Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Monday Box Office Collection in China

Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Monday Box Office Collection in China: Bajrangi Bhaijaan has grossed approx $1.30 million on its second Monday. It is a good hold as the drop is only 25% from the opening day.

The total collection of the film now stands at $27.07 million. The trending of the film suggests that the word of mouth is positive and has the potential to do well in the long run. It can go above $50 million which will be an excellent debut for Salman Khan in China.

Day 1$2.25 m14.66 cr
Day 2$3.11 m20.27 cr
Day 3$3.13 m20.36 cr
Day 4$1.7511.28 cr
Day 5$1.8311.82
Day 6$1.9212.47
Day 7$4.0226.18
Day 8$1.7611.46
Day 9$3.3621.68
Day 10$2.9419.13
Day 11$1.278.26
Day 12$1.248.05
Day 13$1.278.25
Day 14$1.117.22
Day 15$0.936.05
Day 16$2.0313.21
Day 17$1.8712.15
Day 18$0.724.67
Day 19$0.714.61
Day 20$0.694.48
Day 21$0.664.28
Day 22$0.664.28
Total$40.65 m264.42 cr

29 comments on “Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Monday Box Office Collection in China”

    1. BB is content! It’s a classic, a movie Salman will be remembered for!

      Still can’t believe China wasn’t interested in my name is khan haha they lost out!

    2. Aamir is megastar and Salman is a local just star. Salman needs content while aamir's name alone matters. Comparing tiny local star like Salman with Global Megastar like Aamir khan is a big insult to the word stardom. Salman ki auakat nahi hai agle 7 janam tak uske baap Aamir ke pau tak chu sake. Aamir is raja bhoj and Salman is gangu teli.

    1. Abe son of sardaar ka dialogue yaad hai na
      Roric sher hai sher apni margi se aata hun apni margi se jaata hun koi kutte ke kehne se thode hi chala jaoonga

      1. Sher with leaked pads ?

        Apne aap ko kutta kyun bula raha hai kyun kai site quit karni ki baat tu nai khud hi kithi. Mein nai koi bet thori lagaya tha.

  1. What a debut of megastar salman sir....no one excepted BB to do a such huge business,,,,,, and truly this movie deserve everything best film of salman sir till date

  2. @ bollyarena : Any update on Raid? Budget, screens, fbo prediction?

    You have gotten slow recently. No news update on Raid. Also no updates on 2.0 release date, any news on SRK signing Salute or any update on Ajay’s next with SKTKS’s director Luv Ranjan, etc.

  3. Akshay has confirmed that he will also release padman in China bcuz amir is again crying after watching padman......

  4. Now waiting for race3 ,,,it will easily beat TOH in India without any doubt..... TOH will be epic disaster aise actor ka kya fayda Jo 2-3 saal me ek film karta ho....

  5. If we compare then from 1990 to 2000,,amir was no where near srk,,govinda sir,,,anil sir,,,sunny paaji,,,Sanjay dutt and salman khan bcuz 70% of his films were huge flops and Jo hit Hui thi so sirf music aur un filmo me Jo actress thi unke damm pe ,,,,eg,,,ghulam,,,raja Hindustani,,, sarfarosh,,,JJWS,,,QSQT,,,dil was 100% madhuri's film,,,ishq was Ajay,kajol and juhi film,,,,, and from 2001 se 2017 tak sirf 12 filme release ki h usne.....inme Jo filme chali h wo sirf stories ki wajah se,,,

  6. Hahaha

    Huge drop...
    Last friday-1.75m tha..



    SS and Dangal ka collection dekho 11 th day ka pata chal jayega Aamir ka stardom..


    Note:sallu fans sapne se Bahar aajao
    Kyunki next Friday total 6 movies release ho rahi hai aur usme tom raider bhi hai...


    Chale the Dangal beat karne

    Maza agaya...

    Eros aur sallu ko 25-30cr milenge shayad!!


    1. What do you think Aamir Khan got paid for China success lol he got penny’s compared to he business!

  7. @Abhijeet

    2.0 aur rajni kai peechai chupna chor. North main to Prabhas ki Baahubali nai record biz kia to kia Prabhas ko baap maanega tu akki ka? Baat hai solo release ki. Itna north mein craze hai Akki ka to saala 130 cr pai kyun akar us ki sab movie phuss hojati.

    Itna craze hai to HGOtY, ATBB, 150 cr kyun nahin deliver kia? Saara akkians ka crowd 25 saal sai 2.0 ki release ka wait kar raha hai kai rk saath bahar niklega.

    Is lye kehta hoon agar himmat hai to akki ki apni solo relase gold, kesari ka 200 cr ka challenge laga. Saara north ka craze ka pata chal jayega.

