BollyArena New Version Coming Soon

We hope that you are enjoying our updates. Our team has been working on a new version of the website which will be launched in a few days.

There will be some updates and new features on the website. The look and design will also be changed a bit. It will be made more user-friendly. We hope that you will like it.

We are also asking you to give us some suggestions regarding new features and design of the website. Tell us what do you want on our website or how we can improve it.

Write your suggestions in the comments section.


Team Bollywood Arena

14 comments on “BollyArena New Version Coming Soon”

  1. Your website is great and waiting for your website new version I hope new version is bigger then previous

  2. Plz make user login or register smoother and also answer the questions in q/a session in more elaborate manner don't do it for just sake of it

  3. @Bollyarena

    In the opening of your Home page or any page you should use the Name Bollyarena except Bollywood Arena

    Because every visitors of your site Use your name as Bollyarena not Bollywood Arena.

  4. Most of all demanding App for ur site..
    You are giving Several dates but still nothing progress for app..
    So Pls make your app We want to see it..

  5. Improve your website loading time especially in mobile devices it take a little bit long time to load your site.

  6. Try to add advance booking reports for big movies at-least for a week or weekend, to get to know trending and please always put footfall with opening figures and avg ticket price if possible. these things never been seen in any site until now.

    hey guys if you really like this idea pls like or dislike to help BOLLYWOOD ARENA to pick up my query.

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