Bajirao Mastani 7th Day Box Office Collection

Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collection Day 7


Bajirao Mastani 7th Day Collection (Thursday):

Bajirao Mastani has shown tremendous growth on Thursday. According to official figures Bajirao Mastani 7th day box office collection is 10.52 crore.

Today the film started on a very good note. The evening shows had very good good growth. At many multiplexes, housefull shows were reported. Even North India has picked up a little.

Bajirao Mastani 7th day collection has witnessed around 10% growth from yesterday which is phenomenal. After a good opening weekend, Ranveer Singh starrer has an excellent hold on Monday. It continues to sustains in coming days. The film has done better in high end multiplexes.

Bajirao Mastani box office collection in 1st week is the 4th highest opening week of 2015. It has beaten big films like Singh Is Bling and Welcome Back. Bajirao Mastani 1st week collection is also the highest for any Ranveer Singh starrer.

The film has surpassed all expectations. The terrific word of mouth helped it to gain at places which were low. This resulted in great hold over the weekdays.

It has retained most of its screens in the second week. The screen count is better than Dilwale. Plus the number of shows have been increased at multiplexes. This will give a huge boost to Bajirao Mastani collection.

On Friday all three films, Dilwale, Bajirao Mastani and Star Wars have the potential to do well as it is a National holiday. But the real question will be which film will have an edge over other. And most probably that film will rule in the coming days including new year holidays.

Bajirao Mastani Thursday Collection (7th Day)

10.52 Crore

Bajirao Mastani 1st Week Collection

86.15 Crore



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Day 2
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Day 7
86.15 Cr


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Disclaimer: Bajirao Mastani box office collection on day 7 have been updated. Also tell us what are your thoughts on Bajirao Mastani 7th day box office collection in the comments section.

39 comments on “Bajirao Mastani 7th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Dilwale had a better day because pick uped from yesterday 1,20 - + 1,50 crore and Bajirao 70-90 laksh.

  2. 3 outsider young Star ( RS. PC. DP) ---- King Khan , Insider Kajol , insider new gen star Varun
    RS -DP ( aka Deepveer ) ---- srkajol
    85-86cr ---- 102 cr

  3. BM is boaring movie..i saw both but dilwale is better!!! dont listen ppl who unnecessarily protest dilwale..

    1. Dilwaale is far better than BM. Dilwaale has everything Action, romance and comedy nothing to ask better film on christmas


    2. Why Bajirao Mastani is Best Film see below.
      BM bagged 9 awards in Renault Sony Guild Awards,
      1. Best Director
      2. Best Cinematography
      3. Best Art direction
      4. Best Sound Design
      5. Best Costume design
      6. Best Dialogue
      7. Best Choreography
      8. Best supporting actor
      9. Best actor in leading role.


  4. Bajirao Mastani is a movie which have a very big canvas, based on true real story......
    Cinematography, Picturization of Bazirao Mastani is Superb n Mind blowing..
    It's a must watch.... Hollywood level movie has been made in India.... Outstanding movie.

  5. Are yaroo please eka barato aake "dilwale"film deke bataoo .nahi to India ke bevkuf hooo.yar jute iljam se srk ko koi bi niche nahi karsakta .please once time see "dilwale"pure "srk"fans Please

  6. dilwale to bs srk ki waja se famous hui us ki story koi khaas nahin hai ye paisa kamane ka ik source hai.
    is ke muqable mn bajirao mastani ik historic interesting movie hai.
    Infacat BM is better than DW...

  7. Bajirao mastaani is A Best Historical Movie of Indian cinema and it's a great movie which type movie I never seen and it's far better from bahubali movie . great action mind blowing cinematography locations ranveer dance and mostly important all fight scenes are truly truly stunning and amazing.i have seen bajirao mastaani 3 time and again now again Sunday I will go to see bajirao mastaani . and Dilwale is a disastured because dilwale is a boaring movie with full of overacting useless fight scene nothing new in it I think it's rohit shetty one of the biggest flop movie by bad direction with out script. Soo go for bajirao mastaani because bajirao ne mastaani se mohhabat ki h ayyashi nhi.

