Bahubali 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection: Crosses 1200 Cr

Bahubali 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection: SS Rajamouli's Baahubali 2 The Conclusion is still going super strong in the third week. The worldwide collection of the film has crossed 1200 crores.

The film has crossed 800 crores nett in India and is inching towards 900 crore mark. It might finish below 1000 crore in its lifetime run in India.

All India All Version Collections:

  • Day 1: 121
  • Day 2: 82
  • Day 3: 101
  • Day 4: 80
  • Day 5: 57
  • Day 6: 50
  • Day 7: 44
  • Day 8: 40
  • Day 9: 48
  • Day 10: 51
  • Day 11: 32
  • Day 12: 30
  • Day 13: 32
  • Day 14: 24
  • Day 15: 15
  • Total: 804 cr

The worldwide gross has crossed 1250 crore mark today. The film should target 1500 crores in the lifetime from just phase 1. It is already schudeuled for release in many other countries so Bahubali 2 worldwide collection could go higher.

  • India Gross: 1029
  • Overseas: 203
  • Worldwide: 1232 Cr

37 comments on “Bahubali 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection: Crosses 1200 Cr”

  1. Highest overseas figs of a non-Aamir movie: Baahubali 2: $37M so far [237 cr] Dangal 9 days in China alone will be apprx $47M [301 cr INR]

    1. Dangal reached 1000cr mark After 5 month of its release and another side BAAHUBALI 2 reached 1200cr mark with in 15 days of its release. No one say Dangal isn't a Good movie every one know its very nice movie with a beautiful social message but another side Aamir fanes are totally illiterate jo kehate hain Baahubali to kuchh ni hai Aamir ke samne, Dangal ne to Baahubali ki asi tesi kar di, baahubali to gaya ye vo...
      RIP is the only word for those illiterate people.

    2. dangal is a faaltu movie for lifetime.. bahubali 2 that is amazing..... jai maaheshmatii....

  2. Very soon this might happen too.. #Dangal's China's lifetime > Bollywood's Non-Aamir movie's Worldwide Figures. BO history rewritten.

    1. dangal collections are phase-II not phase-I , BB2 will release in some more countries after few weeks then BB2 collections will go higher

  3. Kaha Gaye South wale bahot uchal Rahe the. .

    Dangal ka mazak udda Rahe the

    Come on aab uddao mazak.


    It's our turn to show u BB2'S AUKAT


    1. Abe kisi ne dangal ka majak ni udaya tera majak uda rahe hain sab samja ????
      Or har din udayenge jab tak tujhe baahubali ne Indian cinema ke liye kya kiya hai vo samaj ni aa jata. Aamir ka dialogue to tujhe yaad hoga "Hum apne kamjor student ka haath ni chhodate"

    2. @Parshya,we already showed ur Christmas star's real aukat here in India with in 15 days.Nothing to prove more.

    3. Waste fellow...How many times people need to say that we are INDIANS..North india,south india,east india .....Aisa bolke INDIANS KO devide math kar Unpad fellow.

    4. Bahubali 2 ko dekhne ke baad Aamir khud hi shocked hai aur us shock se bahar aane ke liye to bahut time lageega aur tab taq 3 ya 4 movies aur aise nikal jayengi uski par kuch hone wala nahi hai bhai.

  4. Bro parshya you are superb fan man incredible .i am also a huge fan of aamir after following bollyarena I am your fan seeing your comments.i don't miss your single comment whenever I visit bollyarena. And one thing bro aamir khan doesn't down his fans.

  5. Dear, south indians without dharma production your bahubali would be kabaali. [Only 4crs 1st day at bolly box office] Faltu ka uchalna band kro. Stop comparing bollywood muvies with tollywood. Jitni screens me bahubali release hui hai utni screens me bollywood me nahi lgti. Bahubali 1st part collected about 650 crores, it was but obvious that 2nd part will be must awaited. Respect work not collection. Prabhas did amazing job. Luv bahubali series dts it. ✌

    1. Don't get carried away with south and north. Baahubali shows Indians as great people. It makes every indian feel proud. It opens up a new. Benchmark of filmmaking. Let us thank the makers

  6. Friends.. How fair it isunfair to compare Dangal with Bahubali ?.. Amir khan is a national superstar star since 2 decades and what kind of huge fan base he has worldwide? .. On the other hand except Andhra and Telangana, rest of India doesnt even properly know who is Prabhas and SS Rajamouli until they made Bahubali in 2015, ..Given these background conditions which movie is great ? Bahubali 1000 cr in 15 days or Dangal 1000 cr in 5 months ? The answer is left to the respective intelligent brains of the readers.. Thanks for reading..

  7. Bahubali is best, and it will be best till any khan will beat this record...... and it will be impossible to beat for coming 10 years or more... bcz its true Indian movie Jaihind

  8. Bahubali is the king 1232 in just 15 days wow ????Koi nhi beat kr sakta ye record 15 days me


  10. Some people surmise that bahubali will be able to replicate dangal in china. I disagree and this is the reason.

    The key difference between the two films is what is to be noticed. What works for baahubali in india is precisely what didn’t (in part 1) and will not work in part 2. Theyou are as follows:-
    (a) Baahubali is a period drama, with grand scale. This is an never before seen scale and grandeur that is rooted in indian culture and hence is pulling people to watch it. Chinese audience is sick and tired of such period dramas. Chinese film makers have been making dramas on a grand scale since past many years. If theye still want to watch better quality superhero stuff, Hollywood is the alternative.
    (b) Dangal is about sports and parenting. The landscape and colours chosen by film maker are quite similar to chinese landscape. Hard parenting and sports are close to chinese people. This makes a killing combination and theven film has given them what Hollywood can’t. Aamir Khan is a known name by now. So the film works and how.

    So by my calculations Baahubali if edited well to western sensibilities , may do something in US and south America but don’t expect much in China and korea or japan.

    I would like to credit Aamir Khan here, who is a thinking actor and must have been playing a big role in Dangals dubbing in chinese. The title itself, “let’s wrestle daddy” betrays to me Aamirs inputs.

  11. Faalthu bathe nakko kat yaar year south Indian movie the North Indian movie bolke devide nakko kar. This is an Indian movie. Devide karne vaale Indian nahi hotha aap Indian ho yaa nahi aap hi decide karlo.... Dangal is best and also Bahubali is best movie....

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