Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Bahubali : Box Office Collection Comparison

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Bahubali Worldwide Collection


*Note: This article is updated. Please scroll down to check the update.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Bahubali:

Some days back we posted an article about Bajrangi Bhaijaan worldwide collection and the fact that it has beaten Bahubali record. But there has been very much confusion among the audience about how it has surpassed Bahubali as there have been diffrernt figures circulating in media. Today we will explain some of the facts that ordinary people don’t know.

It’s been a record-breaking couple of weeks for film business in India. Both ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ are doing phenomenal business in the domestic markets and outside. But comparing a Telugu film ‘Baahubali’ with a Hindi film is not as simple and straight forward as comparing two Hindi films. There are so many factors that differentiate the two film industries.

Let’s first analyse some of the facts about both films.


Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Salman Khan
Release Date
Normal Day
Eid Weekend
125 Cr
75 Cr
IMDB Rating


Now we will compare Bajrangi Bhaijaan vs Bahubali box office collection. But first understand these terms.

  • Worldwide Gross: The total collections from ticket sales all over the world. Including entertainment tax.
  • India Gross: The total collections from ticket sales in India. Including entertainment tax.
  • India Net Collections: Entertainment tax is deducted from total gross collections.

Now keep in mind that Bahubali makers have given gross figures only which is usually done for Telugu films. While for Hindi films net collection are prefered.

*Update 29 July 2015: Bajrangi Bhaijaan has finally beaten Bahubali worldwide collection. Bajrangi Bhaijaan has crossed Bahubali 17 days collection in just 12 days. The film is showing better trends than the Telugu film and it will have a better hold in second and third week. While Bahubali is expected to cross 500 crore worldwide, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is eying at 600 crore.

*Update 5 August:  Both Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Baahubali has crossed 500 crore at the worldwide box office. Though Bajrangi Bhaijaan is still ahead of Bahubali but the Prabhas starrer is showing better trends in third and fourth week. In fact Bahubali third week collection will be better than Bajrangi Bhaijaan. But still Bajrangi Bhaijaan will remain ahead of Bahubali due to the excellent second week.

*Update 12 August: Baahubali has hold up better in third and fourth week and the difference between between both these films is just 20 crore. After four open weeks, Bahubali is now facing competition from Mahesh Babu's Srimanthudu. Bajrangi bhaijaan will also be out from most of cinemas in next week as Brothers is releasing. It will be interesting to see which film remains ahead after they complete their run.

*Update 22 August: A close battle is going on between Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Baahubali. The difference between the two films have been shortened to just 19 crore. Both these films have slowed down now as the new films have released. Especially Telugu film Srimanthudu and Kick 2 have taken a lot of screens away from Baahubali and ended its 4 weeks free run at box office. On the other hand Bajrangi Bhaijaan will only add few more crores before it completes its run.

So this week will decide that who will be ultimate winner between Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Baahubali.

Bahubali Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan

*Note: These all are worldwide gross figures.


Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
1st Week Total
2nd Week
3rd Week
4th Week
Remainig Weeks
Grand Total
596 (56 Days)
626 (49 Days)


In terms of gross figures, Kick will also edge past Baahubali. The tax rates are much lower down South especially for local films. Due to which first week net collection of Bahubali (186 Cr) will be on par with Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

But Bahubali was a regional film which have no popular star in all over India. The fact that it has broken some records is an outstanding achievement. We should be proud of both these films rather than starting hate speech against each other. If Bahubali was a land mark film in the history of Indian cinema having stunning visuals then Bajrangi Bhaijaan is also a path breaking film which conveys the message of peace and love between India and Pakistan.

Also tell us what you think about Bajrangi Bhiajaan Vs Bahubali box office comparison.

