Box Office Predictions for Golmaal Again

The gang is back! After three films in the Golmaal series, Rohit Shetty and his team are back again with Golmaal Again!

Golmaal is one of Bollywood’s popular franchises. As a matter of fact, the track record of the films in this series speak for itself: Golmaal (Hit), Golmaal Returns (Hit), Golmaal 3 (Blockbuster). It’s quite evident, that this is one comedy franchise that the Indian audience really laps up!

Golmaal Again is an important test for Rohit Shetty. From 2008-2015, he used to direct atleast one film a year. Suddenly, he’s been missing for the last two years, and that may be due to the debacle of his last directorial, Dilwale. In this decade (2010-present), Dilwale is the only film of Rohit Shetty’s that didn’t perform upto expectations at the box office, and that was largely because he was not in control of his film (as he admitted himself). He changed the original script to suit SRK/Kajol fans, and as a result, the film didn’t work as the audience felt he was not in his element.

Box Office Predictions for Golmaal Again

However, with Golmaal Again, Rohit Shetty returns to the style of filmmaking that he is comfortable with. This is his zone, and there is no doubt that this film will be appreciated more by the audience than Dilwale. I feel that the horror angle in particular will work pretty well with kids, and they will end up bringing their families to the theatres which will be a huge plus for the film.

Having said that, there are always problems of expectations, and when the fourth instalment of a franchise is being released seven years after the previous instalment, some things may not connect with the viewer in comparison to what they found better and enjoyed years ago in the original instalments. For example, Dhoom 2 was more appreciated by the audience than Dhoom 3 (there was a seven year gap between the two film), and Krrish was more appreciated by the audience than Krrish 3 (again, there was a seven year gap between the two films). I was watching a public review filmed in Mumbai of Golmaal Again’s trailer, and the feedback appeared to be mixed, although more towards the positive side.

The film will release on Friday (the day after Diwali Puja) which is arguably the biggest holiday of the year. As a solo release, the film would’ve easily been a 30+ crore opener, but the clash with Secret Superstar and screen allocation between the two films (which seems will be 50/50 at multiplexes, although Golmaal Again will have more single screens) means that the opening day number of Golmaal Again will not be as strong as it could’ve been. Nonetheless, the opening day will still be excellent, and will easily be the biggest opener of the year thus far. Furthermore, I also feel that the film will be the biggest grosser of the year thus far!

My Box Office Predictions for Golmaal Again:

  • Opening Day: 21 crore nett
  • Opening Weekend (Fri-Sun): 60+ crore nett
  • Lifetime Collections: 140 crore nett
  • Overall Verdict: Super Hit

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu who is a box office enthusiast and have an internship in a tax firm in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter Bobby Sidhu.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Bollywood Arena. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected] 

47 comments on “Box Office Predictions for Golmaal Again”

  1. 2.0 @ 2000cr you idiot tune kaha hrithik Ajay srk manipulation krta hai to ek Baar apne akshay ko dekh Singh is bling brothers entertainment baby etc ye sb ke trade figure or producer figure me 15cr ka difference hai ..movie 80cr tak kamaya usme bhi 15cr ka difference
    Chennai express HNY ke trade or producer figure me 20cr ka difference hai to same hi Kick or prdp ke trade or producer figure me bhi 20cr ka difference hai ..ye sb ka kya ..you idiot zaroori nahi ki trade figure or producer figure same ho …Haan agar trade or producer figure me bhut zyada ka difference ho tb manipulate kehla skta …koi manipulate kyu krega ? Jitna zyada collection utna hi tax Dena rehta hai smjhaa

    Or srk agar manipulate krta to fan 84cr ko vo 100cr kyu nahi phucha Dia ? Dilwale trade fig 141cr producer figure 148cr ..to 2cr manipulate kr ke 150cr kyu nahi phucha Dia srk ye bata ? 2cr manipulate krne me to kuch nahi ?

    Jhms ka trade figure 64cr producer 66cr .srk manipulation krta to izzat bachane ke liye 80cr tak phucha skta tha producer figure

    1. For g4
      1 St day :- 17-18
      2 nd day:-15
      3 rd day :- 10
      Sun:- 10
      For Ss
      1 st day-10
      2 nd day-12
      3 rd :-15
      Sun :-20
      Result :-a teenage girl beat 100 year old blacksmith ajay

        1. Roric is SRK hater....his full name was RORIC SRK HATER....he used to comment with this name now he changed...

      1. Reports r terrific 4 secret Superstar n will b a Blockbuster Hit at the box office
        This Diwali Only secret Superstar Rocksss….?????
        This Diwali No Shetty only Aamir Magic??

