Box Office Predictions for Jagga Jasoos

Jagga Jasoos has been in the making for nearly five years now. Reshoots, controversies, breakups....this film has seen it all. Atlast, the film's release will finally see its light this coming Friday!

Jagga Jasoos reunites the director/actor combo of Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor after the Super Hit Barfi, a film which did the unthinkable at the time of its release for its genre by crossing the 100 crore mark. Can the director/actor duo repeat the sweet success of Barfi?

A common trend I have seen is that when a director/actor pairing delivers one successful film, and then tries to repeat the magic with another film that carries a similar vibe, the second film usually falls flat on its face. Anil Sharma and Sunny Deol created havoc with the All-Time Blockbuster Gadar, but when they did another film based on India/Pakistan issues (The Hero-Love Story of a Spy), the film badly underperformed with Below Average verdict.

After Shah Rukh Khan and Rohit Shetty delivered the Blockbuster Chennai Express, they came together again for another masala love story, Dilwale, a film which settled with Semi-Hit verdict and was a heavy loser for distributors. After the Blockbuster success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman and Kabir Khan came together again for another film with a similar vibe (similar-looking locations, innocence in Salman's character, a child, etc) with Tubelight, but the embarrassing result was there for everyone to have seen.

Jagga Jasoos seems to be carrying a Barfi type vibe in terms of the look and vibe of the film, and Ranbir's character having a disability. Unfortunately, this is what I feel will be the biggest downfall for Jagga Jasoos....the inability for the director/actor pairing to repeat the success of their previous film!

Box Office Predictions for Jagga Jasoos

The above statement isn't the only problem. The constant re-shoots are another concern. The shooting of the film started in late 2013 and kept going until recently. Surely, something must've gone wrong somewhere along the way. For any amount of solid substance in the film, there will be an equally bad portion as well that can leave a bad taste in the mouth of viewers. With a near four-year gap of shooting, anything could've happened....how many times must the mindset of the director have changed within that period? It leads to a very mish-mashed product, as will be seen by viewers. Also, it's now a stale product, which has become the biggest newsmaker about this film.

The Ranbir/Katrina and Ranbir/Basu pairing will ensure a solid opening for the film, along with the some positivity created by the film's trailers. However, the opening day collection will be lower than Ranbir's last film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil as that film had super hit music and Karan Johar as the director. The opening of Jagga Jasoos will be more comparable to Tamasha, another multiplex film which also had Ranbir paired opposite a top heroine (Deepika), a director who also caters mainly to the multiplex audience (Imtiaz Ali),the only difference being in music where Tamasha had an edge but that can be compensated by the GST implementation for Jagga Jasoos and Ranbir coming off of a Hit film (ADHM).

Interest amongst kids, and them bringing their families, will lead to further increase in collections over the weekend. A further boost will be given by the GST implementation. However, Monday onwards, it will be downhill for the film. I'm expecting the WOM (Word of Mouth) amongst the multiplex audience to be mixed to negative, with only some appreciation coming from kids. As for the single screen audience, let's not even talk about it, as this film is not at all for them!

Come to think of it, the WOM could come into effect as early as Friday itself. I'm expecting the opening day collection to be approximately half that of Tubelight's (20.55 crore nett) and similar to Tamasha.

Box Office Predictions for Jagga Jasoos:

  • Opening Day: 10 crore net
  • Opening Weekend: 30+ crore net
  • Lifetime Collections: 65 crore net
  • Overall Box Office Verdict: Flop

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu who is a box office enthusiast from Canada. You can follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/srkat14.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Bollywood Arena. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected] 

27 comments on “Box Office Predictions for Jagga Jasoos”

  1. What is the budget and recovery of jagga jasoos and also the films biggest flaw could be it originality as from second trailer ranbir stammers and can only communicate by singing hence audience (adult's and children) could be frustrated by that aspect.

