Bahubali 2 Day 4 Noon Shows Update

Bahubali 2 Day 4 Box Office Collection: The early trends suggest that Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has a phenomenal start in morning shows on Monday. There is only a limited drop from the opening day which was an all time record. It is set for another historic day at the box office. Take a look at Bahubali 2 collection update.

Morning Shows Report:

Baahubali 2 has an excellent start in the morning shows as the overall India occupancy was around 75%. Places like Pune and Bangalore are literally sold out. Mumbai was expected to remain rock solid but even North Indian markets like Delhi/NCR and Punjab are phenomenal today. Bahubali 2 Monday collection will set all-time record for non-holiday Monday.

History will be created today and it will be tough to predict where this film is going to land. 300 crore now looks on the cards for the Hindi version alone. The advance is on all time high for Monday and bigger than the opening advance of all films of 2017. It is even challenging big event films. There is also a partial holiday for Labour day which is boosting Bahubali 2 collection. It will go further high in the noon and evening shows.

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Bahubali 2 Day 4 Box Office Collection

Baahubali 2 is doing very well down South too. The dust has been settled down in AP/Nizam after a gigantic opening day. Still, many shows of Monday are houseful for Telugu version. In Kerala, the film is on a historic run as it has grown on Saturday and Sunday even after record-breaking opening.

Noon Shows Report:

Bahubali 2 is rocking big time on Monday as it is set for a historic day at the box office. The noon shows have occupancy in the range of 75-80% in Hindi version. The trend is suggesting that today's collection will cross 30 cr mark and might even touch 35 cr. Though ticket prices are reduced at places and remained hiked at others.

It is a partial holiday today but even if it was not, the collections would have remained solid.

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Bahubali 2 4th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Bahubali 2 4th day collection is updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the link provided here => Bahubali 2 4th Day Box Office Collection

BB2 has collected a huge 127 crores in its first weekend from Hindi version which is an all time record. Also, tell us what are your views about Bahubali 2 day 4 box office collection update in the comments section.

47 comments on “Bahubali 2 Day 4 Noon Shows Update”

      1. Srk is ryt now at the lowest among big 5 of Bollywood everybody knows Srks paid tactics of self proclaimed way
        Salman and Amir are way ahead of him with Akshay too considering mom of films he does a year it's coz of these Romantic heroes day Bollywood is still unable to match Now Tollywood air Kollywood to
        Prabhas is undoubtedly Rajnikhanth or Salman Of Tollywood and if did keep going he might be the new phenomenon of Indian Cinema Baahubali 2 is best to bring Indian Cinema Action effects high on emotions

        1. Dont compare actor with other people's name such as salman of tollywood he is the prabhas of tollywood...

          I dont like anyones comparison even its salman or prabhas

    1. Baahubali is a puny film in front of biggest blockbuster ever DDLJ. DDLJ has record for longest running film (22 years). It is still running today in Maratha Mandir since 1995. No one can beat SRK.

      1. That's true @zen bahubali2 can't break the record of ddlj(running for more than 22yrs in theatres)....
        Except this record it will broke each and every record set by Indian film industry(like tollywood,kollywwod,Bollywood) and of footfalls also....

        1. Do you even why it run so long, because the the owner of the theatre loved the movie that's why it run 20 years those days ddlj was emty except the owner

          1. Bro.... Not a single theatre will screen a movie less than a week if it has no audience.. If they will get no audience then how they will pay to staff member and will bear other expenses.... Total foolish answered given by you.. .

            1. On week days the theater is empty and there are anti social elements on the weekends....vested interest are just letting it run for one morning show to create the records i think of longest running movie.

      2. With 5 no people watching one can run film for 50 years
        Everybody knows that run was sponsored

    2. All Khans are now dwarfs in front of this real film making... Forget 300 crore, the hindi version itself will cross 400 crore... Total domestic will cross 1000 crore.. Total worldwide will cross 2000 crore... The movie is going to be at par with blockbuster hollywood movies like Slumdog Millionairre etc...

