Sunny Deol's Bhaiyyaji Superhit to clash with Salman Khan’s Tubelight

Sunny Deol starrer Bhaiyyaji Superhit which has been in the making for quite some years will not release on Eid 2017 clashing with Salman Khan's Tubelight.

The producer of Bhaiyyaji Superhit is quite confident about releasing the film during Eid. We are in talks with distributors, who have warned us about Salman's 'Tubelight'. It's a fact that he is a superstar, but we too are confident of our film and so, it doesn't matter whoever comes alongside us."

"In the past, we have had many instances when two hit screens and both did well. Besides, we are presenting Sunny in a new avatar. He has a double role in the film and I am sure his fans will love him."

The makers are eyeing around 2,500 screens. "The distributors are saying we may not get the desired number of screens, so we are okay with even 2,000 screens. I am not worried at all," Dhariwal adds.

Sunny has also given his consent to an Eid release. "When I shared my plan with him, he said, 'You are the producer and know best for the film. If you are fine with it, I am too'. I am aware they are good friends, but this clash won't affect their friendship."

In 2015, Sunny Deol's Ghayal Once Again was also announced to release on Diwali. But it was postponed later on to avoid clash with Salman Khan's Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.


74 comments on “Sunny Deol's Bhaiyyaji Superhit to clash with Salman Khan’s Tubelight”

  1. This time plz don't postpone
    This will surely effect fusslight business
    Sunny will HV nice comeback with this movie and will thrash Sallu
    My prediction

    1. I watched the little boy from which fusslight is inspired
      It was totally a bakwas movie and even IMDb has thrashed it so fusslight will be like marigold
      Bahut ho gaya 100 crore ka business ab 10 crore ka business karegi fusslight

      1. Jitni dher me aap Washroom hoke ayega na, utni dher me 10 Cr kama chuki hogi Tubelight..:P

    2. nothing but just publicity stunt...... sunny deol is empty bottle of wine. i am not salman fan but no doubt its salman time and no one to dare to release his movie with salman and i think tublight is a patriotic movie.

  2. Hahaha...
    Koi bhi clash kar raha hein...
    Aur sallucine aur sally ke fan usko Megastar bolte hein... Yaha to koi bhi dar nahi raha..sunny ko pata hein tubelight 4 din ki mehmaan hein..to sallu akele laddoo kyun khaye...
    Come on sunny dikha do apne dhai kilo haat ki kamal...
    Maza ayega aab...
    Aab sallu fans kya karenge?
    Rona bhi nahi ata chupana bhi nahi ata....

  3. This for only publicity and promotion. Defenately they will avert this clash.mark my word.sharukh khan was postponed due to the sultan.Sunny deol will come during the Eid.ha ha ha ha??

  4. Bro srk ne clash isliye nhi kya kynki sultan yrf k movie h..aur srk kabhi bhii yrf ki movies se kabhi clash nhi karega..aur tabhi to dekhle toh bhii diwali par release kar rha h aditya chopra srk k liye..!!!

    1. Correct bro..
      Sallu fans ko laga srk darr gaya.
      Bankchor bhi release ho rahi hein...
      Aur sallu fans bolte hein sab darte hein sallu se clash karne ke liye..

      1. Bankchor 1 week pehle release ho rahi hai.....I respect sunny deol....But come on guys this is just a joke for the day.... Aiming 2000 screens...Halua hai kya
        Single screens to bhul jao...Multiplex bhi nhi denge screens Eid par

    2. Acha ytrf film ki itni qadar karta h srk but yrf ko 1 rs bhi muaf n karta film ke charge wasol kar leta h izzat to salman karta q salman ne prdp film ke charge n wasol kiye tha is ko kehte h izzat karna ab tum bahana bana rahe h jav srk dar gaya h

  5. Abhi sirf log aamir se darte h clash karne k liye..kyunki jitna uska trust h neutral audience pe utna kissi ka nhi h..

  6. Dear Parshya and all others,

    Please don't type such harsh comments reguraly.......Salman's fans not wanting Dangal to cross its collecions......It was long time ago.....You should know if a film has universal content, no matter it will be a big hit despite clashing with another or not....Yes it's collection might lower down due to clash....

    Dangal is a masterpiece and forever will remain in upcoming decades........Many other Aamir movies will be also......But it is also true that a superstar can increase the opening collections only ,but the movie runs further on it's own merit....

    BB was a masterpiece movie...So I am expecting Tubelight to be masterpiece also as the Director (Kabir Khan) is same person......