    1. AAA gaya apna hero the legend bobby Sindhi
      After giving wrong prediction of tubelight
      What was line ???
      100 crore for sallu
      100 crore for eid
      Lifetime 250
      Uska aadha bhi nahi hua
      Half gf ka 100 core bola that hua kitna 53
      Bhai air jyada bezaati karani ho toh article post karte rahna

  2. I completely agree with Bobby Sidhu . JJ is looking pretty boring and sloppy . It is quite disappointing to see Ranbir and Anurag Basu using the same formula again after Barfi . At the moment Ranbir's career is going nowhere . After YJHD Ranbir should have taken his career to the next level but unfortunately this could not happen . He gave 4 back to back flops in 25 months which started from Besharam to Tamasha . ADHM was a success but before the release the focus was Ajay vs Karan Johar but it should have been Ajay vs Ranbir . Next year he will be working with Raju Hirani which will be the Biggest Film of his career till date . Ideally JJ should have been shelved but now it will finally see the light of the day tomorrow . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Re post ------My predictions

    Movie Life time Verdict
    Jagga Jasoos 50 Flop
    Munna Michael 30 Disaster
    Mubarakan 30 Disaster
    Jab Harry 50 Disaster
    Toilet Ek 90 Hit
    Secret Su 22 Disaster

  4. Dear Bobby Siddhu
    Just wanna tel you one thing.
    You are "NOT" an SRK fan.
    Saying this after stalking your Timeline.
    U have even written him off.

    Though noone needs my certificate to be sb's fan

  5. You cant write off any star saying that "His box office career is over" when his last film had an excellent opening and his arch rival cant meet his underperformers in Solo Eid release like this stupid Bobby Siddhu did for SRK.
    This guy is an Aamir fan. Dont pretend to be SRK fan. Read a couple of ur articles before u joined bbollyarena.
    U used to have ur twitter id @srkat14 but after srk went down, u were ashamed to call urself an srk fan. Ludicrous!!

  6. "Alas, the film’s release will finally see its light this coming Friday!"
    Did you mean "Alas" or "At last".
    Use of Alas do not make any sense there.....

  7. Music is already HIT - and ranbeer has strong fan following - should open atlist 13-15 crores.

    Min Business projected - 80 cr
    Avg Business - 100 cr
    max - 115 cr

    My projected figures : 95 cr. --- Average.

    Movie Budget is 95 cr -- a very high budget movie + re-shooted 30-40 % of the film as was not satisfactory.

  8. Canadian got some fluke with Raees/Dangal and Bollyarena has gave him this job. Canadaian, can you tell me if HG did 110cr, BKD did 95cr and Tubelight did 250cr?

  9. umair sandhu 3.5 out of 5 stars but jagga abki bar flop hue the sale koi movie ni dekhunga teri fir?

  10. It's torture watching Katrina. She is 35 years old and doesn't fit a teenager role. A good actor could be able to convince the audiences like Aamir Khan did in 3 Idiots. But it's not her cup of tea. Alia could do justice to the role.

  11. */A common trend I have seen is that when a director/actor pairing delivers one successful film, and then tries to repeat the magic with another film that carries a similar vibe, the second film usually falls flat on its face/*

    Yup! For example:
    SRK-Yash Chopra

    SRK-Karan Johar

    Raju Hirani-Aamir
    3 idiots-ATBB

    Bobby Siddhu-Predictions
    Half girlfriend-Blockbuster
    Tubelight prediction-ATBB

  12. Tubelight k time pe kuch users ko block kiya ki wo negativity faila rahe hai......

    Toh abhi tum bhi same cheez kr rahe boss.....so khud ko bhi block kr lo....1or2 week k liye nahi hamesha k liye...#salmandiehardfan bollyarena

  13. Jagga jasoos prediction hit is depend on wom if it is positive the film collects 90+ if negative the collection is 40 and film is disaster first dy predictions is 12 cr

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