    3. Issne to amir ki planning ka rape kar diya .
      Christmas solo release planning.

      Aur salman bhi gaya Apna eid factor se .
      All records fuss.
      Tubelight be fuss naklege

  1. My prediction will be 35
    As people will go twice thrice fourice
    Bahubali will run for 100 days mind it

  2. Dangal ka record to 10days me hi tut jayega wo bhi non holiday Khans to gaye Eid Diwali Christmas ke baje se khans hai bhi to 0 hai himmat hai to Khans se bolo non holiday par agar 180cr kar ke bhi sikha de

  3. WOW In Hindi alone 400 Cr Rest 300Cr nett 700Cr never ever in the history of Indian Cinema

    Second Dangole 360Cr lol

    AKKI 2.0 will break AVATAR RECORDS AS WELL

      1. Lol archie bhai half nahi even if it collects 1/10 of Avatar will be a miracle as Avatar collected 17000cr and 1/10 = 1700cr . Pata nahi kaha kaha se esa gavar aa jate he

  5. @tepk:abey chameleon,stop spamming every article with same rants again n again.u r not an akki fan,just trying to degrade him!

  6. Few people were saying it will fall flat from Monday but this is not happened and now it is keeping a very good or bumper hold on its first working day......
    Excellent for bahubali2.....
    Jio re bahubali....

  7. Wow....Mumbai was expected to remain rock solid but even North Indian markets like Delhi/NCR and Punjab are phenomenal today---- This is awesome.....remember there is no holiday for labour day today in Mumbai,delhi and Punjab but still they are going by house full shows which shows movie has find the acceptance all over India....

  8. Bahubali ne to box office par dhoom dhadaka macha diya bahubali 2 bahubali 1 se double dhamaka kar rahi hai ab sare record de dadadad de dadadad jayenge .I think it will break the record of Sholay(1760 crore), mughal e azam(1500 crore),kismet(1000 crore),hum aapke hain kaun(940 crore),dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge(867 crore) to be biggest blockbuster in india even if these are adjusted for inflation.

  9. Non holiday pe kisi v khan me itna dum nahi ki 200cr Paar Kar le... It's only possible for prabhash bahubali

  10. Monday collection would b aproxx 34-36 crore, which is still humongous!
    Craze 4 dis film is spectacular!!
    #Baahubali2 is India's biggest movie?

  11. So I am back after my exam and holidays. Now will be active here.....LOve to see that BAAHUBALI is making Indian cinema proud...Bahubali 1 was my third South Indian film I ever watched after Rajinkanth's ROBOT and Shiva Ji The Boos... but after BB1 I have started to watch South film and love them.. has watched films of MAHESH BABu, AJITH, SURIYA and planning to watch other actor's work too...

  12. A meal stone movie baahubali 2
    For Indian cinema
    The movie hitting the 1000 crore..... Definitely
    It's superb movie
    Thanx to Team Bahubali 2
    Ohh la la la
    Sabka Baja diya Baja

  13. Dnt compare, & dnt count collection of box office pls, bb2 just shaken the Indian film making process.wht a movie! Bahubali pravas now has become the darling of every indian heart,hats off 2 ssrm

  14. Life's best movie ever in india out standing finominal performance of prabhas and anushka thanks for doing this movie

  15. U all r talking nonsense. Dont compare this film with any hero. Just go n watch movie n apriciate. N stop compare. Dont be personl. This kind of Indian movie i never ever watched before. This is alltogather different movie thats y record is breaking. Indian market it will cross 1000 cr. N worldwild 1000cr. total 2000cr. Agree????

  16. even in Hollywood bahubali is in 1 st position.. overtaken fast and furious 8 and beauty and the beast lol..those two faltu actors (salman and sharukh) should learn from them..how to market a film and create contents that everybody I mean everybody in the world can enjoy..Even when I see the names of movies of these two fools I laugh(prem ratan dhan payu, dilwale , Che sharam se doob marna chahiye in dono ko....even Assamese film makers are making decent movies then this two morons local kungfu for instance its an Assamese movie and I saw this movie which was hilarious India's first kung fu movie

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