Bajirao Mastani Monday Box Office Collection Update


Bajirao Mastani Monday Collection Update (4th Day):

The early trends suggest that Bajirao Mastani has reasonable start in morning shows on Monday.

Morning Shows Report:

The occupancy in the morning shows was around 25%. The film has the best hold in Mumbai. Delhi and Punjab have dropped more and they were already low in the first weekend. Today was the first working day so the drop should have been little less. And also the screen count of the film was not that huge.

But the film will recover from here as the word of mouth is super positive. And also multiplex oriented film always tend to show good growth towards the evening. The costs are on the higher side and the film still has to go a long way.

Both Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani has done well over the weekend. But Monday is very crucial for both films. Because the film which holds better on Monday will be the winner at the box office in longer run and will take advantage of Christmas and new year holidays.

Noon Shows Report:

As expected Bajirao Mastani has shown good growth in the noon shows. The overall occupancy is up to 45%. But it seems that film will have varied performance today. As it is doing great in Maharashtra and dropping in North and Central India.

Evening Shows Report:

The film continued its good run as it is growing with every show. Though it started slow but has picked up as we predicted. The major multiplexes in Mumbai, Kolkata and Mysore are doing very well in the evening. It is all set for a good day at the box office.

End of Updates

Bajirao Mastani 4th day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check in the following link.

Bajirao Mastani 4th Day Box Office Collection


Bajirao Mastani has collected over 47 crore in its first weekend. The worldwide collection is above 85 crore.

We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Bajirao Mastani Monday box office collection (4th day) update in the comments section.

12 comments on “Bajirao Mastani Monday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. i think it will collect today around 8-9 cr because if we see closely, bm is not performing quite well on single screen despite having good no. of single screen and +ve word of mouth. so it is little worry for movie and generally muliplex shows drop more than single where it is performing well, so it will be a very crucial for Bm bUt dilwale is doing well on SS so it has a chance to pass 14 cr figure on monday and drop is just about 40% from sunday so it is good for movie and it wiil definately pick up in noon and evening. so lets hope both movies do well.

  2. BM-dilwale going neck to neck over the wkdays Bm-8cr dilwale-10cr only because screens are high of dilwale overall occupancy are same

    1. BM is going to crush Dilwale in the coming days, the gap is becoming smaller and smaller

  3. You have used the word 'Reasonable Start' for bajirao mastani n 'Heavy drop' for Dilwale, may I know whats the difference?

    1. BM is doing its best in multiplexes which always opens low and then grow in the noon/evening. Dilwale is a masala film and have more single screens.

  4. BM - cinematography is superb, costumes are great, direction is great but the film and Ranveer Singh acting is so dull and wooden. Two plus hours of my life I'll never get back, if you haven't already watched it then do yourself a favour and don't.

    I've not watched Dilwale so can't comment.

  5. 8-9cr same dilwale .... but dilwale 1 or 2cr bcoz.. srn Jada hai bahut bajirao se... par dilwale ka hal bura hai to same same vi ho sakta hai

  6. bajirav mastani is one of finest movie of 2015 priyanka,ranvir and deepika and excellent ranvir has defeat shahrukh

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