Bajirao Mastani Teaser Review

Bajirao Mastani Teaser Review


Bajirao Mastani is a period drama film directed by Sanjay leela Bhansali. The film stars Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles. It is scheduled to release on 18 December 2015.

The teaser of Bajirao Mastani was released today exclusively on Eros Now website. The expectations were very high and a huge buzz was created before the teaser launch. Let's see if the teaser has lived up to the expectations. Keep in mind that we are reviewing the teaser from business point of view.

Bajirao Mastani Teaser Review

The teaser opens up with a war sequence which scene does not leave you with goosebumps as a war scene should be. Ranveer Singh makes an entry in full battle gear riding on horse. For an actor with electric screen presence, the scene is strictly ordinary. The next scene introduces Deepika Padukone preparing for a battle and Priyanka Chopra lighting diyas which makes the teaser slightly over the top.

Though, there are some great moments. Like the one in which Padukone is seen cradling a baby and sword fighting with a few people. The few battle scenes that are shown in the trailer are so elaborately choreographed, that they take the sting of a battle scene away and make them look like slo-mo dance performances. There's no dialogue in the entire trailer, only rich music that reaches a crescendo as the trailer draws to a close. That was a great idea had the scenes accompanying them been compelling and stunning.

What's Hot

♦ Deepika Padukone

♦ Some Battle Sequences

♦ Background Music

♦ Stunning Visuals


What's Not

♦ Slow Pace

♦ Over The Top Action

♦ Ranveer-Deepika Chemistry Missing

♦ Duration


Bajirao Mastani Reaser Review: Verdict

The teaser disappoints you a little. We cannot understand Eros Now marketing strategies. There was no need to release a teaser of 3 minutes. Else the teaser could have been summed up in just 1 minute. There was no scene in which Ranveer and Deepika were seen in a single frame. This is a bad strategy as you are cashing on the Ram-Leela sizzling chemistry. And when you are clashing with a super star masala entertainer film, you should make sure that the first look is up to the mark.

But keep in mind on thing that it is only a teaser. We hope that trailer will be much better than this.

Business Rating:


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