Bahubali 2 sends shock waves across Bollywood

Who would have thought that a Telugu film will open with over 100 crore on the first day and Hindi dubbed version will set all-time record. Well, the unimaginable has been done by Baahubali 2 The Conclusion.

The monstrous opening has come as a shock to the trade pundits. The Hindi dubbed version of the film has opened with massive 40.7 crore opening. It has come on a working day and also in less number of screens (4050). The original Telugu and Tamil versions were released in South so the Hindi screens were very few.

Bahubali 2 Hindi version is the first bumper opener since Salman Khan's Sultan which was released on Eid. But BB2 has proved that you do not need festivals for getting bumper initials. There is also IPL going on which have zero impact on the film's business. In fact it was the other way around. We have seen in the past that many filmmakers blamed IPL for the poor box office performance of their films. Lately, big Bollywood films were not releasing during IPL.

Baahubali 2 has indeed shown the true potential of Indian box office. While none of the non-Khan starrer has even crossed 200 crores, Baahubali 2 will do so in two days flat. It will also become the highest grossing Indian film of all time in the first week itself. The film has also smashed highest overseas weekend record in just one day.

Only Thursday previews collection was higher than lifetime overseas collection of all Bollywood films of 2017 except Raees (which will be crossed in 2.5 days). Meanwhile, it has crossed 220 crore mark at the worldwide box office. The opening day collection is higher than the lifetime business of films like Rustom, Airlift, Ra One, Dabangg etc.

The historic opening has sparked a debate that whether films need star power, festivals or not. The comparisons are being made between Bollywood and South Indian industry. Some are putting Prabhas and Baahubali against the Khan trio. It is a ridiculous comparison as Khans have sustained their stardom for too long and Baahubali can be a once in a lifetime situation.

But yes it has shown the true potential of Indian films. Surely Baahubali 2 will prove to be a game-changer for Indian cinema. This can open Hindi market for South Indian films. Next, we will see the release of big budget Robot 2 in North. It also features Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar which will boost the collection. Prabhas's next is also a big film which will also be released in Hindi version.

Well, it's time for Bollywood filmmakers to wake up. They should make pan-Indian films on big scales rather than only films for 5-6 city audience. Or else regional and Hollywood film industry will take over Bollywood once the Khan trio will retire.

25 comments on “Bahubali 2 sends shock waves across Bollywood”

  1. What we can do here one fans trolling other fans, there is a sensitive issue but a man who is only trolling actors. Now its high time to do something else otherwise regional cinemas will overtake bollywood and who is the idiot telling Prahbas is bigger than khans even he is no where to Ranbir Kapoor, one movie can't make you Superstar.

    1. Totally agree with you Mykey.
      I am damn sure if this movie would have been from Bollywood. The same fans who are appreciating it will try to find flaws in the movie and will bring it down.
      If an actor tries to do different and it does't work very well like Bombay Velvet, FAN, Shivaay we people start discouraging them rather than appreciating their guts. They may have failed, but trolling them on social media will not help anything. Clashes are becoming normal, even entertainment taxes are huge.
      Coming to bahubali, everyone is saying why bollywood does't make any movie like that. Its as simple, audiences are not ready to accept it in bollywood. They will start comparing it with Hollywood immediately.
      I remember when Raone and Krissh 3 released. Audience started to look for flaws, quality of special effects, less logic. Common does Fast and furious, Transformers had logic?

    2. Superbbb article Bollyarena
      Bahubali se khans ki aukat toh pata pad gayi
      They only want festivals to release and hamesha festivals ke liye ladte rahte hai..
      And prahbash has taught them a gud lesson
      And finally I sud like to say
      Prabhas is great actor than any other actor in Bollywood ( reality is bitter but reality is reality)

      1. Shi kha Bhai
        There is hardly any hit of khans without festivals
        There non festival releases struggling to recover costs

      2. Roric change your taste and mindset.
        Prabhas is nowhere a great actor. I have seen his movie from chatrapati, Darling Rebel, Mirchi. He is an average actor whose work and dedication in Bahubali needs to be appreciated. Lets see how will Saaho works out. Nts jnr, Ravi teja, Mahesh babu are any day better actors.
        Lets see how Prabhas continue his stardom outside bahubali Franchise.
        Your reality seems to be inside yourself with commercial masala movies. Does Prabhas have the guts to do movies like Dangal, Guzaaarish, LunchBox. No because it will not cater to his southern Fan following. Stop comparing him with Khan and kumars. They have been in the industry for 30 Years and are better actors any day. Just one movie of Prabhas with pan india content does't make him the better actor than Bolly actors. If you would have name Kamal Haasan, dhanush or Mohanlal I could have agreed with you.

    3. @ Mickey mouse - - - Mind ur language, Khan's or only famous in North. If you come to South their star power is equal to 0. Let me give you dumb like u a simple calculation.

      Rajnikanth Sir ka movie can collect 35+ crore only in South, just imagine what will happen if they capture North Indian market.

      Salman n others will start promoting their films 1 month prior n book Holidays to get good opening.

      Rajnikanth will release his movie without any promotion.

      As rightly said by Indicine, if the bollywood directors don't up the game in few years time, Ace directors like Rajamouli n Shankar will capture North Indian Market.

      Go to South to see Prabhas star power u kid.


      1. South actors are also famous only in South. Rajinikant tried to capture North so many times but in vain.Only films that appeal to all will win all over India whether it's bollywood movie or South. A movie like Bhahubali will happen once in a life time.Let's see what recods will be broken by Prabhas' next release all over India.

