Bharat Day 2 Box Office Collection Update

Bharat Day 2 Box Office Collection Update: The early trends are suggesting that Bharat has taken a slow start on Thursday. This was expected after a massive start on the opening day though it needs to pick up the pace in the later half of day. Here is our live updates of Bharat 2nd day collection.

Bharat Thursday Morning Shows Report:

Yesterday was an Eid holiday hence the morning shows were meant to be lower. The overall occupancy is approx 25-30% (yesterday it was 65%). The big drops have come in Delhi/NCR, UP, East Punjab. It is expected to hold best in Mumbai, MP and Bangalore. The single screens have fared better than multiplexes which have opened to lower numbers.

Bharat Day 2 Box Office Collection Update

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The drop was expected though the hold should have been better. It is a working day but it is still Eid period which will boost Bharat collection in Muslim dominated areas. In comparison, Sultan went higher on 2nd day by grossing 37.20 crores after collecting 36.54 crores on opening day. Though Bharat is unlikely to match these numbers.

Noon Shows Report: Bharat has shown very good gains in the noon shows. Especially the family audience has come in good numbers in the multiplexes. This is a very good sign for the film as the start was slow but now the film is making some ground. As of now, it is targetting for 25 crores and can go higher depending on the evening/night shows.





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Bharat Day 2 Box Office Collection Early Estimates:

Bharat 2nd day collection early estimates have been updated on the homepage. You can check out the collections here => Bharat 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Bharat has collected 42.30 crore on its opening day. It is the second highest opening day ever in the history of Bollywood and the highest ever for Salman Khan. The early response seems to be mixed from the audience. Hence it needs to collect the maximum amount in the opening weekend.

We will continue to update this page throughout the day with the latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Bharat day 2 box office collection update in the comments section.

20 comments on “Bharat Day 2 Box Office Collection Update”

  1. The film benefitted from Eid, 4700 screens, Salman's stardom and huge promotion. Now the WOM comes into play and it's far from being great. The fall is on its way... The times are over when simply having one of the 3 Khans was enough to make a film hugely successful. Nowadays WOM matters from day 2 itself.

    1. I'll get back to you on Monday. People who still (even after seeing films like Race 3 collecting 180 crores , being a shitty film , which is much higher than biggest hits of well established actors like Akshay Kumar) feel that Khan Era is over are really living in a dream world.
      Footfalls for a Salman Khan film have infact become inevitably huge. Anyway. Will come back to comment on Monday.

        1. So guys... Monday has passed, the fall was more than expected and the Tuesday trend doesn't seem to be good. BollyArena says in Tuesday update that Bharat won't be a hit. Now where are your records ??

    2. i have dsaved this page just to come to u , this is a khan movie, and it is far from being over, his flop movies earns more than other superhit movies, remember that, salman khan is heartthrobe of the nation and will continue to remain the same.

    3. Like I promised. I'm back on Monday and just to give a heads up. The film has crossed 150 crores in 5 days. The movie might not be as impressive but for sure features one of the best performances by Salman Khan in the crying scenes where he narrates his story to the world on how he lost his sister. The film shows no signs of slowing down. By end of this week ( Friday or max Saturday ) it will for sure cross 200crores. It won't be surprising if it is Salman's 4th film to cross 300crores. It's already in top 5 highest grossers of this year. And then people say it's the end of Khan era.
      I would infact say it's start of an even larger Khan wave. Salman is finally listening to fans and critics after Race 3 and is trying to take up content scripts ( trying I said ) he might have not get it right with Bharat but slowly and steadily he'll get it right. He's finally taken up Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film. He has made the script writers entirely change Dabbang 3's script. And so on. Just saying. It's not anywhere near the end of the era.

      1. @Ranvir : Bharat won't cross 200 cr before Sunday - at best. I bet that it won't even cross Uri's LT, don't even dream about 300 cr ! And the film kept showing signs of slowing down, day after day (couldn't even cross 30 cr once after Thursday !).
        I'm a big fan of Aamir and SRK but let's be honest : Khan era is over. I'm not saying they won't have any other hit/blockbuster, but their domination is over. Their name is not enough to make a film a blockbuster, they are way more dependent on WOM than before.

  2. WOM positive and it's 6.9 out of 10 so it's enough for any movie of sulman khan to go for any way

  3. Salman is best working day to day if its collect 25cr today movie will get hit tag

  4. Anything less then 20 cr will put bharat in a Red zone. Chances are very high to go into Red zone. All in All movie is not impressive. 2nd half is very very dull. It will crash on monday

  5. Tartan Adarsh is an authentic critics and he has given 4* that meant the film must be good. Other critics also have given 3 to 3.5 * so film is ok. It has colatected almost around 65 to 70 crores in two days. Satellite and digital is sold at 80 crores. The films cost price is 125 crores. It has earns more than its cost in two days. This is khan power.

  6. This is one of the best film of Salman Khan so far. No matter what critics may say at the end this movie gonna be a blockbuster ending up collecting250+ crs. Its working days just see it will make more crs on sunday.

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