Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection on Day 2

Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection on Day 2: According to the estimates, Baahubali 2 has collected around 40 crore on the second day in Hindi version. The figure is again flirting with all time record.

The opening day was too damn high as it broke all kind of possible records. One would expect the film to face some drops on the second day however Baahubali 2 has surpassed all expectations. The Hindi version is on its way to becoming a historical blockbuster.

Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection on Day 2

Advance booking for Sunday is on all time high. It would not be a surprise if the film crossed 45 crore today. All India lifetime record is given but even Hindi version can challenge these records. The picture will be clear on weekdays once the dust will settle down.

Bahubali 2 box office collection in two days is 81.25 crore. It is going to smash Dangal opening weekend record today.

Day 141.0
Day 240.50
Day 346.50
Day 440.25
Day 530.0
Day 626.0
Day 722.75
Day 819.75
Day 926.50
Day 1034.5
Day 1116.75
Day 1215.75
Day 1317.25
Day 1412.75
Day 1510.05
Day 1614.75
Day 1717.75
Day 187.95
Day 196.95
Day 206.25
Day 216.05
Day 224.15
Day 236.35
Day 247.80
Day 252.90
Day 262.80
Day 272.70
Day 282.70
5th Weekend6.97
Day 321.34
Day 331.22
Day 341.20
Day 351.15
6th Weekend2.90
6th Week4.70
Total505.98 Cr

26 comments on “Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection on Day 2”

    1. My prediction of Fri 40
      Real 41
      My prediction of sat42
      Real 40.25
      My prediction for sun 44-46

      Parshya bhai looking at the trend our dangal will be beaten very badly
      But sad mat hona .....

      In Hindi it will touch 400
      Anyone can bet with me ???

        AKKI 2.0 will break AVATAR RECORDS AS WELL

    2. All you guys saying bahubali and everything, the movie and brand is huge but don't comepare these guys with the Khans, are you guys mad?! The Khans have been around for decades! They are superstars of today and legends! And you know why they don't make much money? It's because you guys watch their movies but down south Tamil and Telugu, they don't come out to watch these movie from Bollywood! Why?! Is it that Bollywood has never till date given a movie better than Bahubali?
      Is Bahubali the best movie to have ever come out from Indian films?!
      No it's because Tamil and Telugu people are not interested in watching these movies! They like watching there melodramas!
      I watched Bahubali yesterday at the cinemas and wow ? I was surprised with the amount of work put into the movie, acting and everything spot on but one thing doesn't go missing is the emotion melodrama, mother meets son and son kills evil cousin movie finished! But what matters is how the movie is made and the movie is epic! But the way Hindi film lovers open their hearts out to Tamil and Telugu films maybe they need to do the same so every good movie is crossing 100crore on the first!
      S.s rajamouli can now make a movie with a budget of 500cr and he would be able to recover it because people trust his movies now! India James Cameron?

  1. Sultan eid pe aake eek din bhi 40 cr touch nhi kar paye..aur yahn dekho 2 din lagatar 40 cr pe h wo bhii ipl aur non holiday k time..!!!!???

  2. Baahubali 2 may surpass the footfalls of these movies
    1. Gaddar-5cr approx
    2. DDLJ-5cr approx
    3. Raja Hindusatni-4cr approx

    HAHK's 7cr is out of reach.

    1. Bahubali hai re bhai
      Tere sallu ka ek ek record todega prdp ka record toh gaya hi
      Phir bb ka record todegi
      Phir tere sallu ka attitude todegi

      1. Abey Canadian Makkhi
        HAHK ka jo footfalls hai na uska one-third ka value se bhi kam hai tere Canadian ka highest footfall Mohra. Apnaa bakwaas band kar
        Khudka actor ka koi record nai hai, chala dusro ka aurose todwaane

    2. Hahk never had a ff of 7cr+. The new BOI data is untrue. The ff of bahubali will be close to 3cr+ if it cross 300cr in Hindi language, so including all language the collection and ff will easily get pass to 7cr+. Remember Telugu & Tamil people are cinelover more than all India, that's why they easily cross 30cr+ from their state alone.

    3. Bahubali India Footfalls : 4,11,60,000

      Only film to cross 4 Crore Footfalls Mark in Multiplex Era ....

      Mark my words Bahubali2 will collect 1500 Cr WW Gross and cross 7 Crore HAHK footfalls too

  3. Bahubali sets unimaginable and unbreakable record. I don't think 2.0 can cross its collection any day. Benchmark is s high that you can't compare future films with Bahubali. First bahubali also was record smasher but that record is beatable, 2nd part is extention of this (not a sequal to cash previous movie) so here movie is became brand due to incompleteness of first film. Bahubali is on course of 800cr+ all India net collection. Proud moment for Indian cinema. Kudos to Rajamouli nd Team.

    1. I think 2.0 will do 70 cr net on day 1 including all versions. Thats way behind baahubalian 121cr. It will be difficult to break this record for another 5 years

  4. 1st day-41cr
    2nd day-40cr
    Then 3rd day also .
    3rd day-45cr
    JIO RE BAHUBALI.........

  5. sab pandu log Eid ke peeche kyu pade hai? y people dont talk about Republic day, diwali, dusserah etc??? all of these occasions fetch only one holiday unlike the Christmas week??
    shows how bigggg salman has made the Eid holiday..!!!!!!!

  6. and now box office bollywood king is baahubali brand ...

    1. baahubali
    2. amir
    3. salman

    first weekend up to 125 cr hindi ...

    now wait lifetime 400 cr hindi ...

    he can do it ...????

  7. Roric bhi bahubali namce calrahe aur ssrajamuli ka karoace 350 coroe buget hi sets acca hai phubaas satadorm karance nahe hai

  8. Hmmmm came thru this data
    HAHK- 130 crore Gross

    Footfalls- 4.68 crores

    Average Price- 130/4.68= Rs 27.7

    DDLJ Average Price- 30

    It has generated Nett Revenue of 6 crores Nett since 1997 in Maratha Mandir as per Manoj Desai

    Old collections- 106.5 Gross

    Footfalls- 106.5/30= 3.55 crores

    Maratha Mandir 's Footfalls since 1997-

    Gross- 8 Crores Approx

    Average Price- 15

    Footfalls- 55 Lakhs

    Total Footfalls- 3.55+.55= 4.1 crores.

    So HAHK is possible!!!!

  9. But HAHK was a bigger hit in lower priced centre as well, So 7cr ff may be true

  10. Fantastic collection for the Hindi Version, broke all the records of the Great Initial Collections of the Miya Bhai Fans of the 3 five foot 3 inch Khans

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