Bollywood 300 Crore Club: Dangal will be 4th entry

Bollywood 300 Crore Club

As we are writing this, Dangal has entered into the 300 crore club. The film is the fourth entry into this club.

Aamir Khan founded this club with his last release PK which released in 2014. It was followed by Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan released last year. Salman Khan's last release Sultan also crossed the 300 crore mark. Aamir have consecutive 300 cr grossers while Salman did this in a span of 12 months.

Dangal is the fastest to reach the 300 crore club as it has only taken 13 days. Now both Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have two films in the club while the rest of the other have not even crossed 250 crore mark.



No of days

340 cr
17 days
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
321 cr
20 days
301 cr
35 days
306 cr
13 days


  • Aamir Khan - 2
  • Salman Khan - 2

19 comments on “Bollywood 300 Crore Club: Dangal will be 4th entry”

  1. Mango bhik every state se......we srkian don't count this movie collections...

    means in 1st class cricket match someone make 100/200/300 do not count as his records...until full fledged international standard cricket match....

    same here if a movie get tax free benefit and so obviously it get repeat value means govt supporting to get extra benefit/extra income of 100/150cr..

    hence, this movie may have collected 250/275 in his lifetime....thats it...

  2. bollywood is now unfortunately run by only two men.. AAMIR & SALMAN.. . courtesy some fabulous recent movies done by SRK.. His list of ridiculous movies is way too long for mutual public to have any more faith in him..
    RNBDJ, MNIK, JTHJ, CE, HNY, FAN.. u need to literally carry a headache tablet along whn u take a risk of watching a SRK film..
    whereas, aamir just had one.. mangal pandey.. that too decades back..
    salman in the last decade had the phase what SRK is now going thru.. fortunately he found out what public wnts and is expected from him..
    hopefully, SRK turns things around as competition between 3 makes its very very interesting..

  3. salman ki movies tax free status ke laayak nahi hain...such a shame...bheekh maangta reh jaayega nhi milegi bheekh bhi salman ko..:D aamir earn karta hai...respect tax free everything...beta maangte raho bheekh...kbhi to milegi...:D

  4. my fav. movie in 300 cr club are ...

    1 = bb
    2 = pk
    3 = dangal and,
    4 = sultan ...

  5. where is srk
    oo his highest grosser is only 227 cr
    first srk have to cross 200 cr by own
    not taking help of rohit shetty and deepika
    without deepika he just 85 cr star

  6. salman says amir = koi bhi club open tu karega aur us ki race close ... me karunga ... he he he he he .... lol ..!!!

    100 cr = salman movie more than amir ..
    200 cr = salman movie more than amir ..
    300 cr = salman movie double than amir to end of 2017 ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well said Dipak

      For Aamir fan spl parashya need more two year to watch him

      Till salman will get more big grosser on his kitty

      Too much fun

  7. Box Office Collections don't matter, performances do... None of the khans could get a single national award which proves everything...

    1. agreed.. but i guess..
      aamir should have won for sarforosh, lagaan
      SRK... for swades, devdas
      Salman for tere naam, BB, Sultan

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