Box Office Predictions For PK

This year has been mixed for Bollywood if we talk about box office.Only two films (Kick,Happy New Year) could make to 200 crore club.But there were many other films which could not match to the expectations like Jai Ho,Bang Bang,Singham Returns,Action Jackson.
Now 2014 is almost coming to an end and Christmas season is coming up.It means that Aamir Khan is ready to set the box office on fire.Aamir Khan has always ruled the box office on chritsmas.His last film Dhoom 3 released on Christmas and broke all box office records.This time it will not be different.
Aamir Khan's PK is releasing On 19 December.We will analyse this movie from the box office point of view.
1.Aamir Brand Value:
Aamir Khan also known as Mr.Perfectionist is the most reliable name when we talk about the content.His movies have always got exceptional acclaim among the critics as well as the audiences.So people will have no doubt that content will be solid.They know that Aamir Khan always comes up with some thing fresh and unique.
2.Raju-Aamir Combo:
When the last time Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan came together,they gave us 3 Idiots.It is assumed as one of the best movies ever made in Indian cinema.It will be very exciting to see what they have in their bags to present us this time.
The trailer of the movie has generated huge buzz among the people.The promos look very exciting .The marketing team of PK has intelligently promoted their movie in such a way that its hype maintains till the release of the film.
4.Christmas Season:
Aamir Khan considers Christmas as his lucky period and always releases his movies on this season.His last films released on Christmas Ghajini,3 Idiots and Dhoom 3 set new box office records.This is expected from PK also.PK will release on 19 December so there will be many holidays ahead because of Christmas and new year.It will surely boast its business.
5.Rough Phase At Box Office:
Box office is suffering from a very dull period.Four major movies released in November could not survive and flopped.Action Jackson also failed to achieve any success at the box office.The reason is that people are waiting for PK.This happens before the release of highly anticipated movies..
6.Aamir Khan-The Trend Settor:
Last but not the least Mr.Perfectionist is the trend settor in Bollywood.Ghajini and 3 Idiots were the first 100 and 200 crore films respectively.Similarly Dhoom 3 was the first film to collect 500 crore worldwide.Now PK is expected to be the first 300 crore film.
1.Anushka Sharma:
Anushka Sahrma looks horrible in the promos of PK.This is mainly due to her lip surgery.Her acting in this film is also not appreciated.She always do stereotype rules of a loud and loquacious girl.This might be a weak point of the film.
Songs of 3 Idiots were very popular.All is well was a rage among the youth.But this is not the case with PK.The songs are decent and according to the theme of movie.But the album lacks chart buster songs.
3.Theme Of Film:
This will be the most important factor in deciding the fate of PK.The story and plot of PK is still unknown but it is assumed that theme of the movie will be God and godmen.It may raise religious controversy.If it happens then it will not have universal appeal.Some people may can boycott this film.
Box Office Prediction Of PK
PK will get extraordinary opening for sure and will put the box office on fire.Though it will release on non holiday but there will be huge crowd in the cinemas from the very first show.But it will be very unlikely that it will break the opening day record of Dhoom 3.
It will not be easy for PK to enter into 200 crore club because the genre of the movie.If we take a look at 200 crore club,all are action movies except 3 Idiots.
Real task for PK will be to beat the life time collections of Dhoom 3.It all depends on word of mouth.If the word of mouth is similar to 3 Idiots then no one can stop this movie from entering into 300 crore club.
Here are our predictions.

Day 1: 28 Crore
Day 2: 31 Crore
Day 3: 36 Crore
1st Weekend: 95 Crore
1st Week: 175 Crore
Life Time: 280-300 Crore

Verdict: All Time Blockbuster

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