    Also Bollyarena ,please spread love among fans (of their chosen superstar)......It will good for bollywood and to some extent to million of workers.....Collections in India/overseas must increase.......A country having more than 1 billion people but only 30-40 millions watch the movie......Since it's a bollywood website I am requesting you to spread peace among increasing fan wars hiding behind internet ......

    (from Bollywood Lover)

    1. sorry Bollywood Lover
      sallu fans ne Dangal ke time tamasha chalu kiya tha khatm BZH ke time Aamir fans karenge.

  7. Aamir fan:Kab dega sallu ATHG?Kab dega?
    Sallu fan:dega mera bhai jarur dega..
    Aamir fan:acha aap sallu fans agle janam ki baat kar rahein ho.

  8. Fayda toh hoga sunny paji ko. Kyuki aaj kal toh yeh naya logic nikal diya hai , choti film ko badi film se clash karo, free publicity bhi ho jayegi aur kamai bhi. For eg ÷ Raees vs kaabil.... raula vs tepk.... robot 2 vs secret superstar.... now bhaiyya ji vs tubelight. This is really very bad.........

  9. Lol, 2500 screen, de de bhai isi ko, Salman bhai chor do eid ko yeh sab v ab bollywood ko 200 cr denge.

    Good decision, Superstars mein toh hai nahi dum. Eid 2018 is still available go and grab it Akshay Shahrukh go go.

  10. o no one more clash again, wht happend with these chota mota producers, why they choosing this suicide path? i think this sunny paji is jealous to khans, hav a look at his clash record
    ghayal vs dil
    lagan vs gadar
    asoka vs indian
    after aamir srk now he takes on salman hahaha rassi jal gayi par bal nahi gaya, all the best paji i hope you could stay on your decision to clash with salman till eid

  11. This is really unfortunate for Tubelight...Was sincerely hoping Tubelight would cross 350 crores,but this event simply took away the gloss from Tubelight... Hoping Kabir Khan n co would redraw thier strategy in combating Sunny Paaji,s latest movie which is clashing with Tubelight this Eid...One solution for Tubelight which seems possible n feasable is giving away minimum 500 screens to Bhaiya ji superhit...If this​ is done successfully by Kabir Khan n co,than we might witness​ Tubelight achieving 350 crores this Eid...Another good news for Tubelight is that Spyder​,south movie which will also release during Eid time​ won't release in Hindi version guys...Wishing our bhaijaan n the team of Tubelight all the best this Eid...Have a Terrific day guys...?

  12. If they clash Sunny Deol movie will be my first choice.. remember that Sunny Deol have a massive fan following in East punjab..
    All its possibile. ..

  13. My prediction for TUBELIGHT​ after this sad event is...With clash :250 crores... Solo :350 crores...Hoping better sense prevails n let,s get this clash averted...Will be a loss for everybody...

  14. Only publicity ...Film will not release on eid...mark my words....Sunny Salman ke aage Paani Kam chaye hai...Kuch bhi...Singh sab the great,I love new year ko to solo me bhi badi mushkil se screens mile the aur yaha Salman hai Parshya ...Pata nahi teri Salman se itni kyu jalti hai..Aur tujhe bhi pata hai tu kitna bhi bhok le Salman now biggest superstar in India...Tu kele kha Parshya aur thanda ho????????????

    1. @zuber shah kuch bhi ho ab salman fir bhi baki dono khano k acting k samne 0 h aur stardum bhi 0 h bas lacal india me h sallu ka power aur abhi tak aamir ka record tod nhi paya lol ,amir is biggest superstar n megastar now u cant say it to local star sallu

  15. @ befikre if srk did not clash because of yrf then why did he relaese a teaser of raees saying it as eid release after the poster of sultan was released . and who made those comments eid kab hain eid kab hain. had yrf suddenly become his friend between that 1 year. raees teaser was released before bajrangi bhaijaan release ( eid 2015 release) and was finally postponed on may 2016. what was he doing for 1 year? making his friendship deeper with yrf? if raees would have been postponed for friendship then it would have been postponed much earlier.

