Box Office Predictions for Judwaa 2

It’s being said week after week but needs to be said again: the Hindi film industry is in desperate need for successful films. Week after week, the tally of flops at the box office keeps piling up. All eyes are on Judwaa 2 to see if it can end the streak of flops!

Judwaa 2 carries huge expectations for many reasons. The first and foremost reason is that it is the sequel to a 90s Hit film of one of India’s biggest stars: Salman Khan. The director, David Dhawan, reprises his position again. Another reason for the huge anticipation is that stepping into Salman Khan’s shoes is the rising star, Varun Dhawan. The curiosity is there to see how Varun has handled playing Salman’s part.

With the burden of expectations, it gets harder to satisfy the audience. Varun Dhawan’s acting style has often been compared to that of Salman Khan and Govinda, with him facing some criticism as a result. There is no doubt that comes Friday, there will be hardcore Salman fans that will watch the film, and then rip Varun to shreds for attempting to copy their hero. But, there will be another section of the audience (particularly the kids), that will love Varun’s antics and the comedy sequences that unfold with the twin brothers.

Box Office Predictions for Judwaa 2

Basically, the audience WOM (Word of Mouth) will be extremely divided: there will be those that love the film, and then there will be those that will absolutely loathe it. But, will that really matter when economically, those involved with the film will be laughing all the way to the bank? A strong opening day (partial holiday), combined with three more holidays in a row, from Friday to Monday (with two of those holidays being national holidays), and endorsement from the section that likes the film (again, I am particularly speaking about kids) will result in a huge money spinner for those involved!

The opening day of the film will be very strong, on the merit of quite a few factors: the Judwaa brand (made popular by one of India’s biggest stars, Salman Khan), David Dhawan as the director again for the sequel, a partial holiday for Maha Navami in a few places (may also dent collections due to festivities, but impact shouldn’t be huge), and songs that have become chartbusters in their re-created versions, such as Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12, Oonchi Hai Building, and an original song as well, Suno Ganpati Bappa Morya. The minus points are the heroines. Jacqueline Fernandez hasn’t been able to capitalize on her popularity after films like Murder 2 and Kick, and she recently starred in one of the biggest box office disasters of the year, A Gentleman. As for Taapsee Pannu, not many may even be aware of who she is, as she hasn’t starred in any major box office success yet. Nonetheless, the Judwaa 2 is set for a very solid opening day. Salman Khan's cameo appearance will help attract viewers as well.

The film has no competition for three weeks until Diwali when Golmaal Again and Secret Superstar release. The public WOM that Judwaa 2 will carry will be enough to make the film a huge winner at the box office when you take into consideration the strong initial combined with holidays and three open weeks.

My Box Office Predictions for Judwaa 2:

  • Opening Day: 16.5 crore nett
  • Opening 4-Day Weekend (Fri-Mon): 70 crore nett
  • Lifetime Collections: 125 crore nett
  • Overall Verdict: Super Hit

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu who is a box office enthusiast and have an internship in a tax firm in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter Bobby Sidhu.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Bollywood Arena. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected] 

41 comments on “Box Office Predictions for Judwaa 2”

    1. Firstly I want to tell what bobby predicts ,results come always less like
      Jhms 93 predicted 63 actual
      Bhomi 25 predicted <12 will be actual
      But I want judwaa 2 in range of 130-134 as I want to remain tepk hogty some time
      My prediction
      Opening 14
      Sat 16
      Sun 18-19
      Week 70-73
      Lifetime 120-125

    2. Only if it could cross 150cr!

      But being realistic I think it's lifetime might be at 115-130!

      1. Dd marigold mein salman second lead tha behind c grade Hollywood actress Ali larter lol that’s now big salman’s name is.

      2. tubelight was such a sad film, agar salman nahi hota, it would have settled for 40cr or something. That is the power of salman, the movie withstood harsh criticism and still had legs to reach 120cr. samjha? Dont bring his old flop films otherwise we will be forced to mention mangal pandey, mann, mela etc..

        1. Abe lallu salman ki aukaat dekh li last decade me. Product of nepotism with 0 talent and only made it because of his famous writer father. Lallu bhojpuri flop star would have been a been a beggar and even auto career wouldn't have been possible as he doesn't even have the talent to drive auto either as he proved in 2002 september when he ran his auto sorry car on footpath and killed innocent man and injured many others sleeping. Woman beater and flop actor only revived his career due to south remake and masala movies with help of big festivals. Shame on him. And shame on his gawaar fans.

