Bombay HC indicates Udta Punjab release with 1 cut, Final verdict on Monday

There seems to be some respite for the makers of Udta Punjab, now that the Bombay HC hinted at only one suggested cut in the movie.

Anurag Kashyap had written a petition to the Bombay HC, who held the hearing today. In a three hour long hearing, the HC questioned CBFC over various cuts and demanded an explanation over the same. The HC told the board to only 'certify' films and not 'censor' it and also that the audience is mature enough to understand the content.

However, the final verdict has been adjourned to Monday. But going by the arguments held in the court today, it appears that HC will allow Udta Punjab to release with only one suggested cut, which is that of actor Shahid Kapoor urinating. Except that, the other 12 cuts will be set aside.

Here is the hearing.

  • CBFC lawyer to Court- The words used in the songs are very offensive
  • CBFC lawyer to court - The scenes in this movie which are cut are very vulgar
  • CBFC lawyer to court - The dialogue "zameen banjar to aulaad kanjar" is also very abusive
  • CBFC lawyer to court - The word "kanjar" is very offensive to use and the way it has been used is objectionable
  • Court to CBFC - Films dont run on such content, their has to be a story in it, why are you concerned?
  • Court to CBFC - Multiplex audience are mature enough
  • CBFC to court - "Kanjar" word used in the movie gives bad light to the state, Punjab is an "upjau" state.
  • Court to CBFC - Whether it is TV or cinema, let the people see it. Everybody has a choice
  • CBFC to court - 'Kanjar' the word can be replaced
  • CBFC to Court- Dont have objections with the film, but the word "kanjar" and others used in the movies do not fit.
  • CBFC to court - There is a dog which has been named as Jackie Chan, that is also objectionable.
  • Court to CBFC - All this is giving unnecessary publicity to the film
  • Filmmaker's lawyer to Court - We have got the trailer passed with the same word 'Chita Ve'
  • Filmmaker's lawyer gives example to court - Delhi belly, Bandit Queen, Gangs of Wasseypur, they too had been passed
  • Hearing on Udta Punjab adjourned to Monday, the judgment will be pronounced then.

The team of Phantom films too has agreed to remove that particular scene in question, but will wait for the final verdict.

"We have offered disclaimers in three parts to the effect that movie doesnt put any state in bad light. Theres no propagation for drug abuse, we condemn drug abuse. Lets wait for Monday," said the Udta Punjab filmmakers' advocate after the hearing!

As of now, the film is scheduled to release on June 17, 2016.

6 comments on “Bombay HC indicates Udta Punjab release with 1 cut, Final verdict on Monday”

  1. I am from Punjab and I support #UdtaPunjab
    Lots of people had died in Punjab due to this Drug addiction.

  2. looks like this movie will definitely going to release on 17th.....
    Makers are happy with the cut and i think audiences will too happy after watching this movie....

  3. Is India ruled by courts....are they God's???

    Govt must cut the tails of these idiotic corrupt judges ASAP

  4. Wht the hell is wrong with you Mr jeet...r u drunk or what ...how can u say such words on judge...

    1. WTF do u think judges r gods??? ... they r most corrupt insane idiots ..... even worse than politicians but hide behind black coats

  5. Here is what I posted in ur earlier post related to same. Happy that my arguments were right

    Change no. 1 seems ok.. as it is disclaimer and no body pays attention to it.
    Change no 2 - delete punjab and other cities:- why? Many movies shown mumbai underworld which a fincancial capital of india. Censor board where were you that time? Mumbai or other cities dont have sentiments or what?

    Change no. 4 - what's wrong in words like harami? Then why u approved words like rascals, badtamiz, baburao, pyar ki ma ki, etc?

    Change 6:- remove abuse words? Whay did u approve omkara, satya, kamine, gangs of wasepur, delhi belli etc

    Change 7:- these words have been used in many and many movies

    Change 8:- understood

    Change 9:- why u allowed ganja in gangs of wasepur? Why u allow smoke and drink then?

    Change 10:- in rockstar also had same kind of things

    Change 11:- whats wrong in that line?????

    Change 12:- why? Dog's name can't be that??

    Change 13:- hmmm

    Overall it seems consor bord change their rules film after film based on their comfort.

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