Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection in All India: Beats Dangal

Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection in All India: Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has now officially become the highest grosser of all time in all India as it has beaten Dangal and Bahubali in just five days.

Bahubali 2 collection stands at massive 440 cr nett after five days. It has collected a rocking 198 crore in Hindi version and 242 crore in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions. With the ongoing trend, only Hindi version is going to beat Dangal and might even surpass Bahubali 1 too.

The lifetime collection might cross 700 crores in India which will be a historic achievement as none of the films has not even touched 500 crore.

Baahubali 21017
Bajrangi Bhaijaan321
Dhoom 3276
Chennai Express208
3 Idiots202

24 comments on “Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection in All India: Beats Dangal”

    1. Arey bhai mai idhar hi hoon..par sallu fans gayab ho gaye...aab fusslight jalne par hi dikh jayenge...
      Sallu fans mai ek kadwa such bolna chahta hoon.. Aab sallu kabhi ATHG nahi de sakta hindi me aur all india to 7 janam me bhi nahi.
      Only Aamir can beat bahibali2 in hindi n also ww with TOH.

    2. Are main to sochta tha ke aamir ka record ab toota hai.Pr aamir ka record to 2 year pehle hi Baahubali-1 ne hi tod daala tha abb aur kehne ki kya baat hai. Yeh hai asli south power.
      Talent bhi hai aur record bhi

    3. Everyone is commenting on Aamir films as if every second hero is breaking his record with or without holiday....

      General commenting thread :
      Before Dhoom 3: Tingu villain banega Dhoom 3 mein...super flop hahahaaaha
      After Dhoom 3 becomes blockbuster: This is all due to Dhoom brand

      Before PK: Several memes on Aamir nude poster
      After PK Blockbuster: All because of Raju Hirani

      Before Dangal: Wrestler aur Aamir ....super flop!
      After Dangal Blockbuster: All because of those two girls, it's not Aamir movie, holiday, content pe hi chali hai film, etc etc ...

      This is inspite of Aamir giving content in most of his films and has the POWER to even make offbeat and pure content oriented films into blockbusters without any gimmicks or movie publicity in any of d various TV serials or print media....

      Just imagine if Aamirs offbeat films can do 300 Cr plus ...then what should other masala movies be earning ...This is exactly what Bahubali has managed to do...So give credit where it is due and don't just bash a filmstar because u hate him ....Its incredible what Aamir manages to do with his star power, he doesn't just utilise it to make leave ur brain at home crap movies ...More power to u Aamir!

      With regard to Bahubali, its indeed an amazing achievement , but if only the South moviegoers supported the good Bollywood movies with equal enthusiasm, then Bollywood can also go far in the box office numbers!


  1. LOL I feel pitty on these who are bashing Aamir just because Bahubali 2 break Dangal record. Dude records are meant to be broken. At least AAMIR KHAN has some records to his name. What about your idols? They have only made records in Shooting Animals, Driving over footpaths and Wanakhade Stadium.

    Only due to Aamir there was some respect left for Bollywood. Now South films can take over..Remove Aamir and see

    BB2 1st day collection > Akshay Kumar all films
    BB2 2 days collection > SRK ALL FILMS
    BB2 3 Days collection > Salman All Films
    BB2 4 Days WW Collection > All films except Dangal and PK

  2. all credit goes to the hindi belt audience who have gone mad and the film which actually is a south film is trending better here than south. it happens when people have extra money in their pocket and don't know how to waste it . let's see when people actually decide that we have seen this film enough time at the theatres and only then the film will slow down.

    by the way this is probably the first all time grosser for dharma production and that too with a dubbed film. when it comes to opening the have got record openers from hritik ( k3g, agneepath)and now this film.

    yrf got their first all time grosser from hritik with dhoom2 and the next with aamir with dhoom 3.
    yrf got record opening day from salman , aamir and even abhishek bachchan.

    but yrf and dharma both never got any all time grosser or record opener from a certain star on whom they have invested the most and given that so called superstar the best of their films. who is he?

    yes you have guessed it right he is our beloved sarook uncle.

    1. @honest man
      Phir aagaya tu essay leke
      Kuch kaam nahi mil raha toh bol mai kuch help kar doonga

    2. Have you forgotten much kuch hota hai of dharma....I think you should Google first then write here....
      All 3 khans are best in their work....
      Love to all khans and Indian greatest movie bahubali2...

    3. @honestman you idiot today yrf and dharma productions exist because of SRK, where were they before they started usaid by srk in their movies? Would you care to explain please? Yrf made movies like parampara, I don't hate no actors they are all good in their own respective field but you have some kind of hate again SRK! He made Yrf and Dharma production to what it is today, imagine is SRK never did Darr or Kkhh or all the other movies where would yrf be? On about giving the highest grosser! Get your facts right you idiot! And k3g was an all out srk movies not an Hrithik movie he was a supporting character and he done a great job at that! If anything ask Aditya chopra and Karan Johar who made your production houses the biggest in India, I wish I could've bought late Yash chopra and he would've explained it to you

  3. @arena I HV a doubt plz solve
    Dangal has 792 lifetime collection in all version while in Hindi it is 387
    Then how dangal beat bahubali becoz in Hindi its collection is 198 and in all version it is 400+

    1. Dangole 387Cr nett in all LANGUAGES. Actually BOI claims 370Cr only.

      WW gross is 792 where as Bahubali2 will collect 1500+Cr minimum.

  4. Honest man, abe idiot tiger zinda Hai is a YRF product.Tell your gangu teli Salman to beat Dangal and BB2 .No ATHG but SRK gave many blockbusters to YRF .and K3G was mainly a SRK film u dumb.all the life you all only know to Snatch credit from others.worst fan base for a reason.

  5. Wake up sleeping bollywood. 100 years old still behaving like kindergating child. Keep making excuses for high ticket price or fighting over festive weekends. Instead of researching for good content and family oriented stories. Shamefull

  6. Look at this Dishonest man, he has no shame. He has been barking all day about sallu's openings and in sallu's best phase a regional star has given 600% bigger opening than Gangu Teli sallu. Still he is barking about words like Ghanta Opening(Giving SRK+Hrithik's dual credit for opening of K3G to Hrithik alone who nowadays can't give a 10 crore opening), Ghanta All Time Grosser whereas the truth is Gangu Teli sallu is the only so-called superstar who according to BOI has given more Disasters than Blocbusters. Bahubali 2 is a tight slap on this kind of donkeys.

  7. SRK has given opening record and ATHG to his own production. Why should he cry for not giving them to other productions....??!! Lame logics of Dishonest Gadha.

  8. NN

    srk gives fake oppning record...hny first day collection...36 crore not 44 crore

    or Bahubali 2 ko...world wide...dangal ka record todna baki h....

    vo bhi China release k baad...

    1. HNY opening was definitely over 40 crore, even BOI reported it initially. SRK also gave opening record with Main Hoon Na to his own production. He has total 5 opening records and all this records are useless after Bahubali 2. Still Dishonest Gadha is barking about records. And Dangal will be chasing Bahubali 2's record, not the other way round.

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