Bajrang Dal burnt posters of Salman Khan in protest

Activists of student wing of Bajrang Dal burnt posters of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, protesting his comment supporting the Pakistani artistes, at Rajbada area. Indore is a hometown of Salman Khan.

"Salman has risen to great heights because of his Indian fans. He should withdraw his statement supporting the Pakistani artistes," Bajrang Dal divisional convener Sachin Baghel said. “If the actor did not want to take back his words, he should release his films in Pakistan and not in India,” Baghel added.

Salman Khan posters burnt

"We can't tolerate that artistes from Pakistan, which harbours terrorists, come here and return home after making money without condemning the terrorists sponsored by their country," said BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijaywargiya who represents Mhow Assembly constituency.

"If Pakistani artistes condemn the terrorism, we will welcome them. Otherwise they won't be allowed to enter India," he added.

Salman had said on Friday that Pakistani artistes should not be treated like terrorists, and art and terrorism should not be mixed.

15 comments on “Bajrang Dal burnt posters of Salman Khan in protest”

  1. Very unfortunate that these things happen. Salman must not indulge in these things as these are sensitive matters. Even the people of India are not that intelligent to understand the inner intentions of what Salman said (peace & harmony)
    Better he keep quite.
    By the way there is so much of talent in India itself so why to cast Pakistani artists.

    1. @Anil-Akki-Shivaay; Bro agree with you that India have so much talent and we don't need anyone else.....But bro can you answer me this if the same the same way everyone think then what will happen......I tell you, then Hollywood will also say that we have more talented people then Indian and they will through away all Indian artist from their Industry........NASA will also not give jobs to any Indians.......Today in IT sectors huge number of Indian works in all over the world.....Just imagine if all those will also think like you then how may Indian will lost their jobs......Bro we are new generation we should not react like uneducated people like this Bajrang Dal......We should fight against terrorist and terrorism, not against humanity......

  2. salman jo bola ohi bat yogi aditya nath, ana hajare, sitaram yechuri sabne bola fir uske khilap kiu nahi koi ku6 kar raha.

  3. What kind of illetrate people are out there? Sending one of their owns to another country. He is probably one of the highest tax payers and generate so much income for the industry. And India say that they are tolerant?

  4. Most c**** soch wale people basically are indians apne hi desh ke logo ke sath aisa behave karte hain jese woh dushman ho inka laanat hai tum sab indians pe

  5. yeh saale SHIV SENA aur MNS waale ch*tiye toh Bihar se Mumbai aane waalo ko bhi INDIAN nahi maante. unke sath bhi maar peet karte hain. aur ye Bajrang Dal ke Bh*dve hindu-muslim riot krate hai bh*sdiwaale. saale ye log indian muslims tak ko bewazah pakistani bol dete hai. in g*ndu logo ka Hindustan aur nationalism se koi lena dena nahi hai. jis cheez ko ye nationalism bolte hain wo darasal sirf ek ultimate ch*tiyapa hai. real nationalism apne desh se pyar krna seekhata hai naaki dusre desh se nafrat.
    same statement Anna Hazaare, Akshay Kumar ne di koi kuch nahi bola. in bh*dvo ka king Yogi Adityanath bhi same baat bola. behn ke l*do ne inka putla to nahi phunka. bas naam mein khan dikh gya aur ho gye shuru.
    saale dogale log.

  6. Evry time salman do these kind of silly things and people forgive him. well done bajrang dal. Why we need pak actors?

    1. Ask the Government!
      Why the government have allowed Pakistani Artists to work in the country.
      Thats the main point by Salman Khan to first ask the persons who are allowing Pakistani Artist to work here and give them visa...

    2. @suraj...visa toh government deri n modi n toh modi b nh chhiye humko usko b bhja do wha

  7. Its not a plotical party decision or matter to Ask Pakistan Actors to leave the Country. They are only making fool of people by giving such type of statement and blinking their politics. These politicians must first ask to the government that why they are allowing Pakistani Artists.
    That is the motto of Salman Khan statement.

    1. @Syed Muhammad Shoaib Hamid; Right bro but the problem is there so many stupid who follow these politician blindly, because they don't have brain to know what is right and what is wrong......

  8. Bajrangwalo....PM Modi gives visas & work permits those Pakistani artists. So why don't you burn Modi's posters???

  9. Bhaijaan ne right bola aur kiya bana diya media ne aur bajran dal ko sirf publicity chahiya.....this is indian media shame on indian media just bcoz of trp but we always with Bhaijaan...

  10. These politicians are gone mad.....they think that India inke Baap ki country hai....If anyone have to leave India then its these Politicians.....These politician are like those termites who is eating our country from inside.......Sick Politicians....

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