Batman Vs Superman 1st Week Box Office Collection

Batman Vs Superman 1st Week Box Office Collection India

The most awaited super hero movie Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice has a decent first week. As per the estimates Batman Vs Superman box office collection in the first week in India will be close to 36 crore.

The film had a great start as it collected a huge amount on Thursday previews and Friday. Later on it could not show much growth over the weekend due to the ongoing world cup. There was also regular drop on weekdays.

Batman Vs Superman received mostly negative reviews and the word of mouth was also mixed. But the strong initial has helped the film to recover its distributor's cost. In the second week, the film will be competing with Ki and Ka in multiplexes. Also Kapoor and Sons is still maintaining a decent pace. So Batman Vs Superman can finish its lifetime run at 45 crore.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5-7
36.35  Cr


Tell us what are your views regarding Batman Vs Superman 1st week box office collection in India in the comments section.

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  1. Prediction for Hollywood movies 2016 in bracket Domestic grossCaptian America 3 1.35 billion$(450 million dollor)Finding Dory 1.3 (385)Batman v Superman 950(350)Starwars rogue one 1.05(500)Zootopia 1 billion dollar(290)Moana 950million(300)Independence day 2 900(270)Ice age 5 838(135)Jungle book 750(250)Deadpool 745(345)Alice in wonderland 2 735(185)Xmen Apocalypse 720(235)Kung fu Panda 680(150)Fantastic beasts where to find them 630(265)TMNT 2 600(190)Bourn 567(267)Star trek 540(235)Doctor strange 525(240)Tarzan 490(140)Angry birds 485(170)Suicide squad 430(195)BFG 425(135)Assassin creed 420(133)Warcraft 400(130)Revenant 390(165)Passengers 390(170)Petes dragon 385(140)NUSM2 368(148)Inferno 365(95)Conjuring 2 363(140)Huntsman 300(88)MBFGW 2 290(140)Ghostbusters 275(165)Divergent 3 250(91)Ben hur 230(80)Jack reacher 2 230(90)Central intelligence 220(115)Underworld 5 150(45)Deepwater horizon145(95)10 Cloverfield lane 140(70)Landon has fallen 120(70)

  2. Prediction for Hollywood movies 2016 in bracket Domestic gross.

    Captain America 3 1.35 billion$(450 million dollor)
    Finding Dory 1.3 (385)
    Batman v Superman 950(350)*
    Starwars rogue one 1.05(500)
    Zootopia 1 billion dollar(290)
    Moana 950million(300)
    Independence day 2 900(270)
    Ice age 5 838(135)
    Jungle book 750(215)
    Deadpool 745(345)*
    Alice in wonderland 2 735(185)
    Xmen Apocalypse 720(235)
    Kung fu Panda 680(150)*
    Fantastic beasts where to find them 630(265)
    TMNT 2 600(190)
    Bourn 567(267)
    Star trek 540(235)
    Doctor strange 525(240)
    Tarzan 490(140)
    Angry birds 485(170)
    Suicide squad 430(195)
    BFG 425(135)
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    Revenant 390(165)*
    Passengers 390(170)
    Petes dragon 385(140)
    NUSM2 368(148)
    Inferno 365(95)
    Conjuring 2 363(140)
    Huntsman 300(88)
    MBFGW 2 290(140)
    Ghostbusters 275(165)
    Divergent 3 250(91)
    Ben hur 230(80)
    Jack reacher 2 230(90)
    Central intelligence 220(115)
    Underworld 5 150(45)
    Deepwater horizon145(95)
    10 Cloverfield lane 140(70)
    Landon has fallen 120(70)

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