  8. दिलवाले बेकार मुवी है फालतु है। B M बेस्ट मुवी ऑफद यर धमाल मुवी है

  9. Bm is beautiful movie.... dilwale is Bakwas.. BIGGEST FLOP OF THE YEAR.
    Not able to earn it's production cost... Ekdum bundle

    1. Well Dilwaale budget is 110 crore while BM is 120 cr dilwaale has earned 102 crore in india and 65 crore overseas.

  10. In BLR Bajirao Mastani has increased screen counts in multiplexes whereas Dilwale screen counts have reduced considerable so if the trend all India is like this then sure Bajirao Mastani will be ahead of Dilwale in few days from today.
    The headlines will be Content is most important nowadays not stars. Bajirao Mastani beats Dilwale lifetime business.

    1. Though BM is beating SRK's Dilwaale in last two days but Still DILWAALE is well head and doing better Than BM in India and Overseas.

    1. I am not saying that BM is bore movie.BM is also good I have watched both movies, both are completely different movies all actors have performed superbly.

  11. after all bajirao is great. well picturrised. strong story diologs, acting, sets, .
    dilwalwale no story, copuy of Hum (amitabh) , faltu jock movie,. aise joke k liye johni liver ki koi bhi purani movie dekh lijiye. or amitabh ki hum dekh lijiye. is weekend me piase bhachakar hotel me jao ya kisi jarur wale ko paisa dedo. fir bhi agar mvie dekhni hai to BM dekho. wo bhi nahi dekhni tto Star Waars 7 grand movie release on today.

    1. Sahi kaha sanjay . Bajirao great movie dekho Dilwale jaise bekar movie dekh ke kya milega. Ya toh tum pak jaoge Dilwale dekh kar ya toh tum sab ko pakao karoge . do no taraf pakao hi pakao. Please watch Bajirao very nice story see it for Deepika or Kashi bai . The jealousy of kashi bai , the determination of mastani will blow u away. When kashi bhai holds mastani hand and says yeh haath pakarta hain na woh - was just outstanding. Ppl have some pity on kashi bhai as she wants to save her marriage whereas mastani love for her lover is true

  12. Kya action diye hai SRK ne especially the punches bang year dkh ke mza aa gya bhut dino bad srk ke aise movie dkhne ko mili hai great one I breathtakingly waiting for its second part please do it fast.

  13. Dear Bollyarena Team please update us with the BM and DILWALE Christmas Day collections and the screen allocation they received.....
    Thanks and Regards
    Preet Sharm

  14. Bajirao mastani is a great historical movie and is better and far better than dilwale. Bm is based on maratha king bajirao and he wins 40 NONSTOP Wars without loosing and is true see the history for confirmation. Also doing good business on box office . Overall dilwale collection is more than BM because of only screen count .if screen are same then definitely its collection greater than dilwale .now 2-3 Days collection of BM is greater than dilwale . Bm is a great movie i like it .

  15. Bajirao Mastani is must watch film, superb performance by Deepaka.
    Salman's recent films collected 180+ CR in first week and so called 'Badshash' struggling to cross 100CR.

  16. Why Bajirao Mastani is Best Film see below.
    BM bagged 9 awards in Renault Sony Guild Awards,
    1. Best Director
    2. Best Cinematography
    3. Best Art direction
    4. Best Sound Design
    5. Best Costume design
    6. Best Dialogue
    7. Best Choreography
    8. Best supporting actor
    9. Best actor in leading role.


  17. Commercial winner is Dilwale till now and Bajirao Mastani is heart winner.
    Dilwale +:
    SRK Kajol magic
    Unseen fresh locations, Lyrics and Music for youth
    PVR distribution in India
    Strong marketing strategy and promotions / schemes with paytm and other popular plateforms
    Happy Ending

    Dilwale - :
    Poor masala type Story
    Avg direction
    Not worth for second visit
    Varun Dhawan and Boman character is confused type, could be furnished

    Bajirao Mastani + :
    Superb story and awsome dialogs
    Best of Ranveer and Priyanka
    Great direction and cinematography
    Ultimate music and lyrics
    Pace of the movie
    Big realistic sets
    Fine action scenes
    Memorable and Marvelous Epic, can seen many times like Sholey

    Bajirao Mastani - :
    Marketing strategy and and promotions could be improved
    Outside and inside India it was treated as second option
    Deepika was not at her best
    Story and facts altered a little
    Editing is over to make fast pace
    Sad ending

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