130 comments on “Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Bahubali : Box Office Collection Comparison”

      1. [email protected] man if u know something really then give an article......when ur so intelligent to mention entertainment tax where is ticket price and [email protected] cartoon south is not single market it had 4 different industries how canu say baahubali had advantage in total south n update is missing now baahubali is in 650 cr beaten bb and baahubali budget 120 cr,outside ap even baahubali had great tax than bb and bb is exempted in UP which is 4 times bigger than ap while baahubali is not exempted anywhere......so kick did more than baahubali lolll bafoon site,cartoon people

  1. We are proud of to bahubali directr to give ths type of film whch mke our india pride

  2. Kahi na kahi bhedbhaw ho raha hai, Bahubali ko 4000 aur Bajrangi Bhaijaan ko 4500 screen, aisa kyu ?

    1. wo isliya geeta q ki theater walo ko jo film jyada chalne ki umid hoti h wo apne theater mai wohi film lagate h odiance ki mang k anusar teak h n

      1. Yes issliye ab bahubali 2 ko 6500 screen mili hai.
        Aur Prabhash ab Bollywood stars ki band bajayega uski agli movie ka Budget 150 cr hai (not bahubali 2)

  3. Excuse me miss geeta....bahubali in 4 languages & bajrangi bhaijaan in only 1 language... hisab barabar...

  4. bajrangibhaijan ka fake collection.... bahubali 3days 169 crore history of Indian movie.... ish may to 160 crore....barabar kyai 4languahe ya 1 ish may koi parkh nahi screen may tho ashli parkh .....

  5. i think many people jst see collection war btween these two movies

    but we should grow up.... n not to comment bad about any of the 1 . both are awsome movies... so jst enjoy

  6. bhajrangi movies released worldwide but bahubali only in india.

    bhajrangi is worst movie against bahubali such a great movie

    1. R u mad out of ur mind which movie r u compairing with bajrangi bhaijaan the best movie 2015 have u watched the movie it touches ur heart how can u say its bad i don't know.

  7. Salman bhai great n all I don't know..sabka attitude pal-do-pal ki kahani he, salman bhai ki Akad khandani he that's it.

  8. indians bahut chutiye h jo log bajrangi bhaijaan jaisi chutiye movie ki tareef karte h.. saala hal m bore hona pda bajrangi bhaijaan lund movie k liye..

    1. waah isne ekdum dil ki baat kahi

      poori indian public chutiya hai aur begairat hai. jo aadmi ek terrorist ko support karta hai uski movie dekhkar khud hi apne liye goli maang raha hai, aisi begairat public aur kis desh ki ho sakti hai, mera bharat mahan

  9. bahubali is d best bahubali normal day par release hui par bhaijan ed par release hui itna bada diff. h uper se salman khan more popular than bahubali actor or abhi ek or baat bahubali puri nagi release hui abhi ek part baki h mere dost fir compare karana.

  10. Bahubali z the best movie evr made in India. Bhajrangi bhaijaan is not as good as Bahubali. Prabhas Rocks

  11. Bajrangi bhaijaan ho ya Bahubali Hum to bas yahi lahenge .... जय जय जय बजरंग बलि।
    जय भोलेनाथ शिव शंकर कैलाशपति।

  12. why they are not showing the indian collections of both the films........baahubali is way beyond bajarangi.

    and also now left p.k behind................bollywood doesnt have that standard only they have some public which is mad over these dhongis.........

  13. O yar ye to dhekho Bahubali or Bajarangi ka compare.

    4000 screen ---------------- 4500 screen

    Normal day release --------- Id ke din

    Esa hero jisaka jyada halls n h------------ famous hero

    502 kr-----------------552 kr

    1 week 169 kr Jo normal h-------------- id special 46.31 kr

    Breviary movi--------------------imosnal movie

    Islia bahubali ek batren movie h bajaranji nhi.

    My bot bahubali.......b.b.b.b.b............

  14. Bahubali jaise wrost movie kabhi nahi dekha ...kyu margaye sablog yeh movie dekhne ke liye ...kuchbhi nahi...time barbad paise barbad!!!!

