Box Office Predictions for Jab Harry Met Sejal

Box Office Predictions for Jab Harry Met Sejal:

The Hindi film industry is going through an extremely rough phase. The post-IPL period, which normally had a 100% success rate, saw its first box office failure this decade (2010 onwards) in the form of Half Girlfriend. Arguably the biggest star in the country, Salman Khan, saw his first box office failure this decade during the occasion of Eid, with Tubelight. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, two of the biggest stars, had a huge box office flop with Jagga Jasoos. Last week’s release, Mubarakan, gained some appreciation from the audience, but the opening was too low for the film to really go anywhere.

Is it the Baahubali 2 effect, where the audience is now only willing to spend their hard-earned money on films that they feel are worth it? Or, is it just that the industry keeps churning out weak films? I think it’s the latter!

All eyes are now on one star to save the industry: Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. The baadshah of Bollywood, as he is fondly called. He has the highest grosser of the year till now with Raees. In fact, this is SRK’s first film since Main Hoon Na (2004) to lead the year as the highest grosser of year when entering the month of August. Joining his team this time for his next film are Anushka Sharma and director Imtiaz Ali.

More than starpower, it’s eventually the content that does the talking at the box office. So, will Jab Harry Met Sejal be the film to get the Hindi film industry back on its feet? Unfortunately….the answer is no!

The biggest negative factor is director Imtiaz Ali. Sure, there is a small section of viewers that love his films. That can also be seen on websites like IMDB, where his films are generally highly rated, and may even be the case with JHMS. The problem though is that this doesn’t translate to the Indian audience. Rockstar (2011) was his last box office success, and even that film had mixed audience WOM (Word-of-Mouth). His two directorial ventures after that, Highway and Tamasha, both failed at the box office. As a matter of fact, his last film that was very well-appreciated by the Indian audience was Jab We Met, which released almost a decade ago! To expect Jab Harry Met Sejal to be as well-appreciated by the audience as Jab We Met is just wishful thinking.

Box Office Predictions for Jab Harry Met Sejal

Another negative factor is the casting of Shah Rukh Khan in this role. He is at an age now where he no longer suits romantic roles. As a matter of fact, the Indian audience didn’t really take to some of his recent romantic films such as Dilwale and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The fatigue/age is visible on his face, and was noticeable in Dilwale. The audience eventually gets bored of seeing SRK in such roles, unlike the 90s and 2000s when he was delivering historic romantic blockbusters such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Also, some of the dialogues being spoken by SRK in Jab Harry Met Sejal, such as “main ladkiyon ko gandi nazar se dekhta hoon” don’t suit him, given his age and his romantic/family image he has created over the years.


The urban romantic genre is another drawback. The highest grosser from these type of films is Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, which grossed 106 crore nett, and that too was with the help of Diwali period. Expectations are another thing: with an ADHM, it is easier to get away as the main star in the film Ranbir is more of an urban star and the audience knew well to expect urban content in the film, and eventually the film reached Hit status despite mixed WOM with the help of Diwali and Karan Johar as a director. For an SRK starrer like JHMS, there will be an audience in mass centres coming initially and they will be disappointed in the film.

The characters of SRK and Anushka in the film are also drawbacks. With one being a Punjabi character (SRK) and the other being a Gujrati character (Anushka), the film loses its ability to connect all over India. Of course, these same elements will appeal to the Punjab and Gujarat states.

It’s not to say the film itself will be a disaster though. The theatrical trailer was decent, with some dialogues and scenes standing out. The scene where SRK tells Anushka that he hasn’t found God till date, and the scene where Anushka tells SRK that she’s not the type of woman to run away from her fiancé only for SRK to reply “hass le…baad mein pata chal jaayega” are both impressive scenes/dialogues that stand out. The film also seems to have drama as the trailer suggests and as is usually there in Imtiaz Ali films.

Overall, I feel the audience WOM will be mixed in multiplexes/cities, and negative in small/mass centres, as this film looks too urban to appeal to the latter audience. The all-India WOM will be similar to JTHJ and ADHM, which interestingly, were two urban romantic films starring Anushka as well (JTHJ had SRK too) and both grossed almost the same amount as eachother, at 101 and 106 crore nett respectively. Those two films had the advantage of the Diwali festival (and Katrina as an addition for JTHJ). JHMS unfortunately doesn’t have a festival release and thus, I feel this film will collect lower than those two films. Unlike ADHM, JHMS lacks chartbusting songs as well, with only Radha and perhaps Hawayein to an extent gaining popularity. Chartbuster music is a must for a romantic film.

