Bajrangi Bhaijaan becomes 4th Highest Overseas Grosser of All Time

Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan has again become the 4th highest overseas grosser of all time after releasing in China. It has grossed $8.49 million in the opening weekend in China.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has now surpassed the lifetime gross of Padmaavat and Dhoom 3. It is also expected to beat PK which stands at $47.20 million. Padmaavat is the only film in top 5 which was not released in China.

The ranking is likely to change with more Indian films releasing in China as it can make a huge difference. A small film like Secret Superstar did $6.5 million in all overseas territories. But later on it collected more than $117 million from China only.

MovieCollection (m)Release
Secret Superstar$124.14*2017
Bajrangi Bhaijaan$74.25*2015
Hindi Medium$31.34*2017
Dhoom 3$31.082013
3 Idiots$26.02009

16 comments on “Bajrangi Bhaijaan becomes 4th Highest Overseas Grosser of All Time”

  1. Tough days for SRK.Dilwale is going down by every passing big release.Zero have to work big both in India and overseas.

  2. Most number of 10m $ in overseas
    SRK- 11
    Salman - 5
    That's why I always says Salman's stardom is 8th wonder of the world.

  3. There was a time where all top-5 biggest overseas, infact 12 out of top-20 overseas were SRK films. Today, he doesn't have a single even in top-6. Script sense=Ridiculous
    Sad but true

  4. Baat to sach hai magar
    Baat hai ruswayi ki

    Change is the only constant in life.

    If he doesn’t get it right, it won’t be long that none of his films will be in top 10.

  5. Superb Collection...
    According to Maoyan.com BB can collect 360cr in its lifetime run in China, which is Fantastic for a Debut Star, also there is huge competition from Big Local Movies, but still it manage to beat few movies in 3 days......In coming days it will beat others too........

  6. Yesterday there was news in all over internet that Srk become the 2nd Most Search Celeb in Wiki in last 10 years, by beating Biggies like Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio etc etc...........But when I check the list there was no Srk name in 2nd spot, leave 2nd position he was not even in the list..........Actually it was his PR team work, its a shameful attempt to show that Srk is a Global star, which they do all the time............Srk and his team are desperately trying to showcase him as a Global star..............Actually it was Johnny Depp in 2nd spot which someone (Srk PR team) edited and take the screen shot of it and spread it in Twitter...............More pathetic is that those news channel who make video on this fake news were not even bother to 1st check whether this news is correct or not..........

    While Salman is in the list (29th spot) but his PR team did nothing......

    Really a Shameful and Desperate attempt by Srk and his PR team........

    If any who have doubt on this, then here is the link: (Search Actors List)

    1. Anyone can edit Wikipedia page
      BTW Salman was not there till yesterday. Aaj suddenly kaise??

      1. Sayar:
        Don't try to be over smart because you are not........Salman was there in the from the beginning, and the proof is those news channel who was playing this fake news, took Salman name too in same 29th spot.......

        Srk and his fake fans.....what else we expect from them........LOL

        1. Saurabh
          Yup, I am not over smart, I am smart. And, I am not the one who is 24*7 obsessed with demeaning a star like you fools.

        2. BTW if it was changed yesterday, why can't it be changed today. Might be a Salman fan who changed it.
          Today Salman fans were doing some anti-SRK trends. Do you guys receive money to do all that?
          It was changed and immediately trend was started. Salman and his PRs I tell you

          1. Srkian Sayar;
            1st you tell me how many fake ID's you made......and talking about obsession then I can see who is more obsessed here, I hardly do comments, not like unemployed srkians, who only found on Internet, but never go to theater..........
            Also Salman fans are only care about Salman, they don't have time like illiterate Srk and Aamir fans who talk more about Salman instead of their own stars..........Its either Srk PR team work to showcase srk fake stardom (his so called global image...LOL) or his Stupid fan work, who cannot digest the success of Salman and Aamir, and in desperation did this Stupid attempt.......

    2. Saurab your prob right, because the list the has srk name second, doesn’t first write srk name down properly

      It should be Shah Rukh Khan but instead it’s written down as Shahrukh khan, wiki doesn’t make that mistake where they’ll write someone’s second name without a caps lock!

      Looks like a fan has changed it!

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