        1. GOLMAAL Again prediction
          1st day 16 cr
          1st weekend - 50 cr
          Lifetime collections - 96 cr( trade)
          Lifetime collections by manipulation
          100 cr
          Verdict - flop

  2. My prediction
    Secret superstar :
    1st day -6cr
    1st weekend - 22cr
    Lifetime 60cr
    Overseas $5M
    Worldwide 120cr

    Golmaal again
    1st day 22cr
    1st Weeknd 65cr
    Lifetime 150cr
    Overseas $5M
    Worldwide 215cr

  3. Salman ne 2000-2009 me 31 movies me bas 5 Hits Dia or vo bhi Hits multistarrer movie ki vajah se hit Dia....2000-2009 me Jo 5 Hits hai salman ka vo ye hai : wanted (remake movie ) , partner (Govinda bhi tha ) no entry (Anil Kapoor bhi tha ) mujhse shaadi karogi (akshay tha ) baghban(Amitabh tha) mtlb salman ka khud ke dum pe hit Dene ka bhi aukaat nahi tha ????? ye tha aukaat salman ka 2010 se pehle?????

    Bechara salman 2010 se pehle tushaar kapoor ke league me aata tha hahaha local star. Naa koi talent hai naa acting naa kuch bas hunting me or footpath me kuchalne ka talant hai

    1. beta jis waja se salman ki film flop hiu thi w sab jante salman per ais ne ilzam lagaya tha jis ko eak anchor ne be naqab kar dia aur baqi salman per kitne cases tha jhote ya sache is waja se film hit n hui sab se ziyada all time blockbusters salman ke pas w bhi low average story wali sabse ziyada blockbusters bhi salman ke pas h

    2. No from 2000 to 2009
      Salman has acted in 30 films and given 4 huts and 11 success

  4. Yes it should be the biggest grosser of the year ‘thus far’ if all goes well. 140 cr will be very good considering the clash but will be happier if it can cross 150 cr.

    It has tough competition in SS and the issue of screen sharing at multiplexes is also there but if the WoM is positive, there is no reason it cannot score BIG.

  5. Highest bolywd grossers of 2017

    Tiger is alive

    golmaal again


    judwaa 2

  6. Last 3 movie srk
    Jhms trade figure 64cr producer figure 66cr
    Raees trade figure 129cr producer figure 137cr
    Fan trade and producer figure both 84cr
    Dilwale trade 141cr producer figure 148cr ..agar srk manipulation krta to dilwale ko 2cr brha ke 150cr kyu nahi Kia iska jawaab koi humko de do bas ....

    Dimaag me gobar bhara va Insaan sb hai. Trade or producer figure same ho zaroori nahi ..ye log ka mtlb hai srk ka movie zyada collection krta hai usme manipulate krega or kam Collection vale movie me manipulate nahi krega hahahaha Lol jab ki kam Collection vale movie me hi manipulate krna chahiye na ?

    Idiot itna v nahi pata jitna collection utna tax Dena hoga ..

      1. Ajay has only 3 100 cr Grossers Acc to boi
        Solo 1 100 cr Grosser (with Rohit Shetty)
        Solo 100 cr Grosser – 0 (without Rohit Shetty)
        Ajay kab solo 100 cr Grosser dega
        Ajay yet to give solo 100 cr Grosser
        ADians ko mooh dikhane ke laayak nahi chhoda kalwa?
        Shame shame

        1. This diwali only Golmal Again. Blockbuster all the way. Why have Akkians suddenly become Amir fans

  7. Golmaal again wil beat sarooks rabees, toilet kumar's ek prem katha and judwa 2 in 2 weeks..will remain as the highest grosser til wounded tiger starts his hunting

  8. Trade figure collection mtlb trade analyst log survey kr ke collection batata hai or ye accurate hota hai
    Producer figure collection mtlb movie ka pro survey krta hai collection or batata hai to agar kuch cr ka difference hai dono me to iska mtlb ye nahi ki manipulation ho Gaya vo

