Bajirao Mastani Thursday Box Office Collection Update


Bajirao Mastani Thursday (7th Day) Collection Update:

Bajirao Mastani has an excellent start on Thursday with practically no drop as compared to yesterday.

Morning Shows Report:

The morning shows were rock solid as the occupancy was over 25%. There is no drop at multiplexes and single screens. Though more reports from SS are awaited yet and actually it may have shown growth there today. The film has the best hold in Maharashtra belt.

Bajirao Mastani is expected to show growth today. The upward trend will start from noon shows. It can get a huge boost in the evening. Today is an important day for both Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. The trend was looking in the favour of BM but Dilwale has sustained very well in last three days. Though both films are expected to do well today and then fate will be decided on Friday.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is releasing today. It has an excellent advance booking in metros which will affect Bajirao Mastani more as compared to Dilwale. On the positive side, Bajirao Mastani has sustained most of the screens in the second week and number of shows have been increased too.

Noon Shows Report:

Bajirao Mastani has witnessed healthy growth in noon shows. The occupancy was as higher as 60%. This is just phenomenal and if the trend continues, then there will be considerable growth from yesterday.

Evening Shows Report:

The film continues its splendid run as the collections gets a huge boost due to upcoming Christmas holiday. Housefull shows are reported in major multiplexes of Mumbai, Kolkata and Mysore. If the film performs the same in night shows (though Star Wars is releasing), then today's collection can surprise many.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Bajirao Mastani 7th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Looking at the recent trend, Bajirao Mastani 7th day collection will cross 10 crore today.

Bajirao Mastani has collected over 75 crore in first six days. The trend is superb with less than 10% drop in last 3 days.


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18 comments on “Bajirao Mastani Thursday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Today : 9.5- 10+ , Friday : 9+ ( bcz of star war ) Saturday: 10-11+ ( bcz of holiday weekend ) , Sunday: 11-12+ Second weekend : 115+ or 120+
    2nd week: 145+
    3rd week: 168+
    4th week: 182+ BLOCKBUSTER!!!!

    1. Today: 10+
      Tomorrow: 11+
      Saturday : 12 + or 13+
      Sunday: 14+ hehehe ;)

  2. GREAT going BM and hats off to Bollyarena...You ppl have been working extremely hard throughout the week and updating every single show time and day collections...And I'm seeing it from PRDP onwards. But as it's said that hard work always pays, your website is also becoming extremely popular between youth day by day.....Now before landing to Koimoi, Indicine or BOI, we rather prefer to see Bollyarena.... Keep going and updating us....All the best... Lots of Love...

      1. @Bollyarena Team I agree to what Preet is saying nowadays I have forgotten sites like BOI, Indicine, koimoi etc. Good luck. But I have one complain, I was trying to reply to one person , I tried it for two times but my comment never came . What happened to my comment. Did you guys purposely blocked my comment. Please reply. The reply was 4th in the chain of replies to give you a hint. And I wasn't using any foul language. Just having some fun trying to say Dilwale is bad movie as I didn't like it.
        Please reply

  3. Yes i am also following bolly arena from long time. Its very eye opener mind clear site. But i am amazed how you do this so fast..given business of film on same date at 10 to 11 pm Totally. Congratulation for giving reports fastest and approximately right more or less. No other site do this like you do. Hats off to you

  4. Actually I didn't find bm dat good... Dilwale too was disappointing after interval. Anyway good collections for both films

  5. Bajirao Mastani is rocking in multiplexes today. So Bajirao Mastani will benefit coming holidays more than Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani is going to lead boxoffice collections after the holiday period ends mark my words I am bookmarking this page and will visit this page after new year that is 2nd of Jan 2016 by then BM will be leading Dilwale's life time collections. The craze of Dilwale has been reduced considerably.

    1. @Bolly Arena Team mark my words as I am going to visit this site on 2nd Jan 2016 and see the results.

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