Being a Shah Rukh Khan starrer, the opening is obviously going to be huge. I’m expecting the opening day collection to be higher than Fan (which collected approx. 19 crore nett) as although that film had the advantage of a partial holiday, it was a multiplex film riding on SRK’s shoulders only. JHMS is also a multiplex film and doesn’t have the partial holiday advantage, but at least has Anushka Sharma and songs as well for added support. However, I do feel the opening day collection will be lower than SRK’s recent huge mass openers such as Raees and Dilwale, which both opened at approximately 20 crore nett despite each film facing a clash, respectively. This is SRK’s first theatrical trailer of a film without any mass-appeal action scenes since JTHJ.

Raksha Bandan is a partial holiday, and the major holiday for Independence Day is during the film’s second week, by which I expect the film’s collections to already be dying due to mixed-to-negative public WOM and the release of Akshay Kumar’s Toilet – Ek Prem Katha during that week, a film which seems to have universal appeal and will dent the collections of JHMS.

The Indian distributor rights have been sold at approximately 75 crores, which is an insanely high amount for a multiplex film, no matter how big a star there is in the film. The distributors are expecting 160+ crore nett business in India from an urban-looking multiplex film, which is simply not going to happen.

My Box Office Predictions for Jab Harry Met Sejal:

  • Opening Day: 19.5 crore nett
  • Opening Weekend (Fri-Mon): 60+ crore nett
  • Lifetime Collections: 93 crore nett
  • Overall Box Office Verdict: Flop

Yes, I feel that the film will fall short of the 100 crore mark. Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees will remain the biggest grosser of the year for now.

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu who is a box office enthusiast and have an internship in a tax firm in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter Bobby Sidhu.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Bollywood Arena. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected] 

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  1. Yar.. another wrong prediction..
    are you kidding me 93? the movie will collect minumum 130 and you can predict 93 without saw the movie..
    @bollyarena you are not accepting my comments on bobby sidhu articles why?

        1. @mink

          bhai Raees ne 4 saal promotion krke , 3500 screen me (BOI) ...

          20 crore ki oppning ki , or 130 crore kmaye...

          Fir ye konsi Toff h....

          100 crore ka extra promotion krke bhi , sirf 100 crore hi kmayegi...


    1. @bobby
      Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai behad aur behisaab aaya hai
      Bhai tune khus kar diya 93 bolke but I personally feel ki it will be totally wrong and it will get avg or semi hit verdict and collection will be around 140 becoz I HV seen in many parts of west Bengal and maharastra that some Srkian HV booked total shows of jhms to make jhms atleast hit
      I wish they got success in their aim

      1. @Roric yes bro I also think that this film will do at least 150+ crore due to presence for SRK because of full one week and because of toilet of akshay.........it will not cross more than 160 crore.......this bobby is full of mad for predicting wrong prediction on SRK. I also wish this film to collect 150 crore despite I am huge fan of akshay Reason he is not clashing with our akshay

    2. @bobby sidhu I know JHMS will not have positive word of mouth. But with mixed wom it can easily cross 100cr. With a wom like ADHM nd JTHJ it can collect around 120cr.
      93cr would be if wom is like fan. Acc to me:-
      Negative wom - 90cr
      Mixed wom - 120cr
      Positive wom - 150cr
      Extremely positive wom - 175cr
      (And when r u publishing predictions for TEPK . I m eagerly waiting for its predictions. Hope u write well for TEPK . I m eagerly waiting for 11 Aug . Tepk 1st day 1st show. Nd Jhms may be, I will wait for reports.

