Bajrangi Bhaijaan to release in China on 2nd March

Salman Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan will finally hit the theatres in China this week. The film was released in India back in 2015.

The film, which was directed by Kabir Khan also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Harshali Malhotra. It was premiered in China yesterday which was attended by Kabir and Harshali. The film is distributed by Chinese company E Stars Films and will release in 8000 screens on 2nd March 2018.

Aamir Khan’s Dangal and Secret Superstar have become major hits in China after their release in the country recently. The later is still running and has grossed more than $110 million till now.

38 comments on “Bajrangi Bhaijaan to release in China on 2nd March”

        1. Akshay fan hai to 1/5 th of Padman ki condition laga na agar himmat hai.... aamir kai peechay kyun chup raha hai ..... laga bet Padman kai collections pai ..... padman ki wahiyat overseas collections apnai star Salman ki movie ki hoti tau abhi tak site kia films dekhna hi chor deta.

          1. Abe sun tiger murda hai
            Direct bol na salman can never defeat amir any record he will always follow him like a servant

        2. Listen u roric SS was released in China around 20000 screens OK and BB is releasing in 8000screens,,use your common sense anyway padman ka kya haal hua h bhul gye tum aur wo padman 200cr kaha h ab tum log excuse pe excuse de rahe ho aur amir ka Sahara lene lage,,,,shame on uu.....

          1. Kesari & gold will also be flops bcuz ye akshay ka deshbhakt ka drama KB tak audience jhelenge,,, ab audience bor ho chuke h...aur dono same wahi lag rahe h airlift aur ATWS..

            1. Parshya aunty where are you we r missing u on Bollyarena dear....my best actor acting wise--

              1) amir+srk+salman+Ajay+govinda+anil kapoor

        3. And listen u roric I bet uu RACE3 will collect more then padman,, kesari & gold OK its challenge from dean Ambrose to uu...

          Padman: marte marte 85maan lete h,,kesari 90crs & gold 85crs

          Race 3 --- 310crs average,, maximum 350crs plus possible....

          1. And I didn't mentioned 2.0 bcuz it is rajani sir film same as dhoom was john ,dhoom2 was hrithik and dhoom3 was amir,,,,abhiskek KO kaun puchta h

            1. Aur ha roric ab pichle decade ka release ka excuse mat Dena present me jeena sikho tum log,,,,,akshay has the most no of disaster in Bollywood from 1992 till 2000....

          2. Challenge accepted u two ruppee dean Ambrose
            Padman 80
            Gold 150
            Total 410
            Race 3 atmax 250
            Yahi milna release hone ke baad muh kaala karke bhaag mat jaana

            1. Roric me bhagne wala nhi bhagana wala hu samjhe I am following bollyarena since 2015.... Don't worry

              1. Dean, bhale roric jeetay ya haaray isse sharam nahin ayegi aur kahin nahin jayega. Is ki purani predictions dekh lai

                10/18/2017 at 4:29 PM
                For g4
                1 St day :- 17-18
                2 nd day:-15
                3 rd day :- 10
                Sun:- 10
                For Ss
                1 st day-10
                2 nd day-12
                3 rd :-15
                Sun :-20
                Result :-a teenage girl beat 100 year old blacksmith ajay

                Itni flop predictions kai baad bhi yeh nahin sudhra aur abhi bhi arena pai predictions karta hai

            2. Akki ki movie max 180 cr aur Salman ki movie 25 cr prediction ...... khud hi salman ko akki ka baap maan raha hai aisi prediction dai kar

        4. Doric I think it’s time to leave the site, Salman Khan has worked his wonders in China, I’m sure it will cross 25 million lol

  1. First day first show at ching jong multiplex with my girl friend xu-chin lee
    my name is si chang jun big fan of aamir and salman

  2. Megastar Salman news at last ??

    Tired of small movies Padman

    Waiting for Race 3.

