Beyond The Clouds New Trailer

This April 20th, celebrate relations, dreams and life! Check out the brand new trailer of Beyond The Clouds. The film marks the debut of Ishaan Khattar who is the brother of actor Shahid Kapoor.

15 comments on “Beyond The Clouds New Trailer”

  1. Buht hogaya nepotism

    List will br long

    About to entr are ishaan khattar, sara khan, jhanvi

    Soon we will see Taimoor Khan, Aryan khan, Suhana khan, Aarav Kumar, ahaan panday, alanaay panday

    Band karo nepotism ko support.

    1. Where is your TikTik you hypocrite??? And by the way who are you???? What are your achievements to criticize those who have achieved a lot in their life which others only dream to achieve and the top 2 names you mentioned are simply ruling the industry and exhibitors and distributors are relying on them. Your so called self made star srk or akshay are not even near the feet of aamir and Salman in stardom and box office success. So keep your mouth shut and get lost. You hypocrite.

      1. I m not criticizing any star, i m criticizing nepotism. either you are against nepotism or for nepotism. If you are against nepotism then be against all stars. If you are for nepotim then allow all and dont criticize anyone incl kjo. Take one stance n sticj with it.

          1. TikTik aka hrithik is son of famous producer Rakesh roshan who is famous for their super calculator that goes to any exteent when it comes to manipulations.:)

      2. Sadly he is not a son of any actor/director
        Else even he would be a superstar today
        And excuse me? Srk has always been in the league of salman
        Its just last 3/4 yrs that sallu is ahead

    2. 2035 diwali has been booked for launch of abram khan, misha and aradhya bachchan as Triangle love story produced by dharma.

      1. Story line and star cast has changed. 2035 diwali release will be remake of Dil to pagal hai. Launching 4 youngster by dharmas. Abram will play shahrukh role, misha as kareena, aradhya in madhuri role. New entrant in str cast is taimur ali khan who will play akshay role.

        This movie will clash on 2035 dieali with established superstars action film staring aarav and sara ali khan.

        1. Apne ko bhi future yahi lag raha hai. Baki sub to theek lag raha hai. Taimur 2035 mein thora chota nahin par jayega akshay ka role kai lye ?

  2. Old nepotism product working


    Young nepotism product

    Shradha kapoor
    Sonam kapoor
    Sooraj pancholi
    Athiya shetty

    Holy shit. About all youngsters are insiders. Who remain. Sushant singh and kartik aryan. Gone are days of anushkas and deepikas self made stars

    Future nepotism products ready to lauch

    Ishaan khattar
    Jhanvi kapoor
    Sara ali khan
    Aryan khan
    Suhana khan
    Aarav (akshay son)
    Karan deol (son of sunny)
    Ananya panday
    Ahaan panday

    After a generation

    Abram khan
    Taimur ali khan
    Aaradhya bachchan

    media already calling kids future stars

    Holy shit man

    Where will this end

  3. Best nepotism movie award goes to Kshatriya in wich Sunil dutt played
    father to real-life son Sanjay Dutt and Dharmendr played father to real-life son Sunny Deol.

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