    @ bollywood lover
    parshya is not an aamir fan. he is a fake id of @ fan pk who used to comment on indicine but after srk's disastrous boxoffice performance he ran away from there. yes he is the fan of none other than srk( deepika's pet)

    1. Hahaha
      What a joke..n who is fan pk?
      For ur info. I m a Aamir fan.
      Sallucine is faltu site..only glorifies sallu..sallucine blocked my comments which were against sallu but they were allowed comments against Aamir.
      Then i realised that indicine is paid site by sallu.so i stopped to comment there.still they have not publish single article on Dangals overseas collection.
      They have time to publish tv trp article coz sallu is on top but i m sure after Dangal premier they will not publish the same article..also not published top actors coz theire favourite sallu is not on top..they will publish it at the end of may..so that sallu will again on top in june.after that they will regularly post it till TOH.same chindhicine compares Aamirs 2008-2012 movies with sallus 2015-2016 movies.
      Still Aamir is on top....such a biased site...on taiwan collection not a single article by them.

    2. Look who is talking. Rakhi Sawant's pet(sallu)'s blind fan whose career has been saved by the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Datta, Karishma Kapoor, Anil Kapoor etc. Dishonest man himself got spanked by BOI and he is doing his psychopathic rant here.

  16. god is so mean yaar.. parshya ko bina dimaag bhej diya dharthi par.. ab sab kar sarr kha raha hai :D

  17. रिलीज होने से पहले ही 227 करोड़ रुपये कमा चुकी है सलमान खान की ‘ट्यूबलाइट’
    बहरहाल, ट्यूबलाइट की म्यूजिक राइट्स 20 करोड़ में बिकी है, यह तो फाइनल है।
    जबकि डिस्ट्रिब्यूशन राइट्स को NH स्टूडियो ने 132 करोड़ में खरीदा है। जबकि चीन की एक कंपनी ने फिल्म की थियेट्रिकल राइट्स 75 करोड़ में खरीदने की बात की है। बता दें, यह पहली भारतीच फिल्म होगी, जो भारत और चीन दोनों देशों में एक साथ रिलीज होगी!

    1. Abey 1m bhi bahot hein sallu ke liye china mein..aur Chinese actress ke vajah se thoda bahot kama legi par Aamir ko beat karna namumkin hein.

  18. Salman will beat sunny badly tubelight is a havoc ready to take full toll of bs better for sunny to shift it

  19. Agree bro..indicine is worst site ever..!!!koi salman se clash nhi karega bol bol ke abhi tak teen movie to aaha chuke h clash k liye..

  20. its an insult to salman to even think of comparing both movies :D

    Lekin mujhe ye bewakoof parshya bahut accha lagta hai.. world will b a boring place without people like him.. conditions apply.. hopefully only few :P

  21. @dishonest man raees movie mainly isiliye postpone hua ki real life raaes k beta is movie case daala tha ,aur srkian first know the full fact of srk then talk here haters always waiting for trolling here aur ek karan bhi tha movie postpone hone ko kyu ki tb sallu aur srk bht saalo k baad ek hue the salmn k behn ki shadi me

  22. sallu fans bolte sallu se sab darkr bhagte koi nhi dar rhe h aajkl me sab jante h ki content se hi movie chlta h tabhi sunny deol confident h aur is year sallu clash hi krnewala h jada dekhengr agr jitta too stardum pata chlega nahi too maannai pdega sallu fans ko ki sallu local star h ,agr tubelight movie k content n wom accha h too definitly collect around 300 bt it will not breaks aamir record ,if wom accha nhi h too 100-150 bas h eid k next week bhi bht movie aa rha h tooo bht competition h ab

  23. Bhaiyyaji Superhit features cast of Preity Zinta, Ameesha Patel, Arshad Warsi, Evelyn Sharma, Mithun Chakraborty, Prakash Raj and Shreyas Talpade
    aab kya hoga Tubelight ka?
    Bhaiyaji superhit=100cr

  24. Kids: Cant clash with a Khan movie, let's shift the release month.
    Adults: Cant clash with a Khan movie, let's shift the release day.
    Legends: Movie release date, you ask? Let's clash with a Khan!

    Disclaimer: For the weak-hearted prone to panic attacks and pangs of anger, the above message was intended as a joke. Rest your horses.

  25. @ parshya or fan pk or whatever i have heard these things about many sites that they are salman paid sites. boxofficeindia , indicine even bollywood arena and many more. you can ask the question to any website or trade person that who is the biggest star you will get the same answer, so why only accusing indicine. you can ask bollywood arena this question and let's see what's their answer.

    as far as i am concerned i follow boi.com and that too only their boxoffice numbers and never accuse them for increasing aamir's hits and srk's blockbusters though it was very annoying, i don't follow anybody's opinion whether it is indicine or boi.com.

