Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection in China

Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection in China: Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan has a strong hold in the second weekend as it grossed $7.98 million. The drop from the opening weekend is just 7%.

The trending of the film is very solid as it has maintained a healthy pace despite the release of Black Panther. The Hollywood film grossed a massive $66 million in the opening weekend in China. However, it has received a mixed response from the Chinese audience. Thus the competition will be less on weekdays for Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has now chances to go over $50 million in its lifetime run.

Day 1$2.25 m14.66 cr
Day 2$3.11 m20.27 cr
Day 3$3.13 m20.36 cr
Day 4$1.7511.28 cr
Day 5$1.8311.82
Day 6$1.9212.47
Day 7$4.0226.18
Day 8$1.7611.46
Day 9$3.3621.68
Day 10$2.9419.13
Day 11$1.278.26
Day 12$1.248.05
Day 13$1.278.25
Day 14$1.117.22
Day 15$0.936.05
Day 16$2.0313.21
Day 17$1.8712.15
Day 18$0.724.67
Day 19$0.714.61
Day 20$0.694.48
Day 21$0.664.28
Day 22$0.664.28
Total$40.65 m264.42 cr

23 comments on “Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection in China”

  1. @Roric tujhe apna yeh comment yaad hai na

    02/27/2018 at 9:24 PM
    If it collected one fifth of secret superstar I will leave this site

    11 34

    Secret Superstar ka last update $ 110 mn ka tha aur BB 26 mn pai hai.

    Calculations khud karlai aur yeh bata site quit kab kar raha hai

    1. @Tiger
      Roric ka comment to tujhy yaad hai mera b yaad rakhna
      12/3/2018 12:28 pm
      TOH destroy BB lifetime collection in A weekend

      1. @Roric

        Mere Sawaalon Ka Jawab Do
        Do Na

        Yaad aya yeh Main ne pyar ki ka song tujhe ?

        Jawab dai jaldi sai mere sawal ka aur date bata kab quit kar raha hai site

    1. Dear Prashant
      Bajrangi Bhaijan Crap film???????!!!!!!?????

      You guys are really crazy.Carry on.

  2. Abey dean tu toh bol raha tha bb China mein release hone do Dangal ka record break karegi.. hahahaha

    Abey kab todega Tera sallu Aamir ka record..

    Plz don't compare with old movies...

    Compare karna hai toh Dangal se kar Jo ki 2016 ki hai aur..

    Agar sallu ki 2018 ki movie tu Aamir ki 2014 ki movie se compare karega ga toh ye kutton ka Kam hai tiger fans ka nahi..


    1. Abe parshya Maine kab kaha tha ki BB ,,dangal ka record China me Tod dega to dikha de me bollyarena chor dunga,,, kitna jhooth bol raha h be ,,,tumne kaha tha ki BB 10 CR's bhi cross nhi kar payegi bhul gya kya tu.......

      1. Maine kab kaha tha bey..
        Dekha de..

        Maine ye kaha tha accha business karegi Aamir ke vajah se..

        Aur dekha Aamir ke rone ke video ka Kamal..

        1. Abe parshya amir is liye roya tha kyuki use pata tha ki salman uska band bajane wala h samjha,,,,, hahahaha

          1. Aur sun parshya ab tu China,, China bhi nhi kar payega samjha,,,,,,isliye amir roya tha...

  3. Itna toh SS ka weekend collection tha..


    Best rated movie still could not beat SS and Dangal..


    Sallu fans Aamir fans ko beat karna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai re

    Tum log SRk ke fans ke sath compare karo Aamir ka standard hi kuch alag hai...

    Bol rahe the BB release hone do China mein Dangal ka record todegi..


    Ghanta todegi..yaha toh SS mushikl hai aur chale the Dangal ka record todne...


    Aamir ka stardom sallu se bahot bada hai re ...

    Sallu bahot hi chota star hai Aamir ke samne...


    Maza agaya...

    Bechare sallu fans badi aass lagaye baithe hai aaj nahi toh Kal Aamir ka record todenge par paglo Tumse na ho payega...

    Chasing continues...

    aab 2020 mein Dangal ka record todenge aur khushiya manayenge tab Tak Aamir ne 3000cr cross kiya hoga..


    Ye hota hai asli stardom...

    Aamir The Global Megastar...

    Sallu bhi bada hai par Aamir see bahot hi chota hai stardom hai..


    Maza agaya...

  4. Sallu fans aab kuch fayda nahi rone se agar itni acchi rating ke bavjud

    bhi Dangal na break kar sake to sallu ki kaunsi movie Aamir ka record todegi?


    Tiger ka dum nikal gaya PK and Dangal cross karte karte...

    PK 4 sal purani hai aab Jake record toda hai...


    Bechare sallu fans..
    Moo dikhane ke kabil nahi rahe...

    1. Lmao Aamir Khan and Salman Khan are too late in their careers to touch the height of shah Rukh Khan! It takes a lifetimes of stardom to reach that stage not a decade old stardom! @Parshya you thought China will only belong to Aamir Khan lol ? watch more movies break in in the future, Shah Rukh Khan has opened way more markets than ONE yet today he’s only ruling a few markets at the top!

      People move on!!!!!

  5. Sometimes verdict of BOI is failed to understand .they declared Padmaavat as blockbuster at just 280 crore . according to their articles it's landing cost was 215 crore .that means it collected only 130 % of its budget.
    Chennai express budget was 115 crore .
    Collection - 208 crore , 180 % collection of its budget.but still its only blockbuster. It should be ATBB.
    YJHD - budget 75 crore, collection - 178 crore , 237% collection of its budget but only blockbuster.
    Dhoom 3 budget - 175 crore , collection 260 crore, 148 % collection of its budget but it is ATBB.it should not even blockbuster , maximum it it Super hit .
    According to BOI Krrish 3 budget was only 95 crore .how ? Ra 1 in 2011 had 130 crore budget .so how its budget was even less than Ra 1 as it is Science fiction film ?

  6. Amir is so small in front of salman Khan.in real or in stardom.2year me just 387 with dangal.in this space salman earn 835.or tum SALMAN se compare kr rahey ho amir ko???????????????????

  7. Few months ago Salman fans were crying and were saying China is fake collections. Now they checking out every updates on its collection???. Double standards at its absolute best?

  8. Most pirated movie in China and almost 3 year old movie still in top 5 in China market with such a massive clashes .first film of Salman in China will collect 300cr it's a huge achievement now wait for 2 or 3 films in China after that he will be huge even Chinese news paper article published on Salman that one of the most handsome man got huge stardom in China

  9. Comment:ab dekh be parshya..china pe ud raha tha na dangal dangal... yz is se ek baat sabit hoti hai unko emotional movie pasand hai...
    aur tu kutte ki tarah bhokta hai greatest superstar amir??

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