  15. Hmesha hi eid per flim release krta h diwali per release krta to pta chalta bahubali achi h yaa bajrangi bhaijaan

  16. Dear geeta Salam is a superstar and Prabhas is not a bollywood star dats y , but just wait next part of bhahubali will make a big record, bhahubali is an amzing movie and make every indian proud, hope bollywood will learn and change there trend and in coming future tollywood will fight with bollywood for there most of the movies for box office collection if they make movies like dat

    1. s u r right salman khan is exp hero but prabhas is not exp hero but now world wind prabhas real hero

  17. Comment:Bajrangi bhaijaan All time blockbuster jo log ye keh rhe hai ki Bajrangi bhaijaan collection fake hai wo log sayad pade likhe nhi hai agr pde likhe hote tu internet pr search kre kiya collection hai 22 days collection Bajrangi bhaijaan 306crr in india nd Wordwide collection 580crr

    or Bahubali 29 days collection 4 version language Wordwide collection 505crr agr Bajrangi bhaijaan ko 4 version me realease krte tu collection 1000crr hota hai Salman bhai ki har movie me collection jabardast hota hai pr south ki movie koi koi ati hai Bahubali not compere Bajrangi bhaijaan ye Bollywood ke hero hai south wale Bollywood ko dekh kr jeete hai Salman khan jaisa koi bhi south me nhi hoga jab Salman ki movie ka collection jyada hota hai tu kuch log aise hote hai jinko nind bhi nhi Aati or tenson lete hai yaar itna collection keise ho hota hai Salman bhai ki movie ka jisse afwaah felaate hai ki fak collection hai bhaiyo net pr search kro abhi pta chal jayga collection kiya Bajrangi bhaijaan ka salman back to back 8 movie 100crr club 2 movie 200crr club nd 1 movie 300 crr club Bahubali ne hindi version me sirf 100crr hi kamay ha ha ha ha ha ha ha or bajrangi bhaijaan 306crr hindi version me sirf south me ek Bahubali hi hai jisne itna collection kiya vrna btao kisne kiya itna collection or na koi anewali movie itna collection kregii ye baat dimaag me dal lo ok or salman ki Sultaan this eid 2016

    1. what abt prem ratan dhan payo hahahahaha salman movie south me aye tho 1000cr hahahaha cartoon like this author hahahaha prabhas didnt took any hero help of bollywood for baahubali salman took help of local superstar ramcharan help for dub of prdp voice of salman hahhahahah lifetime collection of prdp in telugu 3.5 cr baahubali 1st day collection in north 5.5 cr

  18. Comment: oye tu kaun hai mai nhi janta bt itna bta jb bekar hi tha to dekhne kyu gaya tha aur galti se chala bhi gaya tha to bhag kyu nhi gaya

  19. Comment:bahubali kya hai bhai ke sath agar koi holliwod movie b compair karo to bo bhi 2nd hi hoga....

    Salman is alwas salman

  20. Comment:na pravas na sarukh ye salman he boss

    Agar sare film star ek taraf aur salman bhai ek taraf to bhi bhai jan hi hit karenge...

  21. Movies are just for entertainment. well, i have not watched Bahubali but i would say that Bajrangi Bhaijaan is an awesome movie of the year.

  22. bajrangi bhaijaan movie jaise koi movie nhi very nice story and roll to bhut acha nibaya sallu bhai or koi nhi uske jaisa ok sab log ek baat maan lo sallu to sallu bhai uski thakkar koi nhi le sakta koi bhi kyo na ho mera sallu mhan bhaijaan

  23. Thats the advantage for bhajrangi bhaijan. It has more reach since its hindi movie. But bahubali is a regional movie. Bahubali cant be compared with BB. We need to appreciate rajamouli for his creativity. Bahubali doesnt have any bollywood hero or rajinikanth.even though it has reached to people just with its content.

    1. it is because of language problem.

      hindi is a national language every one know.

      if it is released in telugu only you cannot understand.

      if the movie released in English every country in the world understand.

