Box Office numbers do not matter for Salman Khan

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Salman Khan says he likes to do difficult things. “The idea is also to get fit by jumping around, cycling and doing physically demanding roles,” he says.

In fact, he is making sure that he takes up projects that challenge him. “When it comes to stories and scripts, I like to try out difficult things nowadays. But when that time comes, it becomes difficult. Mentally, I tell myself that I will do the role. But physically, I’m like, ‘Arrey yaar'.

Due to his star status, Salman’s films come with a lot of expectations. But he says he never feels any pressure. “Once I’m done with a film, then I am done with it. I liked it, and that’s why I took it up. You go wrong, too, sometimes. But so far, everything has worked out. People keep speculating that a film will do a business of Rs 200 crore, Rs 300 crore or Rs 500 crore. But no one has any idea about the figures; it’s all foolishness. Also, if a film is expected to break an actor’s last film’s record, and if the movie doesn’t do that, it is made out to be a flop, despite earning profits,” he says.

Salman insists that even if a film flops, the effect of that failure should be “lessened as much as possible”. He adds, “If it has to flop, it (the effect of the loss) should be as little as possible. Jai Ho (2014) did a business of Rs 138 crore with a ticket price of Rs 200. On weekdays, the price per ticket was Rs 100. But since we didn’t publicise this fact, people said, ‘Is that the only business?’ But Rs 138 crore is a huge number. How many films touch that kind of a figure? Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015) made Rs 238 crore, but since it didn’t make as much money as Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015), the perception is that it flopped, when actually it didn’t.”

Salman’s films have repeatedly registered massive box-office collections. Ask him if the industry is obsessed with huge box-office figures, and he says, “I think it happens with others too, as everyone wants to play the number game. And that’s the reason why ticket prices are going higher. If ticket prices are low, you will get a smaller amount in return, but footfalls will be higher. But no one wants to take that kind of risk.”

Salman admits that they took that risk with Jai Ho. “We thought, ‘If we have to hit the Rs 200 crore mark, we will do with Rs 200 ticket, and not with expensive tickets.’ But it didn’t touch that figure. We will try that again with some other film as the ticket prices should come down. Numbers are increasing, but footfalls are decreasing. I don’t want that to happen,” he says.

26 comments on “Box Office numbers do not matter for Salman Khan”

  1. Box office number doesn't matter for Salman khan??? Ha ha ha ha... So a so called megastar is now telling lie.... JAI HO... JAI HO... JAI HO

    1. Use your brain please, he's saying a true fact! By increasing ticket prices, footfalls are decreasing.
      Which mean less people are going to the theatres before they sadly can't afford it anymore, and this is not what cinema is supposed to be about.
      But it's how it is and they're all playing the number game, which is understable because when you don't collect enough, your movie is called a flop, no matter the footfalls.
      Jai ho footfalls was bigger than Ready, Agneepath, Housefull 2, Don 2, Barfi, Jab tak hain jaan ...
      But it was still called an average grosser while the other one were called hit or more.
      But where I disagree with Salman, he shouldn't try to do that again. Because sadly people only see numbers.

  2. Honestly I am not a salman fan but I liked what he said about box office numbers and people expecting very high collections from khan movies.....
    Most of the people In India are in bpl category so if the ticket prices will remain high then many of them will not able to afford and watch the movie in theatres...
    That's the only reason why out of 130cr population only 3.4cr people watches movie in theatres...(bb record as it was most watched movie in India)
    If a movie is made good then there is no need to hike ticket prices and due to which many people will afford and will rush to theatres to watch the movie.....
    If a movie is good then automatically it will collect more and will be become atbb(like bb,tjb,pk)

    1. ha ha ha 8Cr population each Telugu&Tamil movies regularly cross 100Cr mark...... Bolly market is 80Cr still it fail to cross 100Cr

      'coz Bollywood dominated by worst bbudhe khans,Crook Bhatts,idiotic kapoors. Once we get rid of them Bollywood will cross 1000Cr easily in India. :D

      1. Seriously jeet....
        I am not agree with you as not a single person in bollywood has crossed 200cr even with edx(except khans and roshans)

        And yes you said movies in tamil/telugu are regularly crossing 100cr mark.... can you figure out any movie of 2016 who has achieved this feat.... i think this year not a single tamil/telugu movie...

        because tamil/telugu movies are only includes high octanes fight scenes(except few like 24, aaa) and bollywood movies same crap stories which are not liked by the viewers....

        1. lol most Khans copied south movies&styles,and got hits (wanted,ghazini,ready etc).

          Most south Indian also think like that ''Hindi movies r crap, 50yr bbudhe khans love stories and Vulgar bhatt movies' :P

          1. @jeet,u r an imbecile...hv some respect for elders...lets say ur father's age is 50 then will u call him 'a 50 years old buddha?'
            btw wAt type of cmnts are these?
            Absolutely idiotic & u seems to be retarded...
            u shud be in a mental hospital.

          2. I think you got your answer @jeet
            But your type of people only reflect the bad portion of something and neglect the positive one.....
            All movies are copied from south indian but they are not highest grosser..... its the original script such as(ce, bb, pk, d3, k3, hny. prdp) who crosses 200cr loll.... ?

          3. lol CE&BB original lol plot&content all from South movies..... pk,d3,hny,prdp are CRAP... C-R-A-P

            Respect to 50 old only possible...if he act as hero father not 20 yr old LOVER BOY :P

  3. @bollyarena
    Do you think udta Punjab will release on this friday???? If yes then after how many cuts...and I don't think this movie needs any promotion as all the works were done by the censor board.....

  4. @Dashing RJ,Not all the bollywood movies r copied from south but yes the highest earning bollywood movies like pk,BB have fresh scripts and they r not copied from south...

    1. lol pk&bb r crap...... y do u think they included paki/muslim/hindu/over sentiments etc..... these MOVIES have zero content value.... CREATE CONTROVERSY 24/7m media .... GOT PUBLICITY GET COLLECTIONS.

      that is why 52yr old Bbudhe khans r surving as 20yr love boy :P lol

      1. @jeet i think you are a member of bajrang dal..... hurting religious sentiments loll.... ?????

    2. & ignore this C-R-A-P guy jeet..these type of unemployed people seeks attention by writing illogical & stupid things because they don't know how to write good things and they felt proud by looking like an idiot.

      1. #Presstitutes do festivals 24/7 with hindu/muslim/pak/controversy... this is y #Presstitutes &bollywood surviving ..... got collections.... idiots always remain as idiots :P

        1. Dont know story but Mark my words ....... Dongal&Sullatan also contain hindu/muslim/pak/controversy... media-collections ....Zero-Content

        2. now you will say that ce, prdp also contain hindu muslim controversy.....
          And the most important thing that people like you are responsible for the war between hindu and muslim and people like you also enjoyed this type of movies.....
          You dont know the value of real movie as you always watches crap movies and thought they are best and vice-versa

        1. @rajat bhai, instead of all the movies i wanted to say the movies which are copied from south are not the highest grosser bro...... instead the real. script movies are...

  5. @jeet you have not provided me the names of tamil/telugu movies who has crossed 100cr in india..... i dont think there is any movie who has achieved this but i think you know 2 bollywood names till now who has achieved this... loll
    Mil jaaye to bata dena... ????

  6. @bollyarena taran chachu has said that udta punjab is ready to get release this friday with only one cut..... is it right???

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