  1. Day 1 14.5 cr
    Day 2 16.5 cr
    Day 3 20 cr
    Day 4 18 cr
    Week 1 85 cr
    8-10 days 18 cr (103)
    11-14 days 12 cr (115)

    Lifetime 135-140 cr

  2. Bobby sidhu varun ka fan lagta hai . Waise to bobby ko har film flop lagti hai. Par is film k liye yeh acha likh raha hai. Isko pata nahi ki this type of movies are most hated post baahubali era. I think movie will have good opening weekend (till monday ) but after that it will fall badly.

    1. dont worry TZH sureshot disaster. Black buck kill er and criminal give biggest disaster maha flop hogi

    2. Being Liliput Prem Fan, no you dear it's Bauna salman's liliput zinda hai which will be mother of all disasters and spoil the entire Christmas. Megastar aamir khan's name is enough to make film ATBB and ATHg but poor liliput local star can't even come close to megastar's stardom. It's even humiliating for aamir fans to even reply to such tiny star's fans like you. And judwaa 2 will be another flopbuster.

  3. This bobby sidhu is an idiot.how anyone can predict without watching the film ? It will not open more than 15 crore.

  4. Judwaa2- Son of David Dhawan doing remake of a film starring son of Salim Khan and grand daughter of Raj Kapoor.

    Recent declared Hrithik-Tiger Shroff YRF film-Son of producer Bittu Anand to direct sons of Rakesh Roshan & Jackie Shroff in a film produced by son of Yash Chopra.


  5. @bobby sindhu judwaa2 will open good due to varun dhawan and his popularity his all movies always open good

  6. My prediction - 90cr
    Only holidays will save this movie.

    Bakwas movie thi judwa aur ye to mahabakwas hogi.

    1. promo is so headache varun acting too much over... dont know how the people can watch this movie and came out surviving

    2. Judwaa was a great movie...better than ishq that released the same year...I am a bigger fan of Aamir than u but I won't call every Salman movie bad!

  7. It will wrap under 80 crore. And if it turns out to be correct, then mr. bobby please stop writing predictions.

  8. jeet 09/21/2017 at 4:48 PM
    My predictions lifetime nett

    Bhoomi 18Cr
    Haseena 7Cr

    My past predictions are almost true
    now Judwaa2 80Cr nett

  9. Not interested in this crap. Varun dhawan is talentless flop actor who is only hiding behind fake hype. Not gonna waste my single penny on this crap fest which is the remake of biggest mahacrap of 1990s.

  10. Both Salman and Varun are remake kings.one who does south remakes and another 1 is copying his craps.

  11. Varun have some fan following
    1st day 16.50
    2nd day 16.50
    3rd day 18
    4th day *holiday 13
    Weekend 60-65
    Lifetime 110-120
    Still will beat tubelight

  12. @being lilput truth fan
    open challenge
    thugs of liliput wont break tzh opening 3 days collections.

    1. @ Being Liliput Prem Fan. Challenge accepted. TOH will easily thrash liliput zinda hai's opening weekend on its opening day itself. And if it does, all you liliput fans don't dare to come here again.

  13. Varun is an emerging star no doubt.. but still need salmans reference!
    superstardom isi ko bolte hai.. jo ek gatiya tubelight jaise film ko bhi 120cr dilwaaya..lol!
    Now time for aamir's turn wit SS.

  14. Mahesh Babu's Spyder collects 1 million $ on US box office on its first day, a Tuesday. Bollyarena should also do an article on the news. Just a suggestion.

  15. Varun will beat akshay kumar judwaa will beat TEPK.
    Badriki dulhania super hit
    Judwaa super hit.
    Varun also give 2super hit in a year like akshay.
    Llb2 hit
    Tepk s hit.
    Bkd super hit
    Judwaa2 will also s hit.
    This year till oct varun will become hgoy actor .
    What akshay achieved this year young varun will do
    nothing great for akshay.

  16. We will see but 1 thing is sure he will definitely beat your papa made star easily oh I forgot he has already beaten him by bkd so shameful for papa boy to loose from a new actor lol

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