Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection: Crosses 500 Cr in Worldwide

Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection: Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has become the first Indian film to cross 500 crores at the worldwide box office.

The magnum opus has grossed 118 crores in its opening weekend in the international markets. It has set all time records in the markets of Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Canada and America. The film debuted at number three at the USA beating Hollywood films despite having less number of screens.

Bahubali 2 has collected around 300 crores nett in all four languages in India. It has set all time records in Hindi and Telugu version whereas Tamil version has set a non-Rajini and non-festive record.



India (Gross)
508.50 Cr


Bahubali 2 box office collection is now targeting for 1000 crore at the worldwide box office which should not be a difficult task as it will only double the weekend collection.

27 comments on “Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection: Crosses 500 Cr in Worldwide”

  1. India has finally done it! Hope Bollywood adds more to this value now but as I have said before the Hindi market is ready to watch a Tamil or Telugu movie but the south Industry is not willing to watch Bollywood movies like the north of India does!
    Otherwise Dangal was not a stupid movie, it was a movie every Indian should be proud of, when My name is Khan did not do that well in India it was a let down! A Bajrangi Bhaijaan should've done 100cr in South but it did not why?! Maybe the way the Hindi market have now opened their hearts out to all good cinema, its high time the south should as well! But Bahubali 2 has just done what you would call before Bahubali era and after Bahubali era! Congratulations to the whole team! Stupendous!
    And one last request please don't compare Prabhas to the Khans, an Avatar will always do better than a Tom Cruise or Bradpitt or even Tom Hanks movie, the wise will understand and the fool will question their stardom!

    1. This movie has universal appeal.The normal South movies won't be enjoyed by the North people coz the settings and the story are based on the region.Same goes for Bollywood.Until Bollywood is not ready to change don't expect any miracle.

      1. Are you telling me till date no movie has been better than Bahubali 2? So Bahubali 2 is the best Indian film fraternity has every given?

    2. You are the one who made the comment that no one knows Bahubali 2 in U.K, and it will be an average grosser in overseas. I must say, quite a flip flop you have taken.

      1. I did not say it would be an average grosser, where did you read that? I said it would make more than 100cr but not go over 150cr, but some movies do surprise with thier collection and in that case this is one! Now this movie have potential to cross 150 and maybe even 200cr! And about flip flop, one can only guess what a certain movie would be able to make, he/she can not be 100% sure about the collections.
        If I think a movie will do 100cr and it does 200cr then you can't say I took a flip flop?! The movie surprisingly worked better than i thought it would've, obviously every one knew from day 1 that Bahubali is certain to break records but no one would've guessed that it would make 100cr first day and such records overseas, I can only wish them good luck on more collections and records and you on some brain! Thank you!

    3. Because Bollywood is not a industry of north Indians but just hindi language industry. Example: Maharashtra state has own Industry as Marathi. We prefer good movies.

      1. Aren't Bollywood movies watched by majority North Indians? And their main target audience is North Indians? I doubt they making their movies for someone relaxing under the sun in Tamil Nadu? If I am wrong which I could be, would you please like to explain what is Bollywood and how Hollywood target thier English speaking audience what does Bollywood target?
        Maharashtra state can also speak Hindi, like the way a American Indian would be able to speak Hindi or Urdu, that's why their main target is an Hindi speaking or someone who can Hindi! So that's why Bollywood is a Hindi industry understood son @aniket

