Bahubali 2 Day 6 Noo Shows Update

Bahubali 2 Day 6 Box Office Collection: Prabhas and Rana Daggubati starrer has continued its exceptional run at the box office on Wednesday also as it was steady as per early trends. There is an acceptable drop in the morning shows as compared to yesterday. Still Bahubali 2 collection will be on the high levels.

Morning Shows Report:

The overall occupancy was up to 50% in the morning shows. There is a some drop only if we compare the sample to Tuesday. North India continued to rock big time as the film is being driven by these circuits. The film has found huge appreciation here and will soon set all time records here. The trend is the best in recent times and the only film that can be compared to BB2 is Dangal.

Bahubali 2 Day 6 Box Office Collection

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Now the initial hysteria around Bahubali 2 is over and Wednesday will be the first normal day. Though the film has not dropped much in the morning shows but it will be interesting to see its performance in the evening shows. The film has dropped down South but the collections will be steady now. Bahubali 2 collection in Hindi version will be higher than the combined collection of Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions. This is because films trend better in North.

Noon Shows Report:

Baahubali 2 is showing good trends on Wednesday too. The drop is around 10% from yesterday which is acceptable. The film is set for another healthy day at the box office. Telugu and Tamil version are now at decent levels. The trend differs down South as films face heavy drops after high openings. However, BB2 is faring better.

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Bahubali 2 6th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Bahubali 2 6th day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the link provided here => Bahubali 2 6th Day Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2has collected over 198 crore in the first five days in Hindi version alone. While All India collection has crossed 400 crore. We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Also, share with us what are your thoughts on Bahubali 2 day 6 box office collection update in the comments section.

39 comments on “Bahubali 2 Day 6 Noo Shows Update”

  1. AKKI ROBO 2.0 will shatter all records and become 1st 2000 CRORE GROSSER OF INDIA
    No one will beat this record ever

  2. 2nd saturday and sunday is be huge - like the trend
    sunday - again it can touch- 40
    Amir now leave the Chritsmas and just go to hell

    1. Aamir khan will be remembered as most prolific actor in Indian film industry who will give numerous different roles and numerous different story lines to Indian audience.

  3. Baahubali beaten the record of dangal and become the first indian film crossed the 400 cr

  4. Now HGOTY N ATHG will be bahubali2
    No chance for fusslight n BZH both will be holiday release.
    Sallu fans before d release of bahubali2.. sallu has no compition this yr BZH/fusslight will be d HGOTY.
    Abey sallu 23 sal se 1 ATHG dene ke liye taras raha hai idhar regional movie non holiday pe aake Aamir khan ka record tod rahi hai aur ATHG ban rahi hai...jo 10 sal se koi nahi challeng kar raha tha Aamir ke record ko...
    Aur sally ko megastar bolte ho kuch to sharam karo.hamesha eid pe aata hai aur koi record nahi banata.khali kamake jata hai...
    Aab Aamir will fight for ATHG with TOH

      1. @ramiz raja
        do u know piracy?coz of this no movie will cross sholeys footfalls which is biggest blockbuster in india.aur ye HAHL madhuri ki movie thi aur itni bakwass thi ki aaj release hoti to log theatre me so jate..

  5. Mere shiva Kisiko yaad hai kya fusslight ki trailer aa rahi hai?

    Bahubali ne to sallu ko bhula diya..

    Aab sallu kabhi ATHG nahi de sakta...
    Sallu fans rona mat.

    1. And within some days dat too will be be squashed Baahubali 2 is the greatest movie ever made Dangal is like mosquito near Baahubali 2 these sites will stop comparing this over manipulated film Dangal Prabhaseis now biggest superstarin Pan India in the new generation Ranveer Ranbir all are nothing near him including hrithik

  6. @bollyarena,telugu movie with positivewom collects 3times of its openingday in lifetime,bb2 looking to collect4-5times of its openingday means its carrying extraordinary wom.trend of south film different to bolly,thatswhy opening also shouldnotbe compared

  7. Only due to Aamir there was some respect left for Bollywood. Now South films can take over..Remove Aamir and see

    BB2 1st day collection > Akshay Kumar all films
    BB2 2 days collection > SRK ALL FILMS
    BB2 3 Days collection > Salman All Films
    BB2 4 Days WW Collection > All films except Dangal and PK

  8. historical fiction attracts old people more than science fiction(2.0)
    So, its doubtful that 2.0 overcome baahubali 2's records

  9. Dear All, forget about collections. think about the quality of Bahubali . Dangal, PK & many movies are becoming hit because of stardom of Heroes. Which is bad trend. Watch the Bahubali 1 & 2 movies. Every actor in that movie is Hero, including director and other technicians. Which is good trend.

  10. today 26cr+,
    tomorrow 24cr+,
    friday 22cr+,
    saturday 28cr+
    sunday 36cr+

    after 2nd weekend 335cr+

  11. Bahubali2 will be close to 240-250cr in first week in Hindi and will cross 350cr+ till end of second week and till3rd week it will beat bahubali all version collection in Hindi only...

  12. Congrats to Bahubali 2 team....I think it will be the first 1000 cr cinema from India. I saw the telugu version of the movie and it was mind blowing. I hope it continues to fare really well for a long time in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages.

    Meanwhile, looking back, days when I was bit struggling with understanding Hindi, I saw a wonderful movie made by Aamir Khan. It was "Log on" (Lagaan). I think he is the first movie maker from India who made highly experimental and creative movies with superb quality. Now, drawing inspiration from such kind of films, a lot of film makers across India are making wonderful movies. India Rocks !!! Jai Hind !!!

  13. hey guys before u judge anything about dangal
    compare its budget to bahubali2
    yet dangal could strive hard to reach this position
    bahubali 2 is lyk a prince born with a silver spoon in its mouth ###@
    so no one beats amir cz he's a mr.perfect

  14. few idiotic guys coming up with comments " Akki Robo 2.0" collects 1000 crores. Kabaali was a disaster. Rajini was appeared like a goon. Kabaali has made many distributors suicidal. Still Bangalore Distributors are unable to recover from bad debts. In tamilnadu too. This time they will not buy with a huge amount. 2009/10 it Robo 1 has come. Now after 7 years Robo 2 is coming. In the mean time many Hollywood movies with high standard graphics have come. The audience definitely compares RoBo 2.0 with those movies. Moreover Robo 2.0 is going to release somewhere in July/August where schools get opens after holidays. I don't think Robo 2.0 will do better.

  15. bhai srk ki happy new year na 1 dai 45 cr busness kya aur bahubali 2 na 41 cr ek badi film tha haha srk love you

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