    Dangal trade 374cr producer 386cr ..Aamir ab itna zyada collection me 12cr kyu brhaega ye batao ..agar manipulate krna hota to producer figure 400cr phucha deta

    1. Dangal hindi trade=374
      Dangal tamil telgu trade=12
      Dangal all language producer=386.75
      So the diffrence is only 75 lac

  9. No doubt Golmaal will rock the BO.
    After all it's an Ajay movie who has a history of giving blockbusters one after the other.
    After this film Ajay sir will have two movies that collected more than RR.
    And G:4 will also cross both Raees and Jhms easily.So Ajay sir will the third biggest superstar in the industry.
    And Golmaal is expected to touch 10 million mark that'd make him a reliable superstar in overseas too.
    Feeling sad for fans of junior Canadian actors who's range is only 100-130 whereas Megastar like Ajay delivers 150-170 crore grosser when in form.
    Biggest hit of the year till TZH.
    Baap of box office is back.
    Now haters will bark about Rohit but we know when rohit works with tiny stars like srk the result is a box office disaster.
    Both Akki and srk should retire from the industry.
    One can't break SR in his best phase other one can't even cross Ajay's lowest grosser in last 3 years with highly awaited movie jab buddha mila sejal.
    One should settle in Pakistan other one in Canada

    1. Ek baar g4 flop hone de phir milna site par
      Aur tere se kitni baar kah raha hun mere no par msg ya miss call kar agar tu mjhse darta.nahi
      Phir se no de raha hun 7504304770

      1. Lol.. Ajay ko akki samjha hai jo flop hogi movie aur jiss din tujhe call karunga tere number pe uss din ke baad tu apna number change kar legs

        1. Ajay ko akki mat samajna 5 back to back 100 cr dene ka Ajay ka aukat nahi nahi golmal max 110 cr karega

    2. Now you messed up you moron! Ajay Devgn the biggest floo of the 90's, your trying to compare him to SRK!!!!!

      You might beat Raees domestic because of sequel and holiday release but you'll never beat Raees overseas or worldwide Lol!

      Small actor ajay Devgn stay in your limits! Just because no srkians are saying anything you think you will keep blabbering, you retarded piece of shit!

      Your commenting on these article as other celebrities LMAO!

      Shah Rukh Khan is Indian, if you went missing no one would even know but SRK is news for India!

  10. Don't underestimate the power of ADians.We are the biggest army in the world.
    Dushman ki wahi haalat karte hai jo Ajay sir ne jayakant ka kiya tha.

    1. @devgun asylum bhai aap sab cheez bata rahe hain…
      Lekin one big Question???????
      Aap ke Ajay Sir Solo Hit kab denge????????
      (Without Rohit n No multi cast)
      Last solo hit in 1998
      20th year running??????

      OUTIM was a multicast as Emraan being other lead????
      ADians r Ashamed of it..

  11. Akki chased G:3 for two years.
    SR for 3 years still continuing
    G4 I guess for next 4 years.
    And he will be chasing Ajay like a dog till he settles in Canada.
    Don't dare to compare Akki with Ajay

    1. Kalwa chasing sib 28 cr overseas collection lifetime just like dog until he retired????

  12. If a third class film like judwaa 2 can do this much business then golmaal again has every chance to be the highest grosser of the year. Its gonna be a shameful year for bollywood as we will see films like tzh,golmaal,judwaa 2 and tepk as highest grossers of the year. A year to be forgotten.

  13. Day 1 20 cr
    Weekend 58-65
    Week 1 92-97 cr
    Lifetime 135-145 cr
    This are normally looking collections,if movie is not like the worst case scenario will be 80-90 cr & also if it is immensely loved than this would be first full fledge comedy film to cross 200 cr (3 idiot & Pk are entertaining But cannot be called as full fledge comedy).

  14. @Samir That is because BOI doesn't consider trade figure.
    Dangal collected approx 10 crores in dubbed version.

  15. GOlmal sirf diwali ki wajah se above avg jaegi. Otherwise ye flop hoti. Secret superstar hit hogi


  16. Honestly i think both SS & Golmal will work.
    Golmal prediction: 1st day 23 crore Lifetime 155 (if a movie like judwa 2 can do 135 with 200 kissing scene) Why golmal cant?
    SS will open arround 8-10 the movie can do 70-80 but if is like Aamir other movies can do 100+

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