    4. Since the end of Amitabh Bachchan, The Khan Trio have saved Bollywood from all the threats outside Bollywood but now when they start doing roles that suit their age, who will save it because they need someone like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan who took over the industry and became the biggest name as soon as they stepped, but stars from the younger generations are not the superstars the industry is looking for, I mean you can call Ranveer and ranbir kapoor all the name you want, like the next shah Rukh Khan or the next superstar but they will never enjoy the stardom that shah Rukh Khan enjoyed when he stepped into the industry, so someone else has to walk into the industry within 10 years from now and take over the torch from the Khan Trio! My bets are on Aryan Khan!
      God man can't believe one day Khan Trio won't be around! Cinema stardom will be gone!

    5. Hi cartoon Mickey Mouse....
      Do u think Khan's r greatest actors in world n have superstardom in total planet??? Highest for Amir in south is 12 cr, for srk it's 5.45 cr n for Salman it's 3.1 cr....believe me these r not first day collections but lifetime that too these r their respective highest collections till date.... Coming to acting Bollywood sites like these n fools like u b jokers by urself calling Khan's as actors.... Loll even ur Salman did periodical film like baahubali in past which is world wide blockbuster with name veer... It did amazing 50 cr gross ww....lolll after that every movie of Salman was south remake from wanted to bb...n ya bb is story of vijayendra Prasad which was thought to b sequel to pasivadi praanam... N for ur kind info all south dubs he made was with much juniors than him n in every movie he was less than half of original especially in kick he is blunder when compared to raviteja...he did another remake ready n in that ram was just 19 yr old n it was just his 3rd film... Salman experience is 20 yrs at time of ready actually there should not b any comparison when he was doing character of such junior but there is not only comparison but even surpassed Salman in acting with just 2 films experience... Loll ur Khan's r kings only in north as u don't have choice of better actors u were habituated to them.... N ur comparing them to prabhas n rajni....mickey Mouse ur compare g ranbir to prabhas n made urself best cartoon but truth is ur Khan's r not even equal to our young heros Raj Tarun who did 3 films n as a Mickey Mouse ur comparing Khan's to rajini n ranbir to prabhas n urself to Arnold..... Loll cartoon don't b fool calling Bollywood has very great Hero's n actors than each n every actor in south.... C ur Khan's position in south they r not even equal to Raj Tarun n any young hero with 2-3 films experience in south

    6. Oh no!! the so called king khan,bhaijaanand mr.perfect look like liliputs when compared to Prabhas and ranbir kapoor hahaha.......he gets films because of the tag" kapoor".

  2. Khans just blocked festival dates that's it without blocking festival dates they WONT CROSS 130 cr. They are big '0' Z-E-R-O....lol

    Except English media presstitutes nobody cares them.

    1. Khans are just blocking dates because in india we need festival to enjoy, in South when big movie released there is a holiday for that but in North we have only one holiday on Sunday or any festival,people didn't spend so much money on non holiday

  3. Seriously it's time to think for Bollywood make a grand film with Aamir or Salman in it release it over 10000 screens, the potential is huge.

  4. Can You Explain how can a movie collect 80 crores from 4000-5000 screens ?
    40.7 crore of screens (4050) it's legit data But Regional Data ?
    I don't know how it's happen ? If you explain it would be great.

  5. Bahubali2 producers have given official collection is -121cr.....
    But according to box oofice India the official collection should cross 122cr....
    First time in history box office India is giving high collections than the producers of this movie....
    This is called fair and accurate collection by producers....
    Bahubali2 rocks and shock the entire nation....
    Check this out---http://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=2889

  6. I salute to all 3 khans for what they have given to Indian film industry...they have maintained their stardom for more than 25yrs.....so now they have to make pan India movie with good directors else Bollywood will be finished.....
    And god knows what will happen to Bollywood when these three will retire......

  7. I found this article an eye opener for Bollywood if they read it positively. Thanks Bollyarena for this.

    Now it up to Bollywood as to how they will take it. But its true whole Bollywood is so much divided due to Khanism, Kapoorism etc etc make their own groups or Khana. Please come out with such insane habits.

    Try to make good and materialistic films with good message without hurting sentiments of any castes or religions.Else soon public divert its attention against Bollywood.

    We are fan if good films and bot of Khans Kapoors chopras etc etc . please take care of this.

  8. After Bahubali, all these 100/200 crore clubs seem like joke. By the end of extended weekend on Monday, all Bollywood box office records are going to be dust. 1000 crores world wide is now a guaranteed return & beyond that where it stops in its final run is anybody's guess.

  9. such a dent on ego and prestige of our bollywood megastars.. salman and aamir..
    They would need to come up with something really special to topple this record.

  10. One movie cannot change anything!!! It a event movie which is hard to replicate...so all you haters who say Bollywood is over then take a chill pill!!!

  11. Dear candians
    Jitna role Arjun Rampaal ka Raone me tha aur jitna role Vivek Oberoi ka Krissh 3 mai tha, utna bhi nahi hoga Canada ke doggy ka Robot mai.
    15 cr opening cross karne ki aukaad nahi hai aur chale Salman ko aukaat dikhane

  12. Mickey mouse,your gods I mean the so called great khans look like liliputs when compared to Prabhas.and Ranbir kapoor!! Hahahaha...... he gets films because of the tag"kapoor".

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