    1. Those figures (470 Cr) are net, while 570 crore is a gross. As Baahubali all collection by producers has been given in gross figures so we have to compare gross collection of both movies.

      1. i am not referring 470 as net it is the actual gross and plz stop fooling with people......they must have done something with pk too.....it has grossed 338 cr. gross in india and 400 world wide.........now i keep doubting that too

  24. to speak the truth bajarangi did not collect 570 crores......i think bollywood is envious of the success that bahubali has become......bajarangi has collected as on today only 467 crores worldwide........

  25. no any film in box office who beat the record of bajrangi bhaijan. ................

  26. Bahubali ek film jo soch ko Sach sabbit kare aur bataye ke mahenat aur hosla ho tho hum Indian film ki popularity international film ko thakar denge ,aur hamari film woh dekne ko majboor ho jayenge .Thanks to S's rajamouli ,cast .prabhas,rana ,anushka, tammanna. Bajrangi bhaijaan is a nice movie ,collection ke bhare me kuch nahi bolunga kyunki dono Indian movie hai ,but bahubali .bajrangi bhaijaan dono hit film hai. Par bahubali ka compire bajrangi bhaijaan nahi kar sakta hai kyunki bahubali bohut mahenat karke banaya gaya hai ,mein salman ka fan hu but bajrangi bhaijaan ek message movie hai jo hona bohat muskil hai,happy independent day

  27. Comment:haters kabhi nahi sudhrege guyz news channel dekho vaha pe bhi batara hai ki bhaijaan ka collection 570 ke upar hai ..so plz ...koi kitna bhi bol le collection change hone wala nahi hai ....salman rocks

  28. Baahubali is best moovie as compaire to Bajarangi

    Baahubali is very very nice movie than Bajrangi.


  29. bhajrangi baijan story is also from tollywood.... it is written by rajamouli father... so both movie credit goes to tollywood... bollywood is suffering with lack of good scripts...

  30. Is me koi shak nhi ki Bollywood tollywood ki films copy krta h..khud salman ki ktni hit movie tollywood s copy ki gyi h....vese to both movies are different by story....but ydi comparison kiya jaye to koi shak nhi ki baahubali movie is better than b.bhaijaan....Kevel collection he sab kch nhi hota. Mjhe to b.b. s achi movie drishyam lgi.......

  31. Very true..so many foolish people here who believe baahubali is ahead of bajrangi bhaijaan..bt fact that bajrangi bhaijaan is way ahead in terms of collection and success as well...u people should chek Wikipedia and u will get answer..thank u

  32. bajrangi bhaijan a total bakwas movie. no story no acting. bharat pak border ka majak bana kr rakh diya he. jaha border par pehle ghuspet walo ko goli marte he yaha par pyar mohhabat se bat karte dikhaya gaya he. total bakwas. one more salman movies without logic jo bas isliye chal gai kyuki india log nihayat hi baddimag bevkuf aur pagal he jinhe chijo ki parakh nahi he. Bahubali ek achi movie he jo banana hi apne aap me ek achievement he. 5 star to bahubali and 1 star to bajrangi bhaijan

  33. BB salman ki ek aur bakwas movie he. jisme koi story nahi he. jo sirf isliye chal gai kyuki india k log bevkuf aur kam akal he. mehnat se bahubali jesi chiz ban sakti he aur bina mehnat ke bevkuf banane k liye BB jesi.

    1. release hone ke 5 din me bajarangi 260 karod kamaayii? are yaar yeh bilkul bakwaas hai....logon ko chutiya bana rahe hai yeh journalists......samajh mein nahin aata hamare hindustani ek average movie ko bhi sar pe bitha lethe hain.....aur sallu ke fans ko bahut disappointment hogi kyon ki sallu bhai ab jail jaane ka preparations mein hai......