  8. Sallu ka highest -26cr

    Aamir ka highest single day-102cr

    Aamirs stardom>>>>>Sallu's stardom

  9. Sallu's 11 days collection-27m
    Aamirs 3 days collection-27m


    Sallu fans tum hi batao kiska stardom bada hai..

  10. Waiting for TOH...
    It will create history..

    China me toh opening acchi milegi hi..
    Yane weekend toh 30-35m pakka hai..

    Life time-150m ya jyada bhi ho sakta hai
    Yane 1700-1800cr pakka hai..

    Dangal ko sirf ek hi movie challenge kar sakti hai aur wo hai TOH..

    Bahubali2 release kardo China mein aab market pura khula hai indians film ke liye shayd bb cross karde aur Dangal ko bhi beat kar de...

    Bahubali2 ko sirf 350-400cr chahiye Dangal ko beat karne ke liye...

    Aur muze lagta hai bb ko beat karegi bahubali2 china mein..

  11. Dean ambrose they will be plenty of salman’s and Srk’s in this industry and proberbly big b’s but they will never be another aamir khan( genre defying actor) every film aamir makes he always gives his time for it that’s why he makes one film every 2 years so he dosen’t short change the audience look at Michael Angelo it took him over 20years to paint the Sistine chapel he is considered one of the greatest artists ever I have more respect for someone who takes his time to consentrate on his work than just churn one film after another.

    1. Lol okay bring an actor like srk! We’ll see how long it takes, and remember srk was not Ranveer or ranbir! Ranbir can become Aamir l, Varun can become Salman, who will become shah Rukh, I can’t think of any actor!

  12. Ekta kapoor and Sohail Khan should both relinquish the title "mental" from their upcoming movies .. it has been reserved forever to one retarded fellow who goes by multiple fake names but most popular being "parshya aunty"??????

  13. Aamir fans like @parshya pagal ho Gaya hai kyunki Salman ne pehle hi film main Aamir ki band baja di.jab secret superstar flop ho gayi to bolne lage ye thodi na Aamir ki film hai aur jab China gayi to bolne lage ki Aamir ki film hai.pehle decide karlo Aamir ki film hai ki nahi

    1. Tran darash ka account jo Twitter par dekho bajrangi bhaijan aj 200 crore. Kare gi 14-3-1218 aur tum kia keh rahe ho 2. Million. Ho gaye h

  14. SEE this shows where we should have shoot and what business our films should have done in India...

    China and India are almost in equal or near by in economy ...China is ahead of us ...but our films does business dangal of 1800 cr in China so isn't it expected to do 3000+ cr business in India.

    in India dangal did 375 cr business .

    sochoo hamein kaha hona chahiye thaaa aur kaha tak pahuche hai...one of the best example ...dangal movie has invited to think.

    why is this not happening --- Politics ....then it be Congress or modi...ek ne khaya piya - agee nahi badne diya jitne badna chahiye thaaaa aur dusre ne aur piche le aaya ...

    why our movies don't do that great business -- reasons
    1) Less per capita income ....avg person income in India is not up to mark.
    2) High taxes on movie tickets ...
    3) Majority people are below poverty line --- can't Offord electricity bill - so kaha 250 rs ticket nikalenge bicharee -- like farmers and many more departments ...

    also one of the major reason is Indian 35-40 % population doesn't understand hindi (national language) or if understand also - not proper...

    states like tamil nadu - kerala , bengal , andra ...

    Govt...should have fixed min wages lavel for manpower in india...like for anykind of labour it should have been 6-7000 rs...then only they can survive and spending power in country would be good and business will be developed for all segment including cinema's.

    for improving farmers position govt should have send team to get info in different countries and get idea's and implement to product highly priced products like eg ...brocolli (which indian farmers have started recently ) but this ideas some businessman developed --- no govt team involved -- , starwberries ...this r few eg....

    no efforts made by any govt made to develop - govt business sectors to profit ..
    then it BEST (bus dept trasnportation) loss

    Railways - loss
    Air India - loss

    this r few examples - this all r paid through publics tax - losses -- this departments are ment to be profitable with huge resources - nobody pays attention...and nobody talks ...nobody is accountable...

    Kab Inn sab chicoo par sochne wala leader baitheega...arvind thinks nearby but he don't have patience and leadership qualities - still he is better then others

  15. @Tiger challange accepted gold or keasri ka dam hai to lagale bet khaskar kesari ka to sureshot hai lagale challange par tu kitna bhi role 2.0 akki ki film bhi rahegi bechare poor sallu fans rote raho maza ata hai or taras bhi tumhe dekhke jo akki ki success se jalte ho jante ho 2.0 is akki film too toh fat rahi hai maza a gaya

  16. @Abhijeet

    Challenge accepted. 200 crore challenge for both Kesari and Gold. If they dont you will leave this site. If they do I will leave this site. No ifs and buts now.

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