      1. Adhm has collected 106 cr not 120 cr and let. Me remind you all songs of Adhm is chart buster and Adhm Is the only film whose all songs has more than 100 mill views and this is missing in case of jhms

    3. Remember the time when bobby darling predicted 250crores for tubelight?lol.He stays in canada.doesnt have a clue about bollywood boxoffice.bas nri hai toh post kar dete hai iski article.Jhms minimum is 130crores with mix word of mouth.people seem to forget that monday is a partial holiday and then there is a 4day weekend for independence day even if tepk will be the forst choice next week still jhms will collect a decent amount.The film is sold for 67crores.Its needs 135-140crores for hit tag.agar the content clicks 140+ is possible.and highway was not a boxoffice flop as claimed by bobby darling

    4. lol prediction is all about 'without seeing the movie'

      Anyway, my prediction for this falthu buddha's romance -- 60cr life time nett

    1. isske kehne se kuch nehi hoga --
      1st day -23 crores min
      4 day todat total -101 crores
      liftime will depend upon word of mouth ---
      min --160 crores
      yeah banda bollywood ko barbaad kar degaaa

        1. Duniya ka sabse bada star hain -- tabhi this year also -he is having highest grosser --till date
          RAEES -139 cr with clash without festival session
          aur kuch secret bagodee -- diwali festival ki taraff bhag gaye

  2. SRK this is not a name it's an emotion
    Emotion of billions!!He is above box office..he doesn't need box office numbers !!
    He is Entertaining us for lst 26yrs!! Everytime we see him we feel proud.He make Films for his fans!!
    Just see Twitter/FB/Insta and u will see how we r celebrating his Movie.u will see how happy we r !!
    "Rehne do tum nahi samjoge"

    1. to SRK ko bol... why is he releasing his movies in theatres.. he should just release it on you tube just to see the emotions of billions of fans (which, by the way, is hypothetical)

  3. Bold predictions. SRKians buhat dislike karenge. Those who can swallow the harsh reality will agree that the buzz around the movie is low.

    Genre neutral audience ko excite nahin karta. Promos disappointing rahe hain. Saare songs bhi release nahin hue.

    Phir bhi mein 120 cr minimum expect karta hoon. Below 100 cr will be unacceptable ☹️ I am now prepared for worst

    1. Maine to bahut pehle hi kaha tha

      Just hope TEPK opens lower than JHMS, lifetime to TEPK ka hi jyada rahega....But higher opening despite JHMS being urban crap and TEPK being Desi content will prove SRK>Akki in initial pull still

      1. Mein to abhi bhi kehta hoon ke koi genre bura ya flop nahin hota. Movie achi hogi to chalegi kissi bhi genre ki ko. Problem he ke srk ke lye specifically ye genre ab suitable nahin he. Agar koi youngster ye movie kar raha hota to itni negativity nahin hoti. Audience srk se zyada expect karte hein.

      2. Jahan tak tepk ki baat he to Tepk se apne ko kuch lena dena nahin na akki se mujhe koi problem he.

        Jo ziada achi film ho us ko ziada chalna chahye bhale jhms ho ya tepk

  4. Who is this idiot ? JHMS will surely cross 100 crores.SRK fans, dont pay attention to this idiot and his predictions.

    1. @prashant dont blame bobby. I know JHMS will cross 100cr. But thats it . Bobby sidhu ki predictions apni jagah bilkul theek hai. Itna bade article mein uska har point correct hai .
      100cr chahe cross krle par JHMS ek pan india movie nahi hai. Now waiting for TEPK.

  5. This author is an amateur(lots of grammatical errors) and a sentimental guy. His predictions have been awful esp of recent. Wont read his write ups again..

    @Arena...some fans here had asked you if they can also contribute like @Karan Singh...and others
    Give them a go...just like once a car is old or start giving signs of engine failure,you change it...this author too needs to be changed...

    1. Thanks gangs of ajay devgn
      I wanted to write on mahaveer
      Bollyarena knew that what I am gonna write That's why bollyarena was not posting comment and they never allowed me and I don't have much box office knowledge about box office
      But now everything is fine with bollyarena

    2. Dude, please re-read this author's predictions one more time. He's been bang on most of the times. That said, it appears as if his prediction for JHMS is also gonna be right. The film is gonna tank. Reviews are bad, movie is bad, only saving grace is SRK. However, for today's audience, just that factor alone is not enough. Gone are those days when people watch a movie just for the actor, else Fan, Tubelight and now JHMS wouldn't fail.

  6. Salman could not save a Bad film. Then how can ANUSHKA save a niche crap....
    Flop JHMS

  7. Bull's eye!!! I agree

    But Bobby Siddhu I read an artilcle of yoyrs entitled "Fall of superstar rise of an actor" where u stated that SRK career as a box office star is over

    His films are taking 20cr+ or nearabout opening in clash. We have seen that if film is not right, even Salman can't give good initials

    So dont u think it is unwise to write off that part from SRK atleast until his films dont open to disastrous numbers?? One right film and he will be back, problem is his films, not content..