  34. Pagal kute to nhi kata hai phir ais ko tere bap paise det hai... Bahubali na srif 110cr.india mai jeety

  35. are bhaio aur behno.. salman k saath pravas ka comparison
    its to funny.....BB is the best movie i watch ever

    1. are bhai prabhas to telugu film industry ke star hai jinke picture andhra aur telengana mein hi chalthi hai......that is just two states with about 10 crore population aur salman ke picture 29 states mein chalthi hain jisko saara desh dekhta hai.......yaane ki 120 crore ke log ko......tho dono ki comparision karna asambhav hai......agar compare karna hai tho sallu ko tom cruise yaa jackie chan se karo....tab pata chalega sher kaun aur billi kaun......

  36. Karan Joher himself has given credit to Rajamouli as a most tallented director in Indian film industry. So ............... Bahubali is .................best

  37. baahubali is now the top indian grosser with domestic collections of more than 500 crores whereas pk grossed 338 crores in the domestic circuit...why is the press not mentioning this......? maybe too hard for them to digest the fact that now a regional movie is the topmost indian grosser

  38. Comment:

    I watch Bahubali.

    Bahubali is the worst movie I ever seen, its story is too bad. Bahubali is made in 250 Crores and profit is so small according to its budget. If

    we talk Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It is great and fantastic movie I ever seen. Salman Khan's career best performance. Bajrangi Bhaijaan beaten bahubali records in India as well as in world. Bajrangi Bhaijaan made a big profit I like this movie.

  39. Comment: bahubali is not as good as bb. Bahubali ek faltu film hai q ki mein a deka hai. Is film me kuch nahi hai . Sirf end mein war hai. Bb is great

  40. Pk movei world wide 6000 theaters may realise hoga and chinees may be dub kiya bajrangi bhaijan movei 5000 theaters may realise hogaya but bahubali moveiko just 4000 theaters may realise kiya agar 6000 theaters may bahubali realise hogayatho it will sure bahubali definitely cross 800cr mark so bahubali is India's biggest and better movei and prabas is better then Khan's

  41. Are sale Hindi movei pura Hindustan may dekthahi aur market be bad a hi south may market kum hi lekin 5 saal ka pehele 150 cr se robo movei nikala us time may Bollywood may 100cr budjet ek be nahi hi tollywood may abi thak 100 cr mark ek movei be nahi kiya but 250 cr budget se bahubali movei nikala salman khan movei 500 cr mark Cross kiya lekin 250 cr budget se movei karnekeliye salman khan ka upper aur uska stamina per Bollywood producer's ko Barosa be nahi hi

  42. bahubali is jst like other mahabharat war movies. ...
    bt starting me creativity acha hai. ...
    bajrangi bhaijaan is better than bahubali

  43. It is a best joke of india that bajrangi bhaijan is better than bahubali.respect the film which is good never spread politics in movie

  44. bajarangi bhaijaan reched the 2nd highest grosser movie becuz bajarangi bhaijaan total collectio is more than 600 cr. domestic is more than 400cr. so i m very happy and i hope this movie is reach the 1s highest grosser movie and break the pk records

    bajarangi bhaijaan is successful movie more tha bahubali

  45. Bahubali and bajrangi both are best movie ever

    But I think bahubali is very best movie than bajrangi bhaijaan...

  46. kunal ko mental hospital leke jaon aur accha hoga salman ke sath isko bhi pakistan bhejo bajrangi bhaijan ko theatre main ek hi baar dekha jaa sakta hai woh bhi 100 rs ke under

  47. Comment: Bahubali is surely best than BB...go to hell these people who haven't learn to respect a good movie...prabhas best than sallu...prabhas ka 2 3 film dekh lo...pata chal jayega ;-)

  48. Salman ko at a hi kya hai usko idde me film reales karna normal day reales karo kaisa uski band ban jayegi 2000-2009 tak uski koi bhi aishi film chall payi salman khan ye to chutia actor hai Jo amir khan ki copy karta hai amir ke vajse usko ye film mili. Isiliye Amir amir hai ye compare karna chod do amir in sabka baap hai samjhe.

