Beauty and The Beast opens with massive $63.78 million

Disney's Beauty and The Beast has opened to massive $63.78 million on Friday. The film has chances to challenge the all time opening record of March.

Beauty and The Beast is expected to collect $160-170 million in the first three days. The current record is being held by Batman Vs Superman which collected $166 million in the opening weekend. Though Batman v Superman has a higher opening day ($81.5 million) but it had a huge fall on Sunday as the word of mouth was on the negative side.

Beauty and The Beast will also record the highest opening of 2017 beating Logan. The holdover releases, Kong Skull Island collected $7.30 million and Logan collected $4.67 million on 2nd and 3rd Friday respectively.

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  1. Hollywood films can perform well in India if it got good response good marketing and release date..but most of the time it fails.( like Kong Skull Island).

    So its my expectation for Upcoming Hollywood films if it got decent promotion in India ..but in Bracket I included my prediction on the base of buzz , expected response and possible rls date etc.

    Power Rangers 10-20cr( 13cr)
    Fast 8 80-120( 100cr)
    Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 15 - 35(20cr)
    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 - 40cr- 90cr( 55cr)
    The Wonder Women - 10-15cr ( 15cr)
    The Mummy - 35cr - 85cr(45cr)
    Transformers 5 - 40cr-90cr (57cr)
    Spiderman Homecoming - 45 - 100(60cr)
    War For The planet of The Apes - 15 - 35(22cr)
    The Dunkirk - 15 - 35 ( 22cr)
    Annabelle 2 - 15 - 45cr (20cr)
    Geostorm - 10-20(12cr)
    Thor 3 - 20-45cr (30)
    Justice League - 40cr - 90cr (44cr)
    Star Wars 8 - 10 - 25( 17cr)
    Jumanji - 10-20cr ( 10cr)

  2. So that means it will have minimum 350mln dollar in North America alone....So on an average it will probably earn 900mln dollar world wide....even 1200mln dollar is a possibility...

  3. i really appreciate that you also cover hollywood films as most of indian tabloids dont do that

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