    His films fail, SRK doesn't.

    What's your take?

            1. hmmmmm
              BTW one question...U boy or girl?? Because one Salman fan was calling you "lady"(TIGER- the real king)

              I am an boy though....

    1. SRK's films still get an initial, but I don't think we can expect a big grosser from him at this point. In that sense, his reign as a box office king is finished. It is something I observed while watching Dilwale, that his time as a superstar is ending. His only film in the future that might have a shot at the 300 crore mark is the Anand Rai film, if its universally accepted and released solo on Christmas.

      I may write more about this in another article :)

      1. @BobbyS, i posted a link on 5 superstars of 90s to date by Zee news channel dated last year. Subjects in name
        Aamir Salman Srk Akshay and Ajay.
        They have reached a stage that calling any of them Carrier finished Superstars will be a great insult and will be so unfair after their 3 decade rule and consistency as main lead roles even till date. Their career cab come to end but they will never deserve a tag called #Career finished superstars# thats a mark of respect these men deserve.

      2. There is nothing called reign
        If content clicks even a newcomer like Hritik tops the year(2000 courtesy) and a TWMR goes on to collect 150cr

  8. A big LOL!!
    This person said Tubelight box office will be 250cr and opening will be 29cr!!
    Huge LOL MR.Boby Sindu!!
    HUGE HUGE HUGE LOLLOL to u!!!????
    U r the loliset person!!!???
    *check Twitter!!

    1. ya --idicine wale and bollywood arena wale --- srk ko down karne ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain ---
      what about advance booking report of JHMS --
      opening is going excellent ---must cross 25 crores on 1st day

  9. Lol live in the dream 93 crore
    Things for mentioning the negative aspect of the film according to u
    He can not romance at this age are u out of ur mind
    Lifetime 150 plus

  10. Bobby darling? pagal hai shayad...
    Lekin...7aug ko jb mvi 93 cross kar chuki hogi..ye admi nhi dikhega yaha

  11. 93 cr lifetime? 100 cr will be done and dusted in 1st week itself! What a crappy article! See you after the release bro!

    1. beta tera jaise fan tubelight ka time pa bhi yahi kah rahe tha eid wale din 40 cr......sab bhag gaye

  12. Festivals are overrated.

    BTW ADHM had a clash with Shivaay, doesn't that negate Diwali?
    Otherwise our Akshay sir has most no. of Deewali flops like Blue, AR, Aitraaz, Janeman, Saput etc. And X-Mas like Aflatoon, ATHWS , TMK etc. Why couldn't festivals save them?

  13. It Will be a flop hahaha maza aega jab srkians ki akad niklegi jab box office met flop

  14. if u gonna accept this type of articles on your site from any person i m not gonna visit your your site... arena seriously u dont even have guys in your organisation who can write an article for you ? and u allow srk hater article in ur site... ! how immature you are arena... i m not getting angry on the writer but on u arena how could you allow anyone to write anything on the biggest movie star in the world..! plzz shut this site if u dont even have your own articles writers...!

  15. @Abhijeet
    Even if it flops this will be SRKs 20th flop only
    He has 40 success(adding 1992 and 1993 films which BOI doesnt have)
    Holidays or non holidays his films still open higher than ur fav actors films.
    Srk has atbbs hgotys 11 blockbusters

    To beta ye film 150cr kamae ya 50cr kuch akad nahi tutega

    20 flops and 40 success in 25 years is huge

    1. 40 kab hua 36 hai tu apna personal boi kholla hai kya srk ki movie nahi chal rahi hai because of his shameless fans always trolls other superstar

  16. Kon duffer illiterate ne predict Kia hai ...agar ye prediction Sahi ho Gaya to Mai bhi kabhi Bolly arena me nahi aaonga challenge
    1st day 23cr aaram se lifetime 170cr aaram se ..challenge Laga lo ....hahah mazak chal rha kya 93cr predict Kia hai lifetime hahaha haters Khush ho lo prediction dekh ke fir jab is prediction se double kamaega jhms tab maza aaega tumhara chehra dekhne me

  17. hahahahaha

    arey yaar kuch to izzat karo duniya ke sabse bade star ki..
    only 93cr...hahahahahahaha

    i think sallu n srk ka time over...

