Befikre Trailer

Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor starrer Befikre trailer is out now. The film is helmed by Aditya Chopra and will release on 9 December 2016.

Watch trailer and tell us your views in comments section.

13 comments on “Befikre Trailer”

  1. Avg to Abv avg trailer.... Songs looks good... But Still have hopes on this film...

  2. Looks like Tamasha 2, only difference is no emotional scene in this one…..Strictly for youngsters only……

    Bollywood is rising and competing with Hollywood, but only in SEX movies (like Kissing and Intimate scenes) and in other departments like Action, VFX, Content and Out of the Box thinking, we are like a Tollywood in front of Hollywood……

    Hope from TZH we match the level of Hollywood in Action Movies atleast....

  3. Really disappointed, but honestly after watching all the Posters I have not much expectation from this movie, in deep down I know that trailer will be like this, so disappointed but not surprise…..

    Nothing new from Ranveer already saw him in this type of role before like in BBB, LvsRB, Gunday……Vaani looks ugly in this movie (sorry if someone hurt), but I really like her in SDR…..

  4. A ''cool'' girl who wants to have just fun without love or commitment and a boy who plays the game as she wanted but begins falling in love with the girl... All the movie is just about that and they make love and dance and make love and dance and make love and dance... What a crap! Trade analysts who expcet this movie to enter the 100 cr club are totally useless!

  5. It's an OK trailer for me has stuff of aditya style overall look fine but the climax dialogue in the Trailer really killed the germs ...nailed it hailed it grilled it.

  6. That last dialogue literally made me ROFL. :P
    Interesting movie.Something new.Good trailer.Now waiting for Shivaay,Tum bin 2,Befikre,Dangal.

  7. The definition of how youth should be, by the so called intellectuals of Bollywood is, how naked you can go, how vulgar you can go, sleep with who ever you want. Shocking to see such a third grade film from Aditya Chopra. The only difference between the so called B grade films and this film is , it is shot in foreign locations and acted by top league actors..

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