  49. Da second day coolection of bahubali was 52cr, 3rd day 57.7cr n da total worldwide collection 4 da first week was 311cr.

  50. Ofcourse BaahuBali is the best movie bcoz its hving a diffrnt story n its an tamil movie n a tamil movie can beat all the records of bolly wood if it can b a blokbsster movie then its a gr8 thng BAAHUBALI♡♡♡

  51. Comment: screen actor ka good willdekh k milti hai parahas ko time hai abi Salman bhai k level me aane ko. Samjhe

  52. Both the movies are written by one person Mr. Vijendra Prasad who is the father of Mr. S.S Rajamouli (director of Bahubali)

  53. Bajrangi bhaaijan best film in 2015 with top earning baahubali is also nice bt total earning of bajrangi bhaaijan beats baahubali..


  55. One thing we all forgot. The story writer for both the pictures is Mr.Viajyander Prasad father of SS Rajamouli(Director of Bahubali). Let i put in this way both the pictures blockbusters of indian cinema.

  56. Bajrangi bhaijaan was such a boring movie while baahubali was so interesting,i don't understand how did Bajrangi bhaijaan raced Baahubali

  57. are u mad?watch baahubali first and then talk.Frankly speaking BB is no match for Baahubali but it raced baahubali becoz :-

    1. Hindi language.

    2. Released on Eid.

    3. Salman Khan is starring.

    but in reality BB is just a random emotional movie while Baahubali is a true change in Indian Cinema

  58. Dear all pls understand that baahubali had very littler audience who know Prabas and Rana hardly 5% to 10% know this start and same salman khan know nearly 80% of indian audience so I thing this give indicated that our audience like subject not hero ................................hope some of you agrreed with me thanks for understanding .......Look forwad for more this kind of movie in india



  59. Bajrangi bhaijaan is awsum movie and bahubali was only waste of tym, bahubali have no story they only have animation n action. . Bajrangibhain have heart touching stories so my vote for bhaijaan....

  60. Bhaijaan,I think u r south indian n problm is dat. . I understand u always support ur tollywood. . .:D

  61. Bahubali is one of the grate Indian movie and

    Bajrangi bhaijaan also good.

    BajraNgi bhaijaan was not completely story. They make little mistake in story writing so if they put romance with hero and heroine or more actions in Pakistan then it make full story. Other ways comedy and emotion was Super.

    bahubali was total completely story in part 1 and I hope part 2 will be come better then part 1 so it was wonder full movie in Indian History

  62. salman khan aur prabhas D
    ono mere favourite hain.both the movies are the best and atbb.

  63. Bajrangi bhaijan is the best movie.....bcz this is the real theme...jio sajju bhai..

  64. Comment:I want to say that both films are best ......the performance of Prabhas is nice......nd bhaijaan is my best one.....his simplicity is his attitude in all movies....like u Bhaijaan.....

  65. Sure...BB beats Bahubali.....but what happens when Bahubali-2 releases? I Guess records will be broken.......

  66. Kha Bahubali or kha banjrangi bahijan Salman khan ki movie ko bekar movie se compair na Karo BB is best film

  67. Bahubali is the best movie. And bahubali 2. Will enter 1000cr. Club. Rebel star prabhas

  68. Bahubali was epic but Bajarani bhaijaan is salman's best And bahubali is India's thats the difference.only popularity of Salaman and Amir is mai reason to succeed P.K dangal and bajrangi bhaijan more than bahaubali but. Bahubali 2will do 1.5 times buisnness. Than bahubali bcse Bahubali is Now become brand of Indian cinema .And Prabhash popularity also got doubled as compared to release time of bahubali 1 .so wait and watch ....

  69. morko bhahubali film ki taarif kani chaiye bajragi baijaan sadi bakaar film hair kya hai film me? bhaubi ko deko to pata chalga ki aap log kitna galat the samje... vase bakaar sadi filmo ki taarif mat kiya karo kya milta hai aap ko?

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