  18. Hahaha jiske Twitter account verified nahi kr bas 366 followers hai Twitter .me vo predict kar rha ..Bhai log ye akshay fan hai koi critic nahi ..Twitter dekh lo khud samjh aa jaega ..akki fans 4 aug ko Milna maza aaega jab 1st day 23cr+ lifetime 170 hoga tb aana hahaha

  19. Look at these haters.suddenly they made this idiot bobby sidhu their baap.They are talking like in reality JHMS collected 93 crores.
    Burn haters , burn

  20. what a comedy by this guy ...
    ranbir and Katrina one of the biggest star ??????
    bro I myself a huge admirer of ranbir but still he is not a big star he confined to metro cities only ..he will make it big when he will came of his comfort jone .
    second thing Salman is the king of this decade not srk..srk is going through average phase .
    and last thing the person who actually saves exhibitor, distributer and theatre owner is akshay kumar whether it's 2002-2003 or 2017. khans are like bonus to them but akki is thier regular salary.
    it seemed that for you he is a newcomer ,the way you mentioned his name.

    I only say to you is that please write Unbias article..
    may be you are a fan of certain actor.but please give the credit to other actors what they deserve..
    for ex -> people say Amir does not have stardom his films work on universal content... that Amir art to give those universal content.
    Nobody stopped other actors to do what he does ..
    please give credit to others what he deserves.
    I m not expecting this from those who comment below thier articles
    I m expecting this from Bollywood arena And his article writers .
    thank you - a honest akki fan

    1. @Khiladi Returns nope. Not salman its only aamir who is king of this decade. Aamir has not given any single flop in this decade and delivered 3 ATBB and ATHG both in India and overseas and ruling like boss. Then how in earth is salman king of this decade who hasn't given a single ATHG and instead gave 3 flops such as tubelight, jai ho and veer? It's clearly aamir who is king of this decade not salman.

  21. This is a very bold prediction by Bobby Sidhu . So according to prediction JHMS will fall under 100 CR and fail at the Box Office . This may or may not happen . It may happen because SRK is going through a terrible phase especially in terms of trend on weekdays such as HNY, Dilwale, Fan and Raees . Romantic movies are not creating the same kind of excitement as it used to especially in the case of big stars . The promotional strategy has been bizarre . Neutral audiences are slowly and slowly losing trust from SRK's films . But if the content clicks and JHMS turns out to be an entertaining affair than it will easily do 100 CR+ . On the other hand it will give tough competition to TEPK in the 2nd week . So for this article Bobby Sidhu will get a lot of brickbats . But if this turns out to be true than hats off to his skills . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @sayar agar tepk jhms se zyada collection karegi to tum logo ne bola hai ki man loge akki >>srk apni bat se palatna mat ye srk and varun dhawan uk fan base me bhi bola tha ki if tepk collects more than jhms than he will say sorry to akkians ab palatna mat hai himmat srkians me mujhe to nhi lagta fattu star ke fattu fan phir bahane banaenge maza ane wala hai wait and watch tepk will crush jab flop met Bollywood

    1. Chalo this is akki's 2nd movie after jllb2 and srk's 2nd movie after raees.both are releasing on nonholiday,tepk is a universal movie while jhms will be a urban romcom so jiska movie Jada collection karegi opening day par wohi bada superstar mana jayega kya bolte ho meri bet manjoor hai, at least be a man and accept my challenge.btw my prediction Jhms-18cr, tepk-9cr

    2. @abhikit ham kabhi piche nahin hate h agar aisa hojaega too akki hi bada h srk se ye maanlunga ,definitly tepk will be lesser than jhms u wait n watch in next two weeks

  23. tubelight ke waqt aisi hi article dala tha arena ne. I agree with all points. Ab kya hoga.

  24. @aamir fan 1 kaunse gole pe aitraaz sapoot or tmk flop hai sapoot is below average tmk is semi hit and aitraaz is average according to bollyarena also ok so don't bark here without any proof ok I idiot

  25. Abhijeet jaa be
    Even if akki delivers 10 hits and srk 10 flops hum aisa kavi nai maanenge
    3cr ticket bike nahi aur chala srk se aage jane
    Karnedo Telegu filmo mein Rajni ke saath kam jaise yaha uday chopra karta hai

      1. Haa Matlab kuch bhi??
        Rajni se jyada paisa???
        Non-holiday ka bahana banana chod....srk ne non holiday mai bhi hgoty diya hai-devdas

        Aur TEPK se jyada budget to Devdas ki 2002 maithi

        Aaj tak 60cr upar ki budget mai kaam nai kiya hai akki nai aur tu bol raha hai ki wo 12 cr opening dene wala lallu 450cr ki film mai lead role karega??

