Bajirao Mastani Sunday Box Office Collection Update


Bajirao Mastani Sunday Box Office Collection (3rd Day) Update:

Bajirao Mastani has a terrific start on Sunday. The film opened to packed houses in many parts of India.

Morning Shows Report:

The film opened to around 70% today which is outstanding. There are reports coming that Bajirao Mastani was housefull in many theaters in Maharashtra. The single screens are also slightly better than yesterday but more reports are still awaited yet. Overall the trend is looking very good.

The North India has not shown that huge growth despite having a good screens there. But in contrast Dilwale is not doing so well there. Bajirao has edged past Dilwale in Maharashtra yesterday and it is expected to do the same today in Mysore and even in Delhi.

The film will take benefit of holiday and again it can show good growth. But the hold in the evening and night shows would be important as tomorrow is a working day.

Noon Shows Report:

Bajirao Mastani has shown huge growth in noon shows. The overall occupancy is 90% which is unbelievable. This is a great number as Dilwale is also doing very well on Sunday. BM is below the mark at some places but overall it will again witness healthy growth today.

Update 5:30 PM:

The film has done very well in the afternoon shows with the same occupancy. If it can hold well on evening shows, then today's collection can surprise many.

Evening Shows Report:

It has done great again the evening shows. At some places few drops were reported which was expected as the occupancy was huge earlier. But overall it went great. Nevertheless the film is set for a huge Sunday.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Bajirao Mastani 3rd Day Box Office Collection:

Going by the early trends it seems that Bajirao Mastani 3rd day collection is challenging for 18-19 crore plus depending hold in evening shows.

Ranveer Singh starrer has collected over 28 crore in 2 days. The film is doing decent business in overseas also. It is a big achievement for Bajirao Mastani that it is doing such business despite the clash with Shahrukh Khan's masala entertainer film.

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We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Bajirao Mastani Sunday box office collection (3rd day) update in the comments section.

21 comments on “Bajirao Mastani Sunday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Thanks Bollywood Arena for the good and great news of Bajirao Mastani. Dilwale wom is bad whereas BM is excellent. I watched BM, It is very good film made by Bansali and Deepika's performances are excellent.

    1. Its bakwas movie..Bajirao mastani
      Only getting fame due to intolerant issue made by Media on Dilwale.. Else Bajirao mastani is bakwas movie....
      Dilwale will rock whole 3 weeks...Its a challenge....

  2. Bollyarena,please write the correct final collection of Dilwale at saturday, Dilwale Saturday collection is around 26-27cr,Follow this,moviesboxcollection.com/

  3. bajirao.. 2100srn
    morning -75%...
    noon -95& ...
    today ....... 18cr
    gaywale .. 3200srn
    morning- 60%
    today- 20-22cr .

    kaali ne muh kala kardiya re ... lollll

  4. Comment: bajirao will fall like tamasha mark my word tamasha have also good wom but what fall because SS is everything and i think bolyarena you should write that SS of bajirao is very poor thats y it cant touch 20 in any condition hahaha and multiplex only show growth on sat sun then these upper and some middle class person have no time from mon to fri so chill everyone and wait for monday ? bollyarena beta thode din or h le le maje fr jan se koi dekhega ni tuje

  5. People who is supporting dilwale they will be hidden when dilwale will fall down like nothing looks like 170 cr also out of reach which was nessersary to get hit zone

  6. If you want watch a hindi movie those days go for bajirao mastani and you will not regret you will never forget this experience ?

  7. awesome movie hai friends ager dekhni hai tou bajirao mastani dekho sach dil say kehta hoon bm dilwale say bhout bhater movie hai dilwale boring hai

  8. Believe me bajirao mastani is a movie during watching that I had a lot of goosebumps and when finished I sat for long time bcz I couldnt believe that it could be don e by ranveer singh I become fan of him plz go to watch and tell me if u didnt like it theme from ur heart bcz to memit is as good as bahubali begaining worth watching

  9. dilwale ….day 1—21cr… day 2— 20cr… day 3( sunday)— 22cr ..weekend——-63cr .
    day 4— 9cr… day 5— 8cr… day 6— 7.50cr… day— 6.50cr..
    total first week—— 94cr…….2nd weekday 8 (holiday)— 8cr… day 9(sunday)— 6cr… day 9— 7cr ..
    2nd weekend——21cr
    day 10— 4cr … day 11— 3cr… day 12— 2cr… day 13— 1.5cr … day 14 ( holiday new year) —- 3.5cr …
    total 2nd week —— 36 cr 94 cr = 130 cr ….
    rmng week —– 20cr.
    life time —- 150-155cr..( note 5holiday only 2week)
    last verdict – flop\ avrj

  10. See all fans of srk we have respect for all of d actors but we have our own favourite somes with amir khan some salman khan some srk I heve seen so many good movies of srk though he is not my favourite he had done so many epic movies what we enjoyed a lot but when he fought agains our boss we turned down to watch his movies like you now they becomes fnd then we started watching srks movie but we didnt like or find good movie comoaring to bajirao mastani though we liked srks acting and looks but as long as ur behave is nice we will be nice means vice versa we know few movie of salman khan was not up to our expectations but done great businesses like block buster superhit etc but in our case we r extremely happy only to salman bhaijan on screen we consider movie is bonus for us what is called stardom what made the movies blocbuster out of average movie he is beyond films just I read today one of sanjay leela vansalis column and salman khan achieved it over the years by hard working so what the hell we are to try to make absurd comments on him or on otehrs so show respect and get respect other wise tit for tat you r hypocrite but they r truly legends they r destined to be legends so wellcome to see todays big boss 9episode Iif we support you and you support us believe me Hollywood will be failed to us means to salman sharuk and amir khan and history will be there and we fans also enjoy it for longest time

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