Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Review

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review

There are only 3 days left before the release of one of the most awaited film of 2016. Here is our first unofficial Batman Vs Superman Dawa of Justice review.

When Warner Bros announced the film in 2013, there was too much hype excitement and hype. But with the passage of time, our excitement was tempered. The movie got delayed, and then Batman and Superman was preponed to avoid the clash with Captain America which is now releasing on 6 May 2016. The trailer of Batman Vs Superman was well received but it did not generate that much hype.

But now everyone is highly anticipating the release of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film which is going to hit the screens this Friday is pitting two of the biggest comic book heroes of all time against each other. I am sure that all of you are waiting desperately to see the film on big screen. I was lucky enough to watch the movie in the special screening. So here is my reaction and review of this latest DC Comics film.

Batman Vs Superman Review (Spoiler Free)

batman vs superman dawn of justice review

I went on to watch with few doubts in mind especially about Ben Affleck playing the Batman. The film opens with a flashback of the Zod fight from Bruce Wayne's perspective. As I have earlier mentioned that I have some doubts regarding Ben Affleck's character but at the end he has become my most favorite Batman ever (even though I am die hard fan of Christian Bale). Ben Affleck has completely nailed his role. The second thing which I like the most was terrific action sequences between Batman and Superman. It was undoubtedly the most difficult aspect to show on big screen but the action between both super heroes looked so real (by the way it could have been avoided). Wonder Woman shines in her bad ass avatar. Alfred is always a delight to watch.


But for me editing was a problem as at some times the film seems to be going nowhere. Also we all know Batman's past and his sufferings so why to mention that every time. When you are watching Batman V Superman, you already knew that its going to be Batman's film which is quite unfair actually.


Director Zack Synder has done superb job and definitely an improvement since Man of Steel. His portrayal of characters was the real USP of the film. The background score does add drama and thrill. There is also a good dose of humour and emotions which do not go well with me at least.

What I like:

  • Ben Affleck (Hands Down)
  • Realistic action sequences
  • Unorthodox climax
  • VFX
  • Good build up for future Justice League


What I did not like:

  • Movie becomes too predictable at times
  • Editing should have better
  • Camera work is not good


Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Review: My Final Verdict

Batman Vs Superman Review

Overall it is pretty good watch. If you are a DC Comic fan, you will definitely gonna love it. Even if you are not, you will at least enjoy it. The film may not be remembered as the best superhero movie but it will provide a solid launching pad for Justice League in future. I am going with 3.5/5 stars.


Note: It is an unofficial review. Bollyarena may or may not agree with that. Anyway you can discuss about Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice review in the comments section and tell us what are your expectations.

6 comments on “Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Review”

  1. So here is my reaction and review of this latest marvel film. MARVEL¿?¿?¿?¿?

    DC COMICS!!!!

  2. I also give this an 8/10. Definitely not a perfect movie, but still great.

    Not as good as Avengers, but definitely better than Age of Ultron (which had way better reviews by critics on Rotten Tomatoes). Lost some respect for the critics on there now.

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