        1. Lallu kaun bola tepk ka budget 60 cr hai rights 52 cr me becha hai means budget 85 cr aur ha blue budget 60 cr tabhi tera actor 35 cr ki movie me kaam karta tha h3 budget 85 cr, rustom 73 cr aur opening opening kya kar raha yaha varun superhit movie deta hai aur tera semi hit [email protected] less star semi it deta hai

  26. akki kabhi srk ko beat nahin kar paya apne career me ,is decade me wo bhi is saal me akki k best phane maana ja raha h lekin itna best phase me bhi srk k record tod nahin paya akki ne ,RR k baad sab movie 100 se km tha fir last 4 movies me 100 cr kamaya lekin sab 120-130 k bich me h too tepk ka bhi kuch fark nhi padnewala h same result history repeat hoga ,agar akki young hota too bol skte ki ye srk ko beat kar dega wo bhi buddha hogaya aur style too kabhi se gaya ,srk ko buddha keh rhe h sab bt akki ko tepk me bhi dekho rom com kar rha h bt buddha jaise dikh rha h lath maar sonh kitni mast h lekin usme bhi buddhe ki tarah acting kiya h aur srk ko sab dekh sakte h butterfly me itni age me bhi kitni energetic dance kiya h jo bhi tepk will be hit bt jhms will be superhit

          1. Abey 1992-1995 ke bich mai srk ne 3-4 blockbusters diye 3 saal mai

            Akki ne 26 saal mai 2 diye hai, unmese ek 2-hero film hai

    1. @Chandra Prasad Abe lallu then what was holiday? Didn't it cross 100 cr. Akki has guts to do 4 movies a year and that too in non holiday. He single handedly thrashed the so called comeback of one of the so called top 4 stars last year on independence day which had so much hype with his off beat movie rustom. Tera srk agar itna hi dum hai to akki se darr kyon gaya? Srk jab 1 saal me 3 movies kare tab dekhenge uski also aukaat. Sirf khan sir name se media ne usse sir pe chada rekha hai. Talent naam ki to koi cheez hi nahi hai. Akshay kumar is best in Bollywood.

  27. Every time u typ an artice all i read is bullshit
    Srk is still the undisputed king of opening and intial pull....this movie will surely collect 23-25 crores on day 1 and 75-80 crores in 1st weekend.....ek baar aur bobby....tu ullu ka pattha hai.....behnchod....

  28. @aadav malum tha tum srkians me guts nhi hai isliye mat challenge ki bat Kiya karo Kha h wo srk and varun dhawan uk fan base bhag gya kya bhagode ainda se challenge dene se pehle soch lena darpoko

    1. Kaheka challenge
      Akki ko Saif nai clash mai haray to kya saif>>>Akki.
      Family vs Zinda clash mai akki ko john ne haraya to kya john>>Akki

      TWMR ne RR se jyada kamaya to kya R Madhvan>>Akki


  30. 19.5 crore opening is to low. i don't know about lifetime but the film will easily cross tubelight opening day. when the advance has opened there is now no point talking about what is the buzz. everything is clear infront of everyone. tubelight opened good in north and average in rest part including mumbai. mumbai and delhi are the 2 most important centres for business. in mumbai the advance is average, but tubelight was also not good there. but delhi is looking excellent for jhms. open book my show you will find most of the shows in red zone. so i think in north jhms will open better than tubelight. in mumbai i cannot say right now but jhms will atleast open on par with tubelight there if not better. and then it will also get the help of gst tax effect and the ticket prices are also hiked . there are ticket prices in the range of 2000-2400. tubelight was probably 1500.

    so considering all these things according to me the film will open around 24 crore net. 1 crore here and there can happen but this will be the range.

    and whoever thinks it will not cross tubelight opening day has lost his mind. i will accept that i know nothing about boxoffice if jhms opening day comes lesser than tubelight. let's see who is right , all these so called trade analysists or me.

  31. sb haters bolte h srk kch ni h ab agr kch ni h agr star ni h toh itna pareshn kyun rhte ho uske piche chahe jis actor k fan ho srk se zarur hate krte h?

