Bajirao Mastani emerges Super Hit at the box office


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer Bajirao Mastani which was released on 18 December has now emerged super hit at the box office.

The film has collected 184 crore so far at the Indian box office. It has become the 3rd highest grossing film of 2015. It has now also beaten Bang Bang to become the 12th highest grossing film of all time.

It was made on the budget of 120 crore. But it recovered a huge chunk of investment before the release from satellite and music rights. The distributor share is comparatively low that other big hits as the film has mainly done its business in Maharashtra belt.

14 comments on “Bajirao Mastani emerges Super Hit at the box office”

  1. Bajne de dhadak dhadak, Dol tashe dhadak dhadak, Bhandara chidak chidak malhari, Kadak tadak bhadak jaali, chatak matak vatak jaali, DILWALE ki dekho jo waat laavli :)

  2. Dear bollyarena

    If movie budget is 120'crores and it earn around 187 crore with a approx Distributor Share of aroud 80-85 crores which is less then from total budget of 120 crore by 35-40 crores and you called a film is super hit & when a film made on a budget of 105 crore and collect approx 149 crore with a Distributor Share of around 75 crores which is alos less then from total budget by around 30 crores approx amd according to you film is Semi Hit...

    My question is why double standard for both movie..

    My Take

    As Film need to collect a Distributor Share of Total budget to be called as CLEAN HIT.

    Verdict of both movies are same as Botu movies unable to collect a Distributor Share of Total Budget but after adding overseas share they both movies clearly cobtributing Distributor Share more then of their Budget.

    Verdict Domestic

    Bajirao Mastani - Semi Hit
    Dilwale-' Semi Hit


    Bajirao Mastani - Super Hit
    Dilwale - Blockbuster

    Please bollyarena correct me if I am wrong with valid reason and reply me on this..your answer will be crucial and important...

      1. Can you please tell me the exact figures.

        Because according to my knowledge all verdict is depend on the Distributor share which hould have to be equal of budget of the movie for HIT.

        PLEASE Clear this...I am thankful of you...


        1. If verdict is based on distributor share then Ghajani is not first 100 cr movie but its ek tha tiger.
          Secondly there are many movies that have recovered its entire budget through ticket sales but can be called as average or just a hit.
          Between BM and D ... D was supposed to make atleast 200 cr from India and BM was 100-120 cr.. considering the face value.
          According to bollyarena's verdict is justified.

  3. If you update the verdict on the basis of theatrical and non theatrical basis then you know that Dilwale has low theatrical recovery than BM
    bt much higher non theatrical recovery than BM.

  4. Within all these fans war, did you guys notice the power of Cinema India is producing, Collectively Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale have earned 331,84 Crores Net. That's no mean feat by any means, and it's an amazing Figure. For the overseas it's 267,22 Crores Net. Again which is mind boggling number. The Worlwide Net is standing at a 599,06 Crores...
    Congratulations to Cinema. Bajirao Mastani is a far better film, but the power of SRK can't be taken away. I hope We fans get to see hom in way more interesting movies in near future.
    Great going Bolly Arena team. Thanks a lot.

  5. Dear Avinash

    You totally misunderstand what I said..I said that to be a HIT movie needs to collect the Distributor Share equal to the total Budget.

    Suppose If an movie cost Rs. 100 crores then it needs to be collect a theatrical distributor share of 100 crores to be HIT....net collection of 100 crores makes it Average.

    Hope you understand

  6. @Bollyarena
    Why don't you tell people that Dilwale's budget of 105 crores does not include SRK's remuneration as he is the producer. In real terms, Dilwale is a 135-140 crore film whereas BM's 120 crore budget is inclusive of Remuneration and P and A. Distributor share for BM is 83-84 cr, true. But then so was the case with HNY, it was a 150 cr movie with a share of 110 cr but still is a SUPERHIT. Happy New Year was sold to YRF worldwide at 125 crores and overall worldwide theatrical recovery was 146 crores. Yes, 150 cr movie recover 146 cr from theaters. On the other hand BM, a 120 cr film has recovered 85 cr from india and around 40 crores expected from overseas(considering it has done $15-16 million overseas)
    Recovery of 125 crores from theatres. No distributor lost money. Tell those who are asking these questions about the verdicts of BM and Dilwale. Either they take Superhit tag away from HNY or Don't complain about BM. Producer's profits do not decide Box Office verdicts because if that was the case, even a Kites would be a Superhit as it was sold at record prices to Reliance Entertainment. Dilwale has made distributors cry and that is the reason why it is being termed as a dud.

  7. @SandSandy
    Tell me what is dilwale distributors recovery from domestic and overseas?And then compare it.

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