Bahubali 2 beats Dangal lifetime collection in two weeks

The dubbed Hindi version of Bahubali 2 has beaten Dangal lifetime collection to become the highest grosser of all time in just two weeks flat.

While Aamir Khan's Dangal was a Christmas release and was benefited by the holiday season, Bahubali 2 was released on non-holiday and ALSO there was IPL going on. It is almost hard to believe that a South film will set an all-time record in Hindi belts when the earlier highest grosser was Kabali which collected 32 cr in Hindi version.

Bahubali 2 also had less number of screens as it missed out the release in down South as they had original Telugu and Tamil versions playing. Baahubali 2 is targeting 500 crore nett in Hindi version alone.

Check out the day wise box office collection comparison of Bahubali 2 and Dangal.

NoDangalBahubali 2
Day 129.7841.0
Day 234.8240.50
Day 342.3546.50
1st Weekend106.95128.0
Day 425.6940.25
Day 523.0930.0
Day 621.2026..0
Day 720.2922.75
Day 818.5919.75
Day 922.7226.50
Day 1032.0434.50
Day 1113.4516.0
Day 1210.4615.0
Day 139.2315.50
Day 149.1214.0
2 Weeks313.50 cr388.25 cr
Day 156.6610.05
Day 1610.8614.75
Day 1714.3317.75
Day 184.357.95
Day 194.036.95
Day 203.216.25
Day 212.976.05
3 Weeks359.85 cr460.0
Day 221.944.15
Day 234.066.35
Day 244.247.80
4th Weekend370.09478.60
Remaining Weeks17.2927.38
Total387.38 cr505.98 cr

46 comments on “Bahubali 2 beats Dangal lifetime collection in two weeks”

      1. amir ka chritsmas pe ana with maximum holidays - 3 open weeks - woh bhi flop-
        fake stardom ke clothes uttar gaye ---
        bahubali rocks -
        dangal - mangal sab shocked ..

        1. to kon se salman ya shahrukh ya bollywood ki movie ne record tora ha bb2 is not bollywood or shahrkh or slaman movie.... jab shahrukh ya salman ki movie dangal ka record tory to per pershya ko batana.... fazol ma khushyan met celebrate karna....

      2. It's beat dangal each and every day

        Poor parashya was talking it will never beat dangal look it's beat in 2 week flat

        Delhi dur hai ha ha ?

        Earlier already he was joke of bollyarena now he is joke of this world

        Too much fun

        1. @bakwass
          Abey,sallu ki koi bhi baat nahi kar raha..

          Do badonke ke bich bacche baate nahi karte.

    1. A bit of topic. But ever you be go watch SRK Tedtalk video! The man is too good, and you'll understand why this man defines that global star!
      Bahubali 2 smashed all records! Highest grosser in Hindi!

  1. Really, south industry is one film wonder..

    Bollywood has two non masala films
    Almost above 800cr(Pk,Dangal)

    South has only bb2

    Bb1-650cr n others were could not collect even 300cr.


    ? ?

    1. Tujhe pata toh hai what is difference regional films & Bollywood . Aata hai kuch bhi pakata . Jai Shree Ram .

    2. They dont hav big market so did fare poorly warna films like makki magadheera kaathi robot i aparachit if was made in bollyhood hav done almost a record collection

    3. lolll bollywood is copy cat zoner...highest for south movie in north is morethan their highest movie that too in 2 weeks with no exemption,tax benefit n highest for north film in south is earth shattering 12 cr with 3 flop movies as competion in regional language n holiday lolll baahubali,tollywood>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bollywood,amir

  2. Happy for bb2

    Sad for Dangal coz of south indian.

    Dangal deservesd success in south but could not.

    South industry kab dekhegi bollywood movies.

    Aur jo bollywood ko bakwass bol rahe hai muze batao south ne konse classic movies banai hai..

    Only masala mar dhad.

    #South people plz watch bollywood movies.

    If this happens then every khans movie or any A list actor's movie will collect 1000cr atleast in india itself

    1. Abey,
      PK+DANGAL=800+1150=1950cr(both r non masala)

      BB1+BB2=595+1500=2095cr(both r masala)

      Kuch dimag laga..

      Aamir-The greatest n biggeast Megastar of world

          1. Aamir khan is awesome without any doubt. Par bache tu chup hi reh #baahubali teri samj se upr hai. Chal bhag yaahn se warna baahubali ka naam sun sun ke pagal ho jayega tu

          2. Chal Ww hi maan lete hai....
            Ww me bhi Bahubali Series Dangal aur PK se aage hai

            Jeet to jeet hota hai na...
            chahe wo chhota margin hi ku na ho

      1. Bhai...
        lekin Dangal aur Pk dono ek 25 saal purane actor ki film thi
        uss actor ki film jise mr. perfectionist kaha jata hai

        Prabhas aur Rajamauli ko north me Bahubali ke pahle kon jante the??

        Bollywood ki aukat to south ki ek regional film ne hi dikha di

  3. Ab toh 500 bhi cross
    But I HV a doubt arena
    Who r these people that r watching bahubali even after 2 weeks and movie is collecting eveeday above 10????

    1. bhai Hyderabad ki advance booking hindi dubbed wali dekhle hyderabad me jab 90% ticket sold hai pure weekend ki toh fir kaun yeh movie dekh raha hai puch raha bhai i have already watch movie 3 time in theatre...aur har jagah movie record bana rahi hai highest city grosser ka....aur yeh movie Dangal and PK BB jaise jyaada screens me release hoti hindi me toh yeh collections 425+ hote jo bhi hai record toh banega aur haan ise todna in hindi record ko todna bahut mushkil hai kisi ke liye bhi....