    4. grow up bro....racism towards south in north is more than racism towards north in south....its not abt heart r lungs south indians dont watch hindi movies,...but its abt execution of films in bollywood....u mentioned few hindi film names n for ur kind information stories like my name is khan,bhajarangi bhaijaan r told many times in south.....for instance u said bb should do 100 cr in south but reality is it was written by rajamouli father vijayendra prasad n was planned to b sequel of old film pasivaadi praanam....actually it went to allu arjun first,then to venkatesh then it came to amir n last to salman....u have only seen bb type of story in comedy mode but south already made that story in thriller,comedy modes before bb.....that story is different for u but not for us so it didnt went well....n same to other films u mentioned.....u cant b a frog in well thinking what ever u c is total world
      n ya truth is hard prabhas > khans.....in hollywood hero lasts upto 75 yrs but in india hardly upto 60 yrs khan era is coming to end......khans do survived their stardom but their hits r mostly at festival times n outside festival most r flop....their collections in south r very very less n i told reason its not because of heart but due to inefficiency of attracting southies in film making,acting but prabhas did it in north even baahubali 1 first day collection in north is morethan khans lifetime collection in south.....these many yrs for dubbing resources r not proper so khans survived with rajni in south but now things changed.....lastly u dont b fool by giving amatuer examples of avatar...u cant say something like prabhas will never get a hit after this or every film of khans will hit till they retire....if protecting stardom matters then khans r ruling from 15-17 yrs n rajni is ruling from 23-25 yrs,mohan lal from 20-22 yrs....today quantity matters which was achieved by prabhas....any one b star with one film n then comes how he protects....amitabh became star with sholay he protected it n gained top position same is case with srk ddlj n same principal is applicable to prabhas...when above 2 got stardom from north prabhas got it from toal india with bigger block busters than sholay,ddlj....so after baahubali though 2-3 films flop he can still survive after that if he gets hit as he has more long career to go ahead n he already got establishment in south

      1. So you telling me the actual story of bb is a remake of a south movie?
        And which Hollywood actor has lasted for 75 years?
        Khans have lasted for over 25 years!
        Bollywood would have been finished long time ago if it wasn't for the Khans!
        SRK might be on the lower side at the moment but Aamir Khan and Salman Khan still can give huge blockbusters! Without festival as well!
        And how is Avatar an amateur example you moron? S.s rajamouli can literally take any actor including even you and throw you into his movie and the movie would still be blockbuster!
        So here's an example if I has two movie coming up with Rajkumar Hirani and S.S Rajamouli, I'm a new comer but both of my these two movie are all time blockbusters and have set records everywhere, does that make me bigger than the Khans?!
        Your just an idiot and no ones ever used racism, do you even understand what racism means?

  2. It has set all time records in the markets of Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Canada and America.....wow it has made record in all overseas circuits where it is released....
    If it was released in pakistan then definitely it will storm the Pakistan and they will realise that in front of Hindi film industry Pakistan is 0.1%.....
    Proud to be an Indian...

  3. wow...
    Bahubali2WW will do 1000cr
    and TOH WW will beat bahubali2 WW
    Aamir means ATHG movie.....

  4. "The film debuted at number three at the USA beating Hollywood films despite having less number of screens"......This is insane as movie is not made on lavish budget as US movies are made and even with less no. Of screens movie has got 3rd position in worldwide.......
    Jio re bahubali....

  5. Really Rajamauli is great.....
    plz Rajamauli Aamir ke sath ek movie banalo...
    bahubali2 ka record to fir kuch bhi nahi hai...
    Aamir non masala 900cr de sakta hai to socho Rajamauli ke sath masala film banayi to

  6. I think numbers are deflated cos day 2 it did 400 crs (285+116)how come Sunday being a big day only 100 crores,500 (390+185.5) I guess overseas collections ve not been included ....

    1. It is an estimate of Bollywood arena and actual collections has not been out... It is out for hindi language only..... Official collection in next comment...

  7. Here is the official collection of bahubali2 in hindi version only....
    This WAVE is UNSTOPPABLE... #Baahubali2 creates a NEW RECORD... Fri 41 cr, Sat 40.50 cr, Sun 46.50 cr. Total: ₹ 128 cr. India biz.

  8. Bahubali2 has crossed dangal weekend box office by a huge margin of more than 20cr...
    Official tweet by taran adarsh
    The BIGGIES and their first 3 days... #Sultan ₹ 105.53 cr [Wednesday release] #Dangal ₹ 107.01 cr #Baahubali2 ₹ 128 cr [Hindi] India

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