Bajirao Mastani Tuesday Box Office Collection Update


Bajirao Mastani Tuesday Collection (5th Day) Update:

As per early trends Bajirao Mastani is rock solid on Tuesday. The film is set for another healthy day at the box office.

Morning Shows Report:

The film had excellent hold in the morning shows. The overall occupancy was in the range of 25-30% which is solid. There is some growth reported at places where it was below the mark over the weekend. Though more single screens are yet to be reported. The whole Maharashtra belt is rocking big time as it has sustained extremely well in first five days.

It had done superb business on Monday with dropping around 15%. So we can expect that today's drop can be more than usual especially in evening shows. But so far it is doing great.

Bajirao Mastani is going to set some crazy records in some centers. It is doing to do something which was unthinkable. The outperforming of Shahrukh Khan's masala film is a big achievement.

Noon Shows Report:

BM has continued its phenomenal run. The noon shows had exactly the same occupancy as yesterday. It is quite insane as multiplexes rarely sustain that well on weekdays. If this trend continues in next three days, then Bajirao Mastani is all set to be a huge grosser.

Evening Shows Report:

As expected the film has superb hold in the evening shows also. There is only a slight drop as compared to yesterday. The film is set for another healthy day. It is actually party time for the team of Bajirao Mastani as they don't need to worry much about collections anymore.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Bajirao Mastani 5th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Going by early trends, it seems that Bajirao Mastani 5th day collection can be in the range of 9 crore. Though evening shows have to sustain well for that.

Bajirao Mastani has collected 57.02 crore in its 4 days. The film has unbelievable hold on Monday when it collected 10.25 crore.


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23 comments on “Bajirao Mastani Tuesday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Day 5 = ₹9 crs
    Day 6 = ₹8 crs
    Day 7 = ₹7 crs
    total week 1 collection =₹81crs+

  2. Great Bollyarena. I'll really appreciate the honesty and true figures you ppl display. While other sites highlights the merits of Dilwale n subtlest the news where BAJIRAO is ahead, you ppl give accurate news.
    I have no hard feelings for SRK or anyone from team of Dilwale but honestly BAJIRAO Mastani is a lot better movie in comparison to Dilwale in all aspects.
    Good job Bollyarena. Keep it up...Ihavenow bookmarked your website and am regular visitor coz the kind of updates u ppl provide no one is able to match.

  3. So finally BM has overtaken Dilwale on Monday so now if the trend continues BM will crush Dilwale on lifetime collections. May the better film win the boxoffice battle.

  4. Now there seems to be fishy. As per trade and distributor Rohit jaiswal Bajirao has dropped by 80% in Bengal. That means it doesnt have any impact on the overall collections? How this can be possible? Team let me know if there is different maths to it. Top of all Dilwale is rock steady in Bengal with good show in plexes and single screens. Something is not right.

  5. Why bm is doing this extraordinary business even after the clash with bollywood King's dilwale. Where has the strong power of SRK gone? If this happens day by day then bm will beat dilwale. Please watch dilwale, dilwale and only dilwale. Don't watch this nonsense warrior bm. Please where are the SRK fans gone. Where are you. Do you think bm will be able to beat salman starrer prdp or bb. Only SRK starrer will be able to beat one of them or both if you support him. If you are a SRK fan then this Christmas watch dilwale not bm. And if you don't then forget everything about SRK. No need to watch even his upcoming movies. Please please please please please support dilwale this time. The team dilwale need your help.

    1. Kya zamana aah gaya hain. You are writing you name as Varun fan but you are talking about SRK. A bad movie always stays bad whereas a good movie stays good. Accept that BM is much much better film than Dilwale. Dilwale is the biggest disappointed of this year no story, no content . Plz go and tell Rohit shetty to make good films instead.

    1. We are here no need to worry. Dilwale is a well made movie. Due to continuos negativity over social media it has lost some momentum but will be right on the track.

  6. Comment:hurrr bollyarena we srk fans planning to ruin you now you know na biggest fan vlub of world
    bollyarena we will ruin your site

  7. hurr pyar se bol raha hu hurrrrr karta hua bhag ja yaha pe bhai k fan bhi hai tu aur tera srk bollywood se gayab ho jayega start to ho hi chuka hai. go ranveer go after this clash clash king became flush king. bollyarena is the best site no one can rui n it

  8. We fans of of BollyArena are here to protect BollyArena Team and this site. BollyArena team has not shown any biased against any actor it has done good job in giving us the boxoffice facts. If Dilwale is bad and showing drops then even SRK cannot do anything but dont blame BollyArena team. Dont say anything bad of this site we love this site.

  9. DILWALE is mindless movie,, with irritating dialougues.
    it makes box office records becouse of only srk's fans, and impressed by rohit shetty.
    Really this is outdated film.

  10. actually we fans of srk are talented we dont want to create a buzz about this site thats why we dont want fight ...last words jai ho ko yad kar lena bina clash with 4100 screen 110 cr ?? bye bye ganwars

  11. excellent work done by bansali sir n nycly executed by ranbir n depika ossm movie ..i watch 3 time i give 5*

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