  4. it is 775 Crore nett in india
    today go over to 800 Crore nett woww
    1000 Crore grossed in india itself woww just amazing and a deserving Movie....
    i think a 1000 Crore nett which is possible if not done here then Mahabharat will do it by the way 1000 Crore grossed in india yeh Record hi tutna Mushkil nahi Namumkin hai....

  5. parshya go and check dungal bang and hyd collections. dont do faltu statements. south and north. its total 40 to 70 crs.

  6. Baahubali 2 has squashed Dangal
    Prabhas is now a Pan India Superstar And dat too Biggest ryt no

  7. Pk n dangal budget 180cr with non masala collected almost 2000cr


    Bb1 n bb2 budget 450cr with masala collected almost 2000cr..

    Haters this is Aamir the greatest megastar for u..

    1. PK and Dangal total budget is around 270 crore and Bahubali 1 and 2 budget is around 430 crore. So your information is wrong Parshya .........

    2. Bhai uss 180 crore me aamir ki fees included nahi thi....

      aur iss 450 crore me sabki fees included hai

      wrong information na diya kar

    3. Are you idiot why are you always say non masala film non masala movie...
      are You forgot PK was alien aur woh achanak dharti pe aata hai bina kisi reason ke bina kisi ki bhasha (language) jaane are you really blind fan of aamir are you serious pk was a non masala movie...

      Dangal lets talk about it
      toh bhai mere mahavir phogat ji ki real life story dekhne gaya tha tu???
      Bhai movie me geeta phogat ki puri wrestling history change kar di thi real life main toh baal bhi chote nahi they geeta phogat ke....pura final match change kar doya tha movie me geeta phogat straight round me jeet gayi thi match aur mahavir singh phogat wahi par baitha match dekh raha tha..
      kya yeh sab masala add karna jaruri tha movie me agar nahi karte toh proud wali feeling kaha se aati...

      aur ab baat bahubali 1 and 2 ki toh bhai pahla part hype create nahi karta toh dusra part kaha se hit hota aur both bahubali ka combined collection 2nd phase ke baad 2500 Crore hoga aur collections ki baat toh chod do is century ki highest footfall movie Gadar hai na woh bhi ek masala Movie thi air haan bhai bina VFX ke movie nahi ban sakti toh ab woh bolne mat lag jaana....VFX VFX

  8. Aamir poor dear bechara ko parbhas NE China bhej diya .but we are happy .kyunki China me dangal record bana rahi hai ,India me aamir ke fan SE jyada parbhas ke fan hain.lekin China me sirf aamir hi aamir .aamir ko Chinese movie karna chahiye kyunki dikhta bhi Chinese hai.aur kami bhi jyada hogi.dangal ka mangal to 2nd week me hi ho gaya.ab Chinese people ka hi Sahara hai aamir ko.aamir bolega hindi- Chini Bhai bhai

  9. Arrey koi toh holiday and non holiday ki bi baat Karo and upon tht every single day it has beaten every other movie collections so stardom ki dajjiya udadi BB2 ne sabko...and still it's not out only BB2 knows where it ll stop right now no one can predict where it wud stop if it's pan India or WW and btw China it's yet to release who knows what ll happen there...

  10. bhai Dangal ka Indian lifetime collection ko opening weekend main hi cross Kar Diya tha agar bollyarena sirf Hindi version ki baat Kare to wo Wednesday ko hi cross Kar chuka tha so 2 week ke ander Hindi version aur sirf 3 din main all version ka record Dangal ka Tod Diya...dangal is highly manipulated movie show running on empty but still they called it house full while you can see craze of bb2 people.maja to tab aayega jab sallu ka bb2 aaya hota.remember bb1 Vs BB bhaijaan beat bb1 that will happen again if bhaijaan's bb2 comes

  11. parshya lost all his senses... gamand zyaada der nahi tikti... its for all to learn from parshyaa :D
    He would hav def thought dangal is unbeatable... uttar gayi uski chaddi.. :D
    now he has the audacity to talk about tiger zinda hai.. :D

  12. bahubali 2 overseas collection
    two week grosses 285cr koimoi
    two week grosses $45m koimoi
    jio re saaho re bahubali
    release - chine,Japan,South Africa,Korea,hong kong,England
    overseas collection cross $200m
    wait and watch
    jio re saaho re bahubali 2

  13. bahubali 2 overseas collection
    two week grosses 285cr koimoi
    two week grosses $45m koimoi
    jio re saaho re bahubali
    release - chine,Japan,South Africa,Korea,hong kong,England
    overseas collection cross $200m
    wait and watch
    jio re saaho re bahubali 2

    1. Bhai 400 Crore to ho Gaye...
      450+ ho jayenge 3rd week itself
      but the question come in 4th week when Half Girlfriend Release Hogi agar woh Movie nahi chali toh 500 Crore on the board 4th week 30 Around and rest sab log fir se ek baar movie dekh lena....500+ ho jayegi pakka....aur agar nahi hua toh bhi kuch nahi the biggest in indian era Sholay aur HAHK se hi peche rahegi Movie in Hindi In all Languages me to sirf Sholay se peeche rahegi....and all time bahubali blockbuster khitab milega is movie ke baad sabhi movie ko aur 500 Crore toh door ki baat hai SS Rajamouili ki Mahabharat se Pahle koi 400 Crore bhi Gross nahi kar payega India me Hindi me....Dangal ko peeche karna bhi mushkil hai fir toh yeh Bahubali hai...

  14. Seeing Salman and SRK fans reminds me of some stupid students who can never be first but celebrates if First boy comes second suddenly. GROW UP.

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