    1. hahaaha...
      then ask bollyarena....
      at the time of Dangal release Bollyarena supports Dangal whereas Sallucine supports Sultan for highest grosser of the year.(in 12 days sallucine ka band bajaya Aamir ne)
      finally bollyarena wins .

    2. biggest star still chasing Aamirs record...what a shame!!!
      after HAHK(madhuri starrer) could not give a single ATHG.
      but whenever Aamir comes, thrashes his record
      sallus highest 321cr....thrashed in 14 days flat.
      sultan .....thrashed in 12 days flat.
      kick.......thrashed in 10 days flat by PK

  26. Salman to gaya....his carrier will destroy after this clash................
    Hahaha! Just joking friends , i m really a fan of both actors......& i believe this clash will not happen but if happen then no difference will come in friendship of sallu and sunny

  27. @chndra Prasad...Aamir films hit on the basis of positive content but Salam film hit on his own satardome with mix content..Got it in your mind..

  28. @chndra Prasad...Aamir films hit on the basis of positive content but Salam film hit on his own satardome with mix content..Got it in your mind.......

  29. Aab sallu fans bolenge
    Thank god bhayaji superhit clash ho rahi hein nahi to hum log kya excuses dete?
    Vaise tubelight to Dangal ka record todnewali to nahi..
    Par unko ye dikh nahi raha Aamir with non masala,demonetization,no national holiday still collects 388cr nahi to kabka 410cr ban jata.

  30. Parshya,Chandra prasad Abey .tum logo ki aukat 2 rupee ki nahi hai aur baat crore ke karta hai.Abey parshya tu bhagwaan hai kya be Jo tu bol dega to movie pit jayegi.Abey ullu ki dum jab tere ko salman pasand nahi to bakwaas karne kyun aata hai

  31. Parshya tere ko salman fan nahi jante bas is site ke log jante hai .salman only star hai Jo festiveles PE movie release karta hai.baki ke star to movie release hi nahi karte festiveles PE .

  32. aby mery bete parshya tera amir to srk sy dar gya wo b indirect clash secret superstar 4aug ko aani thi mgr fastival k ckr me movie postpone kr di tingo ne
    Dar kr bhag gya tingo lamir

  33. Parshya
    Ignore this honest man
    He had promised that if Raees will cross 25cr on day2 he will leave chindicine or sallucine. But he shamelessly posted 50plus cmnts there
    And sallus pr can buy all trade sites but truth isnt hidden8

  34. @ parshya or fan pk a simple answer salman has 4 record breaking opening day, 6 record breaking weekend, 7 record breaking single day and 5 record breaking first week this decade. that's why he is called number 1. no actor is even close to him in these things this decade. infact no actor has ever any decade like this . in fact many actor can not get those numbers through out their career. for example salman has 6 record breaking weekend this decade while aamir has 4 record breaking weekend in overall career. salman has 5 record breaking first week this decade while aamir has the same amount in overall career. so what salman does in one decade aamir fails to do that in overall career and let's not talk about gangu teli khan. if this is not enough to give him number 1 position then what is needed.

    despite of dangal's release salman's opening day record, weekend record , first week record all are safe in the domestic market and even overseas market which is much weaker zone of salman, to phir kaheka number 1 aamir.
    and let's not talk about gangu teli srk who has 3 record breaking opening day in overall career which is equal to abhishek bachchan.

    1. Are tu pagal hein kya?
      See the release date of all the movies
      Of sallu having 2 days holiday in opening weekend and also many films were opening on holiday.Aamir did not have holiday for opening day and also got 1 holiday in opening weekend.thats why
      Still Dangal-107cr

  35. @ parshya or fan pk that's why i have not only taken opening day records, i have talked about single day records and weekend records and also first week records and aamir films have got holidays at some point in those first week. and in all of those departments salman is way ahead of anyone .
    dabangg 2 created opening weekend record of all time without any holiday in first three days while pk failed to do it. and i have said i follow boi.com abd according to them dangal's weekend was 104.5 approx and sultan in 105.5 approx so sultan holds the highest weekend record and also the first week record. so in opening
    dabangg2> pk and dangal

  36. @Parshya-Don't talk with this "gawar" dishonest man and don't give him any attention. He reduces credits of other superstars(SRK has 5 opening day record) but shamelessly takes the credits of Madhuri, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor etc. Deduct them from his career and he is a straight 2010 born Local star who was dependent on Multistarrers until 2010. Even BOI understands it and doesn't give Gangu Teli Sallu the number 1 spot except in the 2010 decade. So don't pay him unnecessary attention, he is dishonest to the core.

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