Bollywood avoids Box Office Clashes

At the start of this year, we reported that there are many big box office clashes awaited. But things are changing quickly as more of the makers are now trying to avoid the clash.

The release period and holiday season have become all important for box office potential (which is not right actually). The major holidays include Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and post-IPL weekend. Everyone tries to release his film on the holiday season which has resulted in face to face battles.

Just recently it was Ajay Devgn who tries to dare and release his films with others. Back in 2009, All The Best clashed with Akshay Kumar's Blue and Salman Khan's Main or Mrs Khanna. Blue was one of the costliest films of all time and recorded huge opening. But it was All The Best who emerged a winner in the longer run and both other films flopped. Ajay did the same with Golmaal 3 in 2010 when it clashed with Akki's Action Replay. But he made huge headlines when Son of Sardar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan released on the same date. In the end, both films emerged box office successes.

Later on, the monopoly of release dates started. The makers started to book release dates one year in advance. And with no doubt, it was Salman, SRK and Aamir who were getting the EDX for their films. Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Chennai Express, and PK did record breaking business and others were huge hits despite having a mixed response.

Bhansali released his period film Bajirao Mastani along with Dilwale. Almost all of the trade was favouring Dilwale and they thought that Bajirao Mastani had no chance at all. But what happened next is a history. The result changed the perception of holidays. One hand it may have given confidence for smaller filmmakers to release their films along with biggies. But on the other hand it there is a fear that nowadays two films can't run alongside and if their product is lower on the content it will bite the dust.

With growing threat from Hollywood and regional films, Bollywood makers are now keen to avoid any box office clash. We take a look at some of the box office clashes.

Housefull 3 Vs Jagga Jasoos Vs Raaz 3:

Jagga Jasoos struck into big troubles as the film was unable to complete in time. Currently, its shooting is still going on. But even if this film was made on time, it was unlikely to clash. Raaz 3 was postponed to September.

Raees Vs Sultan:

The biggest box office clash in Bollywood history was avoided as Raees postponed to January. The makers cited that such huge film will not be able to have appropriate showcasing. But the insider says that Raees producers were finding it hard to get screens as Yash Raj Films had already booked single screens for Sultan when Fan released.

Mohenjodaro Vs Rustom:

Another box office clash which is unlikely to happen. Rustom makers are already looking for another release date. The film can arrive in Gandi Jayanti weekend which is open now.

Shivaay Vs Ae Dil Hai Mushkil:

It is the one clash which will happen for sure. Shivaay is Ajay's most ambitious project and the result of his previous clashes prove that he will stick to Diwali release. Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is also much-awaited film and he has confirmed that it will release on the same date.

It is not just big films but recently smaller movies are avoiding clashes. Films like Cabaret, Raman Raghav 2.0, Madari and Dhanak have been postponed.

2016 was looking full of box office clashes and battles, but now there is only one left. Tell us what do you think?

11 comments on “Bollywood avoids Box Office Clashes”

  1. I think director should not feel afraid with clash bcuz if the story of the movie is good then it will surely become hit,they should take it as challenge as ajay and SRK do..bollyarena plz post a article about bollywood best music director from 1950 to 2005

  2. My huge request to u BOLLYARENA , plz post a article about bollywood best music director and best lyrics plz plz and write a article about my best music director NADEEM SHRAVAN

  3. BollyArena I'm fullt Asking U I Head Once That Shivaay and DANGAL Will Be Distributed by Hollywood Production Houses so Is That True and Even If u don't Head Before' How Much OF chances This Movies has To Get that Foreinge Colloparations ? PLs Answer

  4. Bollywood take one advice from me and I think there will be no clash and atleast 90% will be hit.....
    1) make movies with 2-3 actors and actress in a movie(so that there will be less no. Of movies
    2) script writer take time to write stories and write a brilliant story
    3) don't release movies in a loot
    4) Actors avoid doing solo movies and do big budget movies only......
    5) last,take time to direct , for screenplay and editing......

    Follow my advise Bollywood then there will be no clash at box office and movies will not flop and most important you can compete with all Hollywood movies atleast in India.......

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