Bahubali 2 tears apart Bollywood festival box office records

Bahubali 2 has literally torn apart all kind of box office records. The Hindi version of the film has set all time records for consecutive five days.

The major difference is that Bahubali 2 has done this on non-holidays but Bollywood records have come during major festivals. The only exception is Dangal which collected massive 42 crore on Sunday. It has ended the myth that only festivals or holidays can bring bumper initials. If the content is there, the audience will come.

Check it out.

1st Day

  • Bahubali 2: 41.0
  • PRDP: 40.35 (Diwali)

2nd Day

  • Bahubali 2: 40.25
  • Sultan: 37.20 (Eid)

3rd Day

  • Bahubali 2: 46.50
  • Dangal: 42.35

4th Day

  • Bahubali 2: 40.25
  • Krrish 3: 30.25 (Diwali)

5th Day:

  • Bahubali 2: 30.50
  • Kick: 28.89 (Eid)

43 comments on “Bahubali 2 tears apart Bollywood festival box office records”

  1. Content is king not holidays start spending money on film sets vfx instead of honey singh item songs

    1. Really bahubali has broken the myth
      Especially sallu ki and see the collection difference BTW krish and bahubali 10 crore difference superbbb

    2. Hahahahaha Buht khoob eh hai asli south power

      Eh hai bollywood actors ki aaukat
      ikk dubb film ne bollywood ke record tod dite .Eh hai new record
      kehte hai history make by brake the roules but nahi history make by brake the record .

  2. Christmas and diwali are the only holidays we shud consider as holiday periods.. coz we have a week holidays... similar to summer vacation in which BB2 has released.. these are all an advantage for films..
    republic day, eid, gandhi jayanti etc.. are not holiday periods.. as they have only a day holiday..
    but credit must go to salman for making EID so bloody popular.... like aamir for Christmas who enjoys a weeks holiday along with new yr bonanza...
    unfortunately, SRK is now out of reckoning as he isnt a big star now

  3. @Bollyarena,
    You never delete​ moronic comments of Parshya and Roric for some reason but when I just said that they are Bollyarena's favourite users,you didn't publish it.Well done sir !! By the the way they didn't just post troll comments,they spread negativity and hatred most of the time.There is a limit of everything.

  4. akkal tho hai nahi.. apna naak beechmain daalna nahi bhoolega? :D
    salman films releases one or two days before eid... i dont want to explain further as u wont understand because.. :D

  5. In South people came to see movies on any date but in North people only came when they get free from their work, so @bollyarena don't compare bollywood with south, when Rajnikanth movie released mostly colleges offices closed,

    Even Raess has good content still get low on non holiday, Gabbar is back is fully entertainer still failed to past 100 cr...

    So big thing is we don't have so much screens to collect so much amount of money

    1. illeterate bafoon spotted....just because of audience like u in north bollywood is in this position...grow up fool...these r collections of north not total india....mickey mouse cartoon get some education....south have 5 states 4 industries n each industry is big individually unlike north where 25 hindi speaking states combined n form single industry...just like in north prabhas was not known to other states of south except AP before baahubali because each industry individually can blast bollywood....saying raees as good content shows ur foolishness n such an illeterate like u barking on south.....this is the reason bollywood make movies to satisfy fools like u so they dont go well in south but enjoyed by illeterate cartoons like u

    2. lollll north bafoon spotted....mickey mouse they r collections from north not total india......because of illeterate cartoons like u around bollywood is lacking to make gud movies n in this position....saying raees had gud content shows how fool ur n ur barking on south films....illeterate cartoon south have 5 states 4 languages n each language have an industry which r very big....in single state 3 out of 4 industries did 150 cr but bollywood combines all 25 hindi speaking belt into 1 industry but still couldnt beat south industries...just like prabhas is not known in north before baahubali he was not known even to other south states except AP...n ur fool who said prabhas is smaller than ranbeer lolll mickey mouse khans highest collections in south is 12 cr for dangal,5 cr for hny,3 cr for prdp.....even our young heros like raj tarun had 25 cr with 75 lakhs budget in such case khans < our young heros like raj tarun who just did 3 films

    3. Mykey bhai Bollywood ke stars holidays pe film release karte hai but #Rajni kanth's kabali film ko poore tamilnadu main spicel holiday ki thi tamilnadu government ne. Bolly stars holiday dhoondte hai .but holiday rajni sir ko .aur tu keh reha hai ke rajni office college closed pe release karta hai nahi .Ab tak kabhi nahi hua ke kabhi film pe holiday ki ho without rajni kanth sir's

  6. even Amir release DONGAL in china..bhutan.bangladesh…planet mars…pluto….tab bhi Bahubali 2
    will be no. 1…respect karo…Amir ki 4 din me baja di…..band….
    for Bahubali no need china japan…india kafi hai meggi star Amir ke liye…..
    ab samjha Amir collection due to content same bahubali 2 collection due to content…except it…without content Amir is THE LAASH…or else except Prabhas is bigger than AMIR….
    without content Sallu KICK is 247cr…wihtout content CE 228cr…this is not the case with AMIR except it…

    1. Koi bhi ho par Prahbas no 1 hai,,, chote chinease toh tha hi nahi no 1 kabhi,, wo srk aur salman kabhi thee but ab Prahbas hai no 1...... King of india

    2. beta Dr.

      aamir se jal jal k...jal-kukda bn gya h .

      aamir ki Dhoom 3 me konsa content tha...

      fir b ATBB h...

      or bahu bali...9000 screens...south masala movie h. ......

      or tere jese Murkho ko....esi hi movie dekhne me mja aata h .