    Race 3 & padmaavat will be top 2 hits of first half of year

    1. Very funny suresh bro if padman will release in Canada then surely it will collect more then Bombay velvet,,hahahaha.... One of the worst film of akshay chapter hi ekdum ghatia tha ab use tissue paper ke uper film banani chahiye, hahahaha

  3. If Chandni Chowk to China is released in China today it will beat Dangal life time collections in one week .... only Chinese will truly understand worthh of Chandni Chowk to China film

  4. Bb in China for Salman is something like what mpk was for him in India. This is an opportunity for him to be known there. But the main problem is that his films are not doing well in the main market for overseas. Tzh disappointed big time, it opened lower than Jan release raees which was shocking. From bb his films had started to do well in overseas but now it has got a jolt last year.
    I would give my honest opinion. Today if you consider China then Aamir is the biggest in overseas. But in the main markets he is still beatable by srk, don't forget that Dangal opened lower than dilwale, pk opened lower than hny. Intact Aamir films really don't open well in the main markets of overseas apart from dhoom3.
    In overall career of overseas srk will remain way ahead of everyone. He has 13 hgoty in overseas while Aamir has 5 and salman has 3. This is considering China, without China Aamir and salman both has 4. So it's a huge difference which will remain unfilled.
    But I will always say that srk is not a superstar in India.And statistics say this. All the major records in domestic market belongs either to Aamir or salman.
    So srk will become definitely remain the biggest star of all time in overseas but in India he will remain the 4 th biggest star of all time after Aamir, salman and Hritik. I am not counting stars like aamitabh and Dharmendra or the stars who debuted before 80's.

    1. China's box office is not propel by nri audience. And china is the second biggest market soon to be the biggest market in the world ( very soon) . If you give 10pionts for each hgoty than you have give a 100 pionts for dangal and ss. Nri overseas market is puny is comparison with non nri market. There is vast difference between a train and a mini van

  5. IF SRK is not a super star then your Salman is not a star.he was out of top 10 before 2010 , loses clash against every one.
    According to BOI top bollywood actors of all time -
    1. Shahrukh Khan
    2.Salman Khan
    3.Aamir Khan
    4.Akshay Kumar
    5.Ajay devgan

    1. Next decade(2020-29) will be the decider
      if megastar Salman and Aamir continues the same way like this decade then salarukh be considered as nothing infront of them

  6. @Prashant. Whatever great things srk has done in his career is only limited in overseas. Statistics shows that. But in domestic market he has a very average career. Whether it is hgoty, blockbusters, record openers, 2 and 3 crore footfall films, atbb in all those major achievements he is not only behind salman but the margin is also huge. His overall career count of all the things mentioned above is half of salman. And he is also 52 years old so he has hardly 4 or 5 years left in his career so he can't make comeback.

  7. All the best to Bajrangi team.. A really outstanding movie which deserves worldwide recognition. I do think Chinese audience will definitely like this as they prefer sensible films (like 3idiots, PK, Dangal, Secret Superstar)..

  8. However, I'm not too sure about Salman achieving stardom like Aamir in China.. He may be applauded for his performance in Bajrangi but what next? Aamir followed 3idiots, PK with Dangal, Secret Superstar but don't think Salman has done any sensible movie after Bajrangi.. (Not even Sultan as this film will be a joke in China as the country with so many Olympic medals will surely laugh after seeing someone getting gold medal just after 3-months training!)

  9. Best of luck sallu fans ..
    But don't compare bb with 3idiots coz it was released way back in 2012..

  10. Parshya aunti ye mat bol ke Amir 2012 se chine main apni films KO release Kar Raha hai or ye Salman ke first film hai non sence .

  11. 1. Secrect Superstar - $6,810,000
    Screenings - 55,865
    Footfalls - 1,584,246

    2. Dangal - $2,490,000
    Screenings - 30,364
    Footfalls - 549,939

    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - $2,200,000
    Screenings - 19,892
    Footfalls - 456,016

    4. PK - $970,000
    Screenings - 16,093
    Footfalls - 203,701

    5. Dhoom 3 - $370,000
    Screenings - 6017
    Footfalls - 75,094

    Jal gayi aamir fans ...
    Dimag ki batti kuch or mat smjh lena...

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