  32. @ honest man, agreed with you.Advance is excellent in Delhi and average in Mumbai.JHMS should beat tubelight opening day.kabhi kabhi tu sahi baat v karta hai.

  33. @honest man
    It depends upon screen counts. If JHMS will get 3000screens only then not possible

  34. @Utsav Rajput

    SRK has 40 success. BOI sirf 1994 se count karta hai...usse pehle vi SRK ke hits thai

    1. @Adav

      total 24 hits or successful movie h 1994 ke bad ,

      ye 16 movie 1994 se phle , kb se aa gyi ?

  35. Sharuk always top in clash .
    Sharuk jaisa koe nahi.
    Salman sharuk amir Bollywood ki shan hai.
    Top A grade star khans bakhi sob B grade.

  36. TEPK will be a utter flop somewhat like "once upon a time in mumbai doobara"....Picture aane do..And JHMS will follow the path of chennai express..Mark my words..TOilet ke upar movie that's too in 21st century..The boy (akki's character) has cell phone , a bike even fine dress code but has no toilet at home..What the shit..And i bet second half will be disaster.

  37. This article is totally let down and trying to let down Shahrukh. It's a deliberate attempt to malign SRK and his films. This is not something new but it has been happening on this forum of Bolly Arena since the beginning. They tried their best to sabotage SRK's earlier movies. These guys are still new in the field of reporting Bollywood gossips but they are baking on such malicious acts. They did it during Dilwale and falsely reported the collections during the time of Raees. Their credibility in reporting trade figures can not be trusted. Viewers, don't take seriously the bluffing of Bolly Arena as they are doing this dirty activities in some wested interest.

  38. Film kitna business karti hai time will tell you but i Want to say you something it's better you should stop writing articles bcz it's too negative for thus industry & you haven't even watched the film ... raees bhai ka tile shuru ho gaya hai yeh likhwalo seen you on Friday

  39. sun na..picture aane de..Once upon a time in mumbai doobara will repeat..Money matters.We dont want to loose our market just to display ego..Toilet..Social message..Swachha Bharat..lol.. I am afraid second half should not seem like documentary one..I have toilet at home.I dont need to learn anything from the movie. And you need to show other countries that still in our country people dont have toilet.This movie is against country .This movie should be banned

  40. @Utsav Rajput

    WHH vs Maya Memsaab ??? Aisa clash kab hua? Kiss BOI mai hai??...aur agar hua bhi hoga to let's see all SRK-Akki clashes and semi-clashes
    1. WHH vs Maya Memsaab-Akki
    2.KKK vs Chahat-Akki
    3. ATHWS vs Swadesh-SRK
    4.Yes boss vs Daava-SRK
    5. VZ vs Aitraaz-SRK
    6. Don vs Janeman-SRK
    So its 5-2.

    SRK 5 times
    Akki-2 times

    Salman Khan samjha hai kya jo akki se 5 baar aur SRK se 6 baar hara ho!!

    Aur iss baar akki nai jeet vi liya to it will be 5-3. SRK will still lead

    Ye Salman nahi SRK hai

  41. @Utsav Rajput

    WHH vs Maya Memsaab ??? Aisa clash kab hua? Kiss BOI mai hai??...aur agar hua bhi hoga to let's see all SRK-Akki clashes and semi-clashes......
    1. WHH vs Maya Memsaab-Akki
    2.KKK vs Chahat-Akki
    3. ATHWS vs Swadesh-SRK
    4.Yes boss vs Daava-SRK
    5. VZ vs Aitraaz-SRK
    6. Don vs Janeman-SRK
    So its 5-2.

    SRK 5 times
    Akki-2 times

    Salman Khan samjha hai kya jo akki se 5 baar aur SRK se 6 baar hara ho!!

    Aur iss baar akki nai jeet vi liya to it will be 5-3. SRK will still lead

    Ye Salman nahi SRK hai

  42. Toilet ek prem katha..is this a name? Lol..I am indeed excited about next movie of Akki.. Bathroom ek prem katha..Most people still goes to ponds in rural area. I have a script in my head. I will contact akki sir after watching the commercial success of toilet ek prem katha. Then bed room ek prem katha.Then kitchen ek prem katha..At least SRK entertains.And we need enteratainment,Not lessons in movie hall,lol spoiler. P

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