Befikre Trailer Review

Befikre Trailer Review: After teasing us with exotic pictures of Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor kissing, YRF has finally released the first trailer of Befikre on Monday night. The film is directed by Aditya Chopra and is releasing on 9 December 2016.

Befikre Trailer Review

Ranveer Singh plays Dharam, who meets Syra (Vaani Kapoor) in Paris. There is a lot of kissing, dancing and a no rules, no limits affair. The trailer shows the two happy-go-lucky leads having all kinds of fun together without any strings attached. There is no hint of the carefree romance turning sentimental.

The trailer is around 160 seconds long. It has been shot in exotic locations and has a peppy track playing in the background. But except that it has nothing going in its favor. There is nothing in the trailer except the lead pair dancing and kissing. The plot is missing and there is no hint of the story.

Befikre Trailer Review

Vaani Kapoor fails to impress as she was one-dimensional throughout the trailer. Her looks are also a big letdown as the actress has done a chin surgery and now she does not look desirable at all. It is a negative point in a film which is full of lust and sensations. Ranveer Singh does not need to act as the character is similar to his off-screen persona.

Bollywood has already tried ideas of boy-girl roaming in Europe with friends with benefits and eventually falling in love. But there is not a single hint of story or plot in Befikre trailer which makes it worse.

Befikre Trailer Review: Verdict

Overall the trailer is a big disappointment. The posters hinted about the theme of the film and we were ready to witness something fresh. But director Aditya Chopra has presented unrealistic and completely nonsense stuff.

Currently, rom-com films having a plot in overseas are not faring well at the box office. Instead, it is the desi flavor films which appeal to pan-India audience. Befikre is going to face a tough time at the box office unless it had superp-solid content.

Rating: 1/5

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30 comments on “Befikre Trailer Review”

  1. This might be your sensible review to date, BollyArena! Trailer is standard against which all badness can be measured.

  2. Not Aditya Chopra but Bollyarena has presented a completely non sense review.Anyways I doesn't care about your reviews anymore.Except reviews Bollyarena is fine.

    1. Befikre trailer has crossed 4M views on YouTube in 16 hours which is the highest for any Bollywood movie.

  3. Great Review, 1 star is perfect for this trailer.....Now all depend on movie, if it does not have anything new to show then it will be Flop or even Disaster....

  4. @Bollyarena

    I Think The Main Problem is They Did Not Show Any Family Angle

    & you Are a Family Man Who Will Have Kiss,Sex,Marraige with One and only Girl Who Will Be your Soul Mate & if Aditya Chopra Can Show The Same Thing like His Previous Films Then You Will Like every Thing About That......

    For Me Refreshing Trailer Not Like The other Films Who Always Show 2 Happy Couple Having everything with Each other & Then Become Sentimental In Between their Families to Have A Happy Life With Each Other & Obviously Through an Exotic Marriage with Witty Chachis & Maamis & Booas.............

    For Me Great Trailer & Something Different from usual Rom-coms with Senti Families & Marriage..............

    1. Yep! It's a good trailer.It is a rom com not a sanskaar movie and if you laughed while watching the trailer then trailer has done justice which Befrikre did.

      1. Are bhai india were ruled by british and still are ruled by them coz majority of us still liked to be slave of others and follow them with every aspect....

      2. Hey Bro........ You Are Supporting A Film in Which Hero is romancing with 2 Ladies & Kissing & Having Sex In Foreign Way & On the Other Hand You Are Talking about Indian Culture Which Don't Allow Someone To Show Their Intimate Love & Relationship with 2 & More in Same Time.............

        Atleast Stick in One Thing At one hand You are Supporting ADHM & On the other Hand Talking about Indian Culture............

        & pls Don't Use the Word Copy Because The Language you Are using is actually came from West............Mobile Came from West & You are talking about Copy if We don't Have something which West Have then Their Is No Bad To Remake that..................

        1. bro I was reffering to your above comment...not about adhm or befikre...yes families are important for us bcz we love our culture.

          your second point is funny as i have written, no need to copy cat "everything" what West does. sure we should adopt technology to be in the race but dont lose our deep rooted culture

  5. Our Indian Audience Always like Puja,Bhagwan,Family Oriented Films & So they Will Never Like These Trailer With Lots Of Public Kissing because In India Even Using Kiss Sex Fuck type Of Words Publicly Always Thought as a Taboo.........That is Why The Posters & Now The Trailer Is Getting Negative Response like Last Year Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Got Bad Response due to Its Open Love & Fucking Scenes but Got Huge Opening & Lastly Got Banned in Our Sati,Savitri & Tulsi Great India.

  6. one of the most bakwaas movie of the decade befikre...(porn movie)...

    is this our Indian film or Hollywood porn film....boycott befikre. if we are true Indian and respect of our culture ......

    1. Baby Then Pls Boycott English Language first With Shirts pants & Mobile & Except Dhoti Kurta............

      oho Sorry ha I uses English Language & You are a Saccha Bharatiya Nagrik so I think You Will unable to Read my Comment But First of All Pls Break your Mobile Because its Technology actually came from West

  7. Films Like Pyar Ka Punchnama & Its Sequal,Shuddh Desi Romance works Because They Did Not Add any Family Angle & Sukhi Marriage Life & Only Focused on Their Live in Relation & It Works With Youth Its Target Audience but Many Rom-com Starts with A Happy go Lucky Couple & Then Family & Marriage Life Kills the Interest of Youth because As a Youth who like long Rona-Dhona scenes With Family in College Lovers Happy Love Hate Relationship & People Want to Watch Films For Entertainment & Today's Youth don't Like The Films Which Will Give Them Sentimental Family Values & Importance of One Marriage.

    This Film Will Work Due to Its Fresh Theme.

    Other Youth targeted films like Baar Baar Dekho,Tamasha Did not Work because of Their Family & Sentimental Values & Dialogues......................

  8. The trailer is so Dull that, there is no twist in the story of the film ....

  9. Excellent review.. not even worth 1 star. Disappointing to see even big director like Aditya Chopra had to make such a cheap film to prove that he can make 'youthful' films? Remember boys film by director Sankar

  10. U r too generous giving 1 out of five.. It should have been rated in minus.. Horrendous, horrific trailer.. Will be epic failure..

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