERS to another feather to your hat of wrong predictions!!!

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