  7. Things to Learn From SRK Shahrukh Movies:

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    1. @parshya be in your limits....
      Srk is one of the best actor and Indian citizen....
      The degree which he has received from various foreign universities is beyond your thinking and none Bollywood and tollywood actor has achieved this...
      Director of avataar,spider man and titanic has said-- Srk means India to me...
      I m saying Srk ,aamir and salman all three are best and you should respect other actors if you are truely a fan of some actor....
      This shows you are not a true aamir khan fan as you always degrade Srk and salman...
      A great actor and fan always respect others...
      First learn this...

    2. Ha ha sach kaha # parshya , ek dialog shaadi bhi ek baar hoti air pyar bhi ek baar phir bhi kabhi alvida & kuch kuch hota hai .

  8. Aby Ghadoo ka Doctor!!
    Dangal was not a commercial like Kick and CE, Still collected WW more than Kick and CE combined. BB2 had 2 years hype and why Kathapa killed Bahubali mystery was the major Hype. Apna Elaj kar. Ghadoo ka elaj kuch Dino kiley chords, kynkey Ghadoo ka elaj kartey kartey tu bi Ghada howa?

  9. guys dangal pre screening make 24lakhs from 40shows in china that are half of my name is khan lifetime 50lakh

  10. SRK: "I believe God sent me to become the king of the world."
    Aamir: "Oh teri! I never sent anybody!"

    1. abey sunday tha us din to fir national hoaliday kaha se hua..
      kaha kaha se ate hai kuch knowledge rakha karo..

  11. Now top 3 stars as per last box office collection

    1.Prabhas-1200cr(expected)...(coz of rajamauli and brand bahubali)


    1. Are you truely mad aur pretending to be
      You have written in India and writing aamir 900cr expected and salman 625cr....
      Bro in india after gross collection dangal has not crossed 600cr even and salman 500cr even...you must have to write ww not India.

      Revised should be
      IN INDIA
      1.prabhas 1000cr(due to team work) gross
      2.Aamir 590cr
      3.salman 450cr

      In overseas
      1.prabhas $80m(expected)
      2.Aamir $50m(expected)
      3.salman $29m...
      We bahubali2 will cross 1500cr gross.....

      1. HAHAHA
        R U MAD 80m
        bro china mein 50cr bhi nahi hoga bahubali2 ka...likh lo

        1. That is Indian movie not Chinese and bahubali2 don't need run in China as it will surely collect more than aamir dangal(including China)
          I m here and waiting for this....

          1. bro do u know how much Pk collected in overseas?
            will bahubali break this record?
            bahubali2 collected 160cr till now in overses.
            still long way to go...

    2. Parshya always don't b fool by urself....u said no-one can beat Dangal n baahubali did in flat 3 days....if baahubali is because of rajamouli n baahubali brand then Danial is just because of bet bachao concept n not because of Amir.... In overseas it's biggest dream to beat prabhas.... Till now in 104 yrs Indian film history no Film toppedat US box office that too when their own franchise like f8 is on Screens n baahubali did it.... Life time collection of Danial in US is 30 cr first day collection of baahubali in US is 30 cr... Just like India it will b joke even in overseas market to say Amir will beat prabhas... Only from North America prabhas is going to do 100 cr don't dream more n b fool.... Even today baahubali is in 3rd place of US market no film from. India never been in top 30 in US box-office

  12. Bahubali2 has created record for 5 consecutive days and will again create record for next two day and also for first week....

  13. Ready was a blockbuster and dat too on non holiday while srk fan AmiR talash both failed on non Holiday but tut now Prabhas is the most Skyrocketed stardom fame star Baahubali 2 is best movie ever in Indian cinema

  14. East west north south ki ladayi ku hi rhi hai bhai..khush hone wali baat hai apne india ki movie tabadtod kamayi kar rhi hai

  15. please all b clear that movie makes money only if ticket prices are high, and bahubali 2 had starting ticket price of 500 minimum in normal single screen theaters and 900 in multiplexes, which is 5 times higher in normal and 3 times in multiplexes. If ticket price is as normal as other films then it would earn around same as that of other movies.now at present till today only sharukh and salman movie ticket price